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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Lucius, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Hermione
Horror/Dark, Mystery, Angst
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-11-05 4:23pm
Last Chapter
2011-01-15 11:47am
Last Updated
2011-01-15 11:47am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Cold October Frostbite

Hermione is kidnapped two weeks before Halloween. She is kept alive brutally, and over the days she comes to learns several frightening things... and back at the castle, so do Harry and Ron. The life Hermione now has to think about is far out of grasp; she has no hold on her future or destiny... but the person who does won't be giving Hermione up so easily. And now, stuck in a horrible situation, she must choose between love... or death. So which could possibly be worse?

6,901 51
2 Trapped

Hermione wakes up from the night before and finds herself tied down. Afterwards, Draco suddenly appears, and when they converse, she knows that he isn't going to be the same gentle person that he was the night before... chapter warning: violence

3,953 38
3 The Beginning of Fate

Hermione wakes from the previous night's abuse, and somehow she manages to get herself untied in the middle of a night. Through a series of events, she breaks free from her room, meets a certain Malfoy who is quite different from the Malfoy she is used to...chapter warning: grapgic imaging

3,840 25
4 I Never Noticed Until Now

Witha few well chosen words from Troy, Draco is locked into the same room as sleeping Hermione, and as he contemplates Troy's words, he can't help but notice that little Mudblood Granger has actually started to look good...

4,204 28
5 Discovered and Ready

Well, she thought he was dead, but apparently, she saved him... without knowing how. A waking Draco reveals secrets about Hermione that she never knew, and after some shocking information and a brawl between Draco and Troy, Hermione is taken to the one person most eager to find out how well she is coming along...

3,532 29
6 And You Thought You Knew

Hermione learns some disturbing things as she is thrown into a Death Eater meeting. And with a sudden surge of unknown power, too many whirling thoughts come crashing down, and the future she thought she would have... disappears.

4,029 23
7 Everyone is Bleeding

Alone, seemingly abandoned, Hermione has nothing to do except succumb to the lure of sleep, and therefore exposing herself to the dangers of the unknown. Harry and Ron both contemplate whatever could've happened to their beloved Hermione, while at the same time, she is branded and bleeding...

4,613 35
8 The Notebook

Hermione is awake with nothing to do but stare at the wall and hope for someone to come back to shatter her lonliness. However, she realizes that Draco has left before a very precious thing-- a notebook. After flipping through and reading it, she understands that this book might just be her key to discovering anything about herself. It might also get her out of that horrid place... if she can think fast enough.

4,383 52
9 The Dark Side of Her Dreams

Hermione, already having succumbed to another dark dream, finds herself lost in the nightmare of her past. An invasion of two very powerful wizards scare her, but the wounds that she bears when she wakes is another story. Ron and Harry are sad and confused, lost without their beloved. Ron is just miserably upset, but Harry's got a secret. He dreams of Hermione, of her as a child, as her now. There are strange things going on, and the connection he has isn't enough to piece together the enigma of her absence... or her scars.

4,478 26
10 Oh, the Possibilites

Harry Potter has always come close to discovering the truth in every situation. And it's only just a matter of time until he finds out. But now, he has the key in his hands, but he doesn't even know it. And it turns into 'what could've been'... Meanwhile, Hermione is desperately awaiting Malfoy's arrival, sick with anger and anxiousness. But then his twisted words and their barbing insults are more than she can handle until she finds herself in the biggest mess of all. Sorry for the wait, you guys!!

4,457 57
11 Be Careful What you Wish For

Hermione knows she caught in twisted events when a Malfoy offers her something she could never pass up. Confusion on her mind, and suspicions about the precious notebook, the deceit she took as kindness is unrecognized until she accepts a most dangerous offer... of pleasure, and betrayal. Sorry about the long wait! My bad!

5,348 46
12 I Realize This

Hermione, who finds not way to justify her actions when she agrees to Malfoy's proposition discovers the fine line between pain and pleasure, lust and hate. Still though, despite Malfoy's high advantage over her, and her mind slowly sinking into insanity, she is determined to fight him, and even more determined to win.

3,525 30
13 Dreaming About You

Despite what she thinks, Hermione isn't forgotten after all. The Order discovers startling evidence that they think may help them in the search for Hermione Granger. Harry, meanwhile, is having disturbing dreams... visions of care-free girl that was transformed into a terrified mess, kidnapped and taken away from love, and real visions... of Voldemort. Only, Harry isn't so sure if he's ready to share what may bring Hermione home... or kill her.

3,487 19
14 The Tears We Shed

Harry finds himself plagued with guilt, cornered by his procrastination and the hesitation that has overcome him. Even Ron is blocked out, which erupts in a terrible fight that will inevitably separate the Golden Trio forever, it seems. But when Harry finally realizes he has no other options, no way to make things better, someone comes along that seems to have answers to all of his problems. SORRY FOR THE WAIT!

3,106 37
15 I Don't Know Whats Worth Fighting For

The heated battle between Hermione and Malfoy continues, each taking different routes of attack. Hermione discovers that even if she is not as strong, or skilled as Malfoy in this sort of fight, she can still use her knowledge to fight back. But when things slightly backfire, and Hermione becomes overwhelmed, it seems that Malfoy... has won.

4,865 49
16 Or Why I Have To Scream

SORRY FOR THE WICKED LONG WAIT!! It is the height of their deal, the final power struggle which determines just how fair Malfoy can fight, and just how strong Hermione can be. But in this deal, in this fight, nothing is fair; everything is deceptive. Winner will take all, but the line between triumph and defeat is easily blurred. sorry again for the wait!!

3,974 22
17 It's a Never Ending Story

While Hermione suffers in the unknown, the rift between Harry and Ron grows as the Weasley distances himself with anger and jealously, and Harry seeks comfort from the youngest Weasley, Ginny. As they ease one another's pain, they also discover some astonishing secrets about Hermione, and her captor, that reveals important clues they might've overlooked before . . .

5,721 15
18 This is the Day

Although Harry continues to be given the cold shoulder from Ron, the Boy-Who-Lived is determined to find out all he can about Hermione. It seems that luck is on his side when he pieces together information from Hermione's journal to a very important book that clearly indicates what is going on with the muggleborn. But then one bad thing happens after another, and even when Ron, Harry, and Ginny are all together again, there is still one devastating truth they cannot ignore . . . SORRY FOR THE HIATUS!

5,277 8
19 One Last Chance

 Every cloud has a silver lining; at least, that's what Harry, Ron, and Ginny find out. As soon as the good news of Hermione's rescue escapes Dumbledore's mouth, there is also the devastating news that the Weasley's cousin, Cassidy, has been kidnapped and held hostage alongside Hermione. Then, with a new prophecy and the witnessing of treachery, Ron, Harry and Ginny go after Hermione themselves, determined to save her.

4,075 4
20 Love Conquered All

 It is Halloween night. Much to her distraught, Hermione Granger is forced to participate in the ceremony she had been hearing much about. However, despite her best defiance, her acceptance of death and willingness to sacrifice herself to save Harry, there is one thing that gets in her way, one thing that ruins it all... Draco Malfoy.

5,621 6
21 Revenge of the Immortal

 Hermione sojourn through the portal becomes an important step in the final moments of her life. She has only one chance to thwart the Dark Lord, and has very little time. Meanwhile, Harry, Ron, and Ginny arrive at the mountainside, and after a series of events, Ron is taken hostage. The final events, heartbreaking though they might be, are utterly necessary ...

8,294 6
22 Aftershock

It is 15 days later. Harry, Ron, and Ginny are still in denial of Halloween's tragic events. Somehow, they are still clinging to a shred of hope that Hermione will return, safe and sound. But there is no denying the truth; she is dead, and the only way to avenge her is to fight the war she tried desperately to delay.

3,878 29


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