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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Once Upon A Time...Continued

Sequel to 'Once Upon A Time'. Ten years have passed. After the threat of Voldemort had twiddled down to a mere wizard's myth, the world went back to its peaceful nature...But what happens when old threats die hard?

2,043 3
2 Letter of Acceptance

Confessions and Letters!

1,764 2
3 Preparations

The gang prepares for Hogwarts!

4,513 3
4 Blessed

Christmas time at Godric's Hollow

4,986 1
5 Powerful

The trio realize something is going on at Hogwarts.

5,838 0
6 The Mysterious Letter

A mysterious letter arrives at Godric's Hollow.

5,509 0
7 Betting On Pain

Lily's in labor and a few familiar faces return.

3,111 2
8 Of Moons and Motorcycles

Lily tells Harry an important secret.

2,130 2
9 Gasping for Air

In which friends and families unite.

4,638 9


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