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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Voldemort, Neville, Draco, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Action/Adventure, AU
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-11-08 1:47am
Last Chapter
2010-10-01 10:36pm
Last Updated
2010-10-01 10:36pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Separation


“With someone you trust would be the first place Lord Voldemort would look for her,” Dumbledore replied calmly, leaning up against the mantel of the fireplace, supporting himself with his left arm as he looked at James. His blue eyes showed no sign of the sparkle they quite often held. “No, America would be the last place he would look, especially if she were disguised as a Muggle.”

1,210 33
2 The Switch


In the town of Victorville, California, most were sleeping. It was the early hours of November first and clouds hung over the valley, rain dropping steadily and silently from them. At the High Desert Medical Center, Michelle Gomez was on night watch. She sat silently in the hallway down from the intensive care nursery. She looked at the clock on the desk and sighed. 

1,259 9
3 Dreams of Darkness


He sat and waited for his loyal followers, the Death Eaters, to arrive and report to him. He had summoned them several moments before, having pressed the tip of his wand to the Dark Mark burned into the forearm of Peter Pettigrew. From the first floor of the house, he heard the sound of people Apperating in. 

1,099 6
4 Back to Grimmauld


“Hello, Harry,” smiled Remus, who looked a little shabbier and seemed to have a few more grey hairs then he had when Harry saw him last. Tonks greeted him with her usual, cheerful ‘Wotcher, Harry’ while Moody went straight to business. 

“All set, Potter?” Moody asked as Tonks reached forward and took Hedwig’s empty cage, winking at Harry when he glanced over at her. 

1,229 2
5 Explanations


“Death Eaters were reporting to Voldemort,” Harry replied as they reached the door. Ron flinched at the name as he turned to door handle and walked into the room, Hermione following after him while rolling her eyes. “A female Death Eater, whose voice I’ve never heard before, told him about having information about the Potter girl. Then Wormtail exclaimed about it being impossible and got in trouble. The Death Eater said that she was in California, disguised as a Muggle, and then something about her having the Hogwarts Power Gem.”

2,025 3
6 Discussions of Dreams


Near the back fence, sat a small barn with a wooden fence surrounding it. Sitting on this fence and watching the white horse trotting around the area was a tall girl in faded blue jeans and a light pink t-shirt with dirty blond hair that reached just below her shoulders, dark sunglasses resting on her head. “Hey, Jenny!” 

1,269 2
7 Happy Birthday


As he walked towards the closed door of the kitchen, he began to become a little suspicious. One, the door was closed. It was usually only closed during Order meetings and why would they be having one at ten in the morning on a Sunday? Another thing he realized was that there was no hint of any conversation coming from the other side of the closed door. He hesitated before the door for a second before pushing it open to reveal the darkened kitchen. The lights came to life and his eyes widened at the sight of the small crowd before him.


1,359 3
8 Back to School


Jenny smiled brightly as she and Kyle walked through the front gate to Apple Valley High School. It was a large school with roughly three-thousand students and many buildings and portables spread out over the large property. Kyle had just driven the two of them to the school early so that they could get their Junior year schedules. 

1,033 3
9 OWL’s and Diagon Alley


“Please tell me those aren’t what I think they are?” Ron asked, pointing to the letters on the table as he and Harry sat down across from the girls at the table. 

“Yes, these are our O.W.L. results,” Hermione replied, breaking out of the trance the letter seemed to have had her in moments before to pass Harry and Ron theirs.

1,264 3
10 Back Home


"Why is she in the United States?” asked Luna, setting down her magazine in her lap as she looked at Harry. “Was it because of the Flagnorts?”

Everyone looked over at Luna with confusion. Ron was the first one to respond to this question.”What the bloody hell is that?”

The rest of the train ride was spent telling Neville everything he knew about his sister, wondering what she was like, and Luna going on and on explaining to Ron what a Flagnort was.

1,313 3
11 Choir Kids and Food


“Hey Dad, it’s me,” she responded, turning around to where she sat on the edge of the desk. 

“Rehearsal done?” he asked. “And let me guess, you guys are heading over to Maggie’s for dinner?” 

Jenny blinked in surprise. “Are we really that predictable?” she asked. 

Michel‘s deep chuckle sounded in her ear. “Yes honey, you guys’ eating habits are very predictable.” 

1,070 0
12 Unknown Sickness


“How is she?” he asked her quietly as he watched his mother kneel down beside Jenny, Jessica moving back out of the way. On the opposite side of the bed, Kyle knelt beside her and held his best friend’s hand as she began to scream once more. Chris paled as he watched her back arch on the bed. “Never mind.”

1,332 4
13 Happy Halloween


She turned her head to see Kyle squatting down in the stall behind her, smiling at her sadly. She used the paper he had handed to her to wipe her mouth before throwing it in the toilet. “You do realize this is the girl’s bathroom, right?”

“Yeah,” he replied quietly. “And I also realize that my best friend lied to us, saying she was better when she’s obviously not.”

“Sorry,” she muttered, turning around and flushing the toilet.

2,050 4
14 The Meeting


Harry quickly walked to the doorway and knelt down beside Jennifer as she tried to crawl back through the doorway. She started when her hand brushed his foot and he quickly threw the Invisibility Cloak over her. “It’s okay,” he told her when she gaped at him and opened her mouth to scream. “We’re here to help.”
“Who are you?” she asked quietly as he grabbed her hand and began crawl backward, pulling a reluctant Jennifer after him as she looked at him with suspicion. “Why is that guy after me?”

2,641 4
15 Finding out the Truth

Jennifer blinked as she processed his words. Powers? Witches? Wizards? She shook her head. “Magic? That’s why he was after me? Because I have a magical necklace?” she asked before shrugging slightly. “The fine, you guys take it and keep it away from him while I try to fix the mess that man caused here.”

The man named Remus, who had yet to say anything to her, sighed. “I am afraid that is not possible.”

1,742 6


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