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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Just as Free as a Hippogriff

One bet,one wallflower,and one extremely arrogant boy. What could possibly come from the three?

3,860 23
2 Pigman and A Bag of Rocks

Who is this mysterious pigman??

3,278 8
3 Spinach and Cardboard Lollipops

Why did Peter eat cardboard lollipops?

2,473 3
4 Hags Are THAT Hideous Awareness Program

What in the WORLD is H.A.T.H.A.P?

2,325 6
5 Sodding Suits of Armor

Can Hogwarts ever stopped buying sodding suits of armor long enough to by nicer Heads badges? James hopes so.

2,358 3
6 Pretty Boy Ravendrew

Lily finishes tutoring Pretty Boy Ravendrew and watches James at a quidditch game. They have a run in with Sarah and the Linda twins, oh my!

2,877 11
7 Impulses of the Moment

James and Lily are having impulses of the moment after Lily spent time tutoring arse-faced Ravendrew while James spent time in detention.

3,472 5
8 Hypothetically Speaking, Of Course

James and Lily head to the kitchens. Remus gives James a "Hypothetical" speech later that night.

2,511 7
9 Murderous Christmas Decorations

It's the day of the ball. Everyone's stressed. Trees are tackling. Mistletoes are pelting. Tinsels are strangling. On top of that, a certain bet is about to wrap up.

2,520 5
10 Endings

The ball and the bet's ending.

3,563 5
11 Ignoring One's Existance

James is ignoring Lily, it seems. Lily is ignoring and forgetting all about James, it also seems. We're really not feeling the love here. . .

2,830 7
12 Pathetic and Depressing

James snaps, James apologizes, and James admits something.

2,067 5
13 Things Just Keeping Heading Downhill

Oh, dear. Things just keeping heading downhill for James and Lily.

2,820 7
14 Advice Gone Wrong. . .Or Maybe Right

James takes advice from his fellow Marauders.

3,330 8
15 Endings Again

It's the end.

3,273 16


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