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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Tonks, Draco, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione
Fluff, Romance, AU
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-11-15 7:05pm
Last Chapter
2007-04-29 12:06pm
Last Updated
2007-06-11 6:49pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 An Ordinary Day

It's been almost five years since Harry left to fight in the war against the remaining Death Eaters. Ginny has been living in London and working at St. Mungo's. She gets a shock when she finds out that the war is over and Harry is on his way home.

3,471 73
2 Birthdays and Revelations

It's James Weasley's fourth birthday. And like all fourth birthdays should be - it's filled with family, fun and lots of presents. It is also the day that Harry Potter has chosen to arrive back in the world of the Weasleys.

3,057 22
3 Old Friends and Sleepless Nights

After his unexpected arrival and subsequent disappearance, Harry arrives at Ron and Hermione's to visit. Late that night, Harry experiences a nightmare that's plagued him since he went to the war-front to fight.

2,275 17
4 Encounters

Ginny continues her work at St. Mungo's helping take care of injured DA soldiers and aurors. As she moves through a ward one day she comes across Nymphadora Tonks.

2,211 16
5 Picnics and Quidditch

In an attempt to reach out to Ginny and get to know his son - Harry spends the day with the two, realizing along the way many things about himself and the witch he cares for.

Sorry for the length of this chapter folks! I just thought it all had to go in one! Keep reading and reviewing!!

7,434 16
6 Babies

Ginny hasn't seen Harry since his dramatic exit a week ago - she decides to meet with Hermione to try and work out what is happening.

1,899 13
7 Saturday at the Burrow

It's Saturday afternoon at the Burrow and the entire Weasley clan is home to visit their parents.

2,899 9
8 First Dates

“Hermione! What am I going to wear?” Ginny shouted – her head stuck in her closet as she threw robes and dresses out onto the bed behind her. Hermione, who was sitting at the head of the bed, started picking through the ever growing pile to find an outfit for her friend.

5,041 18
9 Kisses

Ginny sighed and looked straight at Harry. “This is your fault you know. Mentioning flying to him! He’s too young! He’ll break something! Can you regrow his bones? Just because you did once doesn’t mean it’s time for him to do it! You’ll be taking him to the Healer when it happens.” Harry grinned guiltily back as he listened to Ginny’s rant and wondered if he should point out that she was a Healer in her own right.

2,002 12
10 A return?

With Tonk's secured in St. Mungos as a victim of multiple curses, Harry and Remus wait for the healer to come and give them an update on her condition. Harry is also subtlely reminded that he is an Auror and his specialties are going to be required soon.

2,359 9
11 Memories

While Harry spends his day with his son, Ginny goes through the rest of the day worrying about his meeting and what it could mean. When she visits the maternity ward to relax, memories of the past come back.

1,866 12
12 Old Friends

Ginny and Harry head back to her flat to find Ron on her doorstep. Ron's been kicked out of his flat by Hermione.

1,807 11
13 A Sleepover

With Ron and Harry out on the town drowning Ron's sorrows in firewhiskey, Hermione asks Ginny to come over to talk about the fight.

A/N - This chapter is a bit short.. and probably should have been with chapter 12 but oh well. Hope everyone enjoys.

1,155 17
14 The morning after

Ron and Hermione make up. Ginny finally finds out what the meeting is that Harry needs to attend with Lupin. Impressed is not a word that would describe how she feels.

2,842 23
15 Assignments and Promises

Harry attends his meeting at Grimmauld place and finds out he's going to have to leave. How will Ginny react? A surprise awaits her!

5,861 29
16 See you later

Harry and Ginny spend their last afternoon and evening together before Harry has to leave on his assignment.

5,347 28
17 The Mission Begins

Harry heads to Grimmauld Place to meet up with his Auror team. He's less than impressed with Mad-Eye and Remus when he arrives.

2,074 20
18 Rules

It's been a month since Harry's departure. Ginny discusses Tonks' condition with her superior healer, while Harry feels frustration at the lack of forward movement in the mission.

3,341 18
19 Missing you

Harry ponders how much he misses Ginny and James while a continent away Ginny ponders the same thing.

3,338 25
20 Wedding plans

Wedding preparations continue on a typical Saturday afternoon at the Burrow. A chapter of fluff!

3,721 22
21 A Quarry Caught

Harry's mission encounters a big leap forward with the capture of the Death Eater that everyone thought was dead. Now the Aurors must decide on the next steps in their mission and Harry must figure out how to get the information he needs from his long-time enemy.

3,182 27
22 Waking up

With Harry still off on the mission, Ginny continues on her day to day work at St. Mungo's. Tonks' treatment continues and takes a step in the direction of recovery.

5,772 30
23 The End of a Bad Week

It's been a long week for Ginny. When James comes in with a broom demanding to fly, she loses it for a moment. Tempers fly, but Molly helps them both feel better.

5,164 28
24 To sleep perchance to dream

Dreaming, it's a way for a person's mind to work out things subconsciously. Ginny's been thinking about Harry and Harry's been thinking about Ginny. As both succumb to sleep, they dream.

2,582 38
25 Battles

Harry and his auror team storm the death eaters' nest in the mountains. As he nears the end of the mission, he has to make an important decision that will effect life as he knows it.

4,683 32
26 A Return

As Ginny settles in for a relaxing evening on her own, a knock sounds at the door of her flat. Harry returns home!

4,508 46
27 Night and Mornings

Harry and Ron rush to St. Mungo's to find Ginny waiting in the corridors and to discover the fate of Hermione's condition.

4,429 40
28 Secrets Revealed

While Harry spends the day with James he gets ready to tell Ginny about his decision. Little does he know that Ginny has a little bit of news of her own!

7,377 41
29 A quiet weekend at the Burrow?

“Mummy can’t play quidditch Uncle Ron.” James said. “She’s having a baby – just like Aunt ‘Mione.” The secret's out of the trunk - and flying high like a golden snitch! The Weasleys find out quickly that Ginny's expecting once again. Wedding plans need to be stepped up.

5,731 32
30 Making Plans

Ginny relaxed against the feel of her mother’s hand on her hair. “I’m about four months along – so the baby will be due in March and we decided to be surprised on whether it’s a boy or a girl.” She reached for a biscuit on the plate and took a bite. “I would love a girl of course, but with the Weasley history behind me, it’ll probably be a boy.”

5,191 40
31 Trials and retirements

Harry arrived at Number 12 Grimmauld Place and hurried into the meeting room where he found Lupin and Moody sitting at a table surrounded by rolls of parchment, which Harry suspected were the reports from the mission to the Urals. Moody’s eye rolled in his head and he looked up at Harry – a look of impatience on his face.

7,247 30
32 The Freedom of the Press

As Ginny climbed the stairs to the flat, she could hear the din of a crowd on the next floor. Peeking around the corner, she noticed a group of nosy photographers and journalists parked outside the door. Groaning inwardly, she shrank back around the corner to keep hidden. It had been almost a week since the news of Harry’s retirement had broken across the wizarding world and for the entire time, reporters had been camped out in front of the flat, St. Mungo’s and any place else they thought Harry, Ginny or anyone close to them might be.

4,518 29
33 The Trial Begins

Harry exited the lift at level nine in the Ministry of Magic and headed down the long corridor. When he neared the end, he swung a left and headed down the old stone stairs towards level ten. As he came to the last step, the dull roar that he heard at the doors to the lift escalated to what seemed like chaos. Taking a deep breath, he turned the corner to see a huge throng of people. Reporters and photographers took up much of the space before him. They took notice of him almost instantly and surged forward – questions filled the air and flash bulbs flared before him.

3,364 36
34 The morning of.....

Ginny slowly began to drift from the surface of her dream. As her mother’s words filtered through the sleep induced haze she was in, she realized what her mother was going on about. Instantly, her eyes flew open and she sat up in bed. “Oh Mum! Today is the day isn’t it?” Jumping from the bed, she did an excited twirl about the room and grabbed Molly in a hug. “I’m getting married!”

7,228 44
35 Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. And Forever

Suddenly, a hush fell over the crowd and Harry felt a tingling sensation go up his spine. He looked up the centre of the aisle to see Ginny come into focus. His breath hitched as she started down the aisle with James holding her free hand while Arthur and Molly was on her other side. He barely noticed them as they made their way down the path to where he stood with Ron beside him. All he could see was Ginny. The world closed in around him and he felt like he was seeing her for the first time.

6,923 71
36 Coming Home

The bed and breakfast was nestled in a grove of trees near the edge of a small town. Most of inhabitants were tucked safely in bed when two lone figures appeared quietly on the cobblestone walkway. A low-burning candle twinkled in the window inviting them to approach. The couple walked up the short staircase to stand on the porch. Lifting his hand, the raven haired man knocked softly and waited for the owners to answer.

4,791 106


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