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    Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, McGonagall, Fred, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Other Pairing
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Drama, Romance, Young Adult
    Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2005-11-04 4:52am
    Last Chapter
    2007-08-12 2:55pm
    Last Updated
    2007-08-12 2:55pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 The Will

    Dead... They're dead. And now some random man is giving me their will...

    708 3
    2 My Second Cousin

    It hasn't been that long since the night of my parents' murder. I still think of it often...but now I'm finding myself on my way to London, in search of the one person I could still call...family...

    861 2
    3 Seeing Double

    Mallory has arrived at Hogwarts after meeting Harry for the first time and everything seems to be going great. She's already made some new friends, but there are some surprises awaiting her inside the castle.

    1,066 1
    4 Death Lies

    It's been only one day and Mallory has already gotten into trouble... How could this possibly be?

    950 2
    5 Chatting at the Lake

    After taking a break from all the homework she had been given. Mallory decides to head down to the lake, bumping into some close friends. Topics come up. An event maybe? What could it be?

    895 0
    6 Karaoke

    Mallory has been invited to Mary's little Karaoke night. With singing and dancing and maybe a little jealousy, seems like it's going to be a fun night...

    2,115 4
    7 Friends

    It's the day after Karaoke night and Mallory and the girls are swimming at the lake, until they are approached by the Weasley twins. Will Fred flirt with Cali again? Or is he here for Mallory this time?

    1,077 1
    8 Heartache

    Word of a Hogsmeade trip has come up. One of the girls happen to get a date, ending up with a heart break from another. Now how did that manage to happen?

    1,018 4
    9 George's Dilemma

    It's the day of the Hogsmeade trip and Mallory is getting prepared to face the awkwardness of it all. As she's heading for the carriages, she stumbles upon some people talking, and it's about her...

    1,042 0
    10 Hogsmeade

    Finally arriving at Hogsmeade, the group decides to hang out together, but with jealousy and anger about, it doesn't seem like it's going to be such a fun trip.

    1,023 1
    11 Winter Lake

    It's the beginning of winter and students are starting to plan their winter breaks. Memories arise and issues come up. Who will be there when things seem at their lowest?

    1,073 1
    12 Just A Dream

    Mallory is finally realizing some things, maybe her feelings will finally be set on a certain someone...

    1,139 3
    13 Stolen Looks

    Mallory and George steal looks from eachother from across the table. With one bold move Mallory asks him to meet with her later and he accepts. What will go on then?

    1,547 3
    14 Just Friends

    Walking to class with Mary, Mallory is stopped by Ron. He asks her if she's with George. What'll she say? And what'll she think when she stumbles upon two people talking about her, again?

    1,183 1
    15 Be Mine

    George asks Mallory to meet him after dinner that evening. She goes and gets a big surprise.

    1,066 2
    16 Quidditch

    Mallory watches as George plays in the quidditch match and afterward he takes her on a broom ride for a surprise. Wonder what it'll be?

    1,041 1
    17 Dinner and a Question

    It's Mallory and George's first official date. After surprising Mallory with an elegant dinner, George decides to pop a question. No, it's not a proposal, but it is something big...

    1,051 1
    18 Meet the Weasleys

    Mallory is joining George for a trip home to the Burrow for winter break. How will Mr. and Mrs. Weasley react when they meet her? And how will she react when she meets them?

    1,672 1
    19 Birthday Bash

    It is January 27, and it's Mallory's birthday. Little did she know of the little surprises that she gets throughout the day.

    1,538 1
    20 Shop 'Til You Drop

    A Valentine's Dance is announced and while students are running around getting dates. Mallory and her friends are off shopping for dress robes. But will Mallory be able to afford her perfect dress?

    1,397 5
    21 Dance, Dance

    It's the night of the Valentine's Dance. All the girls get ready together and then get swept off their feet by their dates. Maybe 'I love yous' are in order. It doesn't get any fluffier than this!

    1,898 4
    22 The Lover's Dance

    It's Valentine's Day. The day of love. As the students of Hogwarts are celebrating at Hogsmeade, George and Mallory head off to do a little celebrating of their own.

    1,474 2
    23 Somebody Save Me

    It's the morning after Valentine's Day and Mallory awakes to find a note beside her instead of George. The note says to meet at the lake, but is it leading her to George? Or something else?

    1,226 2
    24 Heroes Do Exist

    Mallory wakes up after her black out at the caves. But is she waking up into reality? Or in the afterlife? Guess there's only one way to find out...

    1,105 2
    25 The Second Target

    Harry catches up with Mallory in an empty corridor on their way to their classes. Harry asks her about the accident and she reveals things about being the second target and why her parents had lied to her.

    1,040 1
    26 Heartbreak

    After finishing their homework, Mary and Mallory decide to sneak off to Hogsmeade for a butterbeer or two. Little did they know that they'll get a little more than just butterbeer.

    1,771 4
    27 Waking From The Lies

    Mallory is struggling through the break up with George. It'll take the help from her friends to make her realize the lies that she is feeding herself in order to make herself feel better.

    1,210 2
    28 Sad Songs

    The girls decide to throw another karaoke night. Only this time there will be only one star, Mallory. Throw in a surprise visit by someone and you have a night full of surprises.

    1,095 1
    29 "I Still Love You"

    Not having an appetite, Mallory decides to skip dinner and heads up to the common room. Not wanting to be around people, she bumps into the person she least wants to see.

    1,043 4
    30 Graduation

    It's the last day of school and the Weasley twins are graduating. After the ceremony everyone leaves to go back home with their families, but where will Mallory go?

    1,191 4


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