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Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/OC, Lily/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-10-28 12:12am
Last Chapter
2009-07-22 3:44am
Last Updated
2010-12-18 7:04pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 And So It Begins...

I washed my hair and rinsed, then got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around myself and went out of the bathroom in search of clothes. I found a pair of long comfy jeans in my cupboard and a dark green turtle neck which I tossed onto my bed. I then opened my top drawer and found a bra then in my second drawer to find underwear. But wait – It was empty.

2,490 146
2 Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

My eyes traveled over Marissa and Ella, Molly Prewett, her boyfriend Arthur Weasley and a couple of other seventh year students. Then I saw him, the little mole rat. He stared at me, looking horrified by not surprised. Like he’d been expecting me. Stupid prat.

1,244 98
3 The Hostage And The Ransom

I walked down the halls in a daze. It was my last hope. This stupid life-ruining letter was my last hope in getting my knickers back in a safe condition without actually doing anything for/with Potter. In this case with is a more appropriate.

1,979 67
4 A Eventful Afternoon

Please don’t be there, please don’t be there, please don’t...dammit! My thoughts slowly whirled around in my head as the Common Room came into view – with James Potter sitting in the fireplace chair, a gang of girls swooning around him like disgusting, repulsive flies.

1,105 94
5 Operation: Leave for Zanzibar

“We could go to Zanzibar!” I said, my voice becoming louder. “We could go to Zanzibar, and say it was a pre-arranged surprise!” when they both continued to look at my oddly, I rolled my eyes and said, “You know…to get out of going to the ball?”

3,494 82
6 So Many Questions

It was withering more and more violently, when suddenly it exploded into a short fruit monster. I screamed loudly, dropped my plate which shattered with a tinkling sound, and backed away from the table. Everyone was staring at me by now, though surprisingly no one was staring at the glazed fruit monster, who was advancing on me with a sinister smile, they were only looking at me like a was some sort of freak.

1,427 106
7 Size 12 Is NOT Fat!

I swiped at the cake sliding down the wall and stuck my finger in my mouth. Had I been alone, I would have licked the wall. I gave a snort of disgust. I was a cakeaholic.

1,302 87
8 Ow, Evans, That Hurt!

‘Wipe that frown off your face, Lily, you look like a turtle,’ said a deep voice from above.

God? No, God wouldn’t call me a turtle.

1,080 113
9 The Traitorous Balcony of Doom

I wanted to cry. I repeat: there is a small ecosystem, complete with animals, now in my gorgeous red curly long hair.

That alone could make a girl cry. But no. I also had fallen off a balcony. And called James Potter my sister. And James Potter had seen me in my underwear. And my dress was ruined because the quiche had dribbled out of my mouth and onto my dress.

Could my life get much worse?

1,706 91
10 A Relatively Dignified Leave

Ok, Lily, breathe, that’s good, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe… I AM GOING TO KILL HIM!

He is so going down. I will hire hit men if I had to. HE WAS GOING TO PAY FOR WHAT HE DID TO MY NERVES. But more of that later…

1,175 101
11 A Truly Muggle Experience

I settled on some cold spaghetti bolognaise and started to eat it cold. It seemed like a bit too much effort to heat it. My mother suddenly become nervous and twitchy and, by the way her hand was inching towards the plate before she slapped in back, I could tell she really, really wanted to heat the stupid spaghetti. I groan and stood up and slid the spaghetti into the microwave. My mother looked extremely relieved. I could feel her thoughts practically radiate off her.

My daughter isn’t a total loser. She heats her food like a normal person

2,401 126
12 The Manly Non-Public Domain Journal (Or So James Says)

A scruffy black hair boy is whining. Loudly. A disgruntled werewolf chucks a small black book at him. Square between the eyes. The scruffy black haired boy screams. A girly scream. A dark haired boy laughs. A short fat boy looks confused. The werewolf grunts.

1,396 42
13 Introducing Buttons The Wonder Cat

I know, I know. Why did I let them in my compartment? I didn’t. They barged in. Now, I was squished into the corner with James Potter next to me, Sirius Black opposite me with Remus Lupin next him. Buttons, while still on my lap, had curled up into a small kitten ball on lap, apparently not the slightest bit miffed her territory had been invaded.

1,255 105
14 Gotta Love Hate Mail

Marissa Slughorn, my best friend of six years, had sent around hate mail. And if James, Remus AND Sirius had all gotten that letter that meant Marissa might have sent to everyone in our year. I thought back to the rude comments I had gotten when I came out of the bathroom. There was only one girl in my year lining up.

867 93
15 A Very Embarrassing Assumption

I looked at the papers on the floor in disgust. I couldn’t help myself – I had to pick it up. HAD TO.

So I did. And gave them to James. Who just looked at me. Like I was some sort of freak. That had nothing better to do. Than pick up papers. Which I was. I sighed and headed for the door.

1,031 73
16 Oblivious To The Obvious

I groaned, smiling, as girls tittered away around me and about me. I was used to this when I was popular (oh, those were the days! ...Not.) but now the talk was not ‘Oh my God! Lily Evans, like, just hexed James Potter for calling her pretty! I idolize her!’; it was more of an ‘Oh my God, Lily Evans is, like, best friends with James Potter now. Christ, how desperate! What a loser!’

1,609 115
17 Oh, So Many Revelations

Her eyes flitted over the paper and a smile graced her face. ‘Ah ha!’ she said triumphantly, shoving the parchment under my nose. ‘This isn’t my handwriting! I write larger and fatter than this person! And, you never told me you thought about sleeping with Barry Kingston! I was away those holidays in Aspen with my parents! Ella told me when I got back...’ Her eyes darkened as she fell silent.

1,385 75
18 The Remus Lupin Conspiracy

He stare was making me uncomfortable and I shifted in my seat. ‘Well I thought she might have been bitten, you know, by a vampire or a werewolf or something - ’

Suddenly all three of them deadpanned, which was curious, seeing as they were usually the most transparent people I had ever met.

1,222 47
19 Secrets Revealed

‘Lily,’ he said, sadness seeping into his voice, ‘please, don’t cry. It’ll be alright. Don’t cry. Ella will be fine. She has Remus, he’s been through this.’ He brushed the tears off my face with his thumb. I closed my eyes tightly, trying to compose myself. Keeping my eyes closed, I sniffed, feeling rather pathetic.

1,351 83
20 A Series of Fortunate Events

I nodded sadly, misery tugging my heart-strings. ‘But what are we going to say to her?’ I asked desperately, pulling my hair as we made our way to the dormitory. ‘We can't just go up to her and be like “Oh, yeah, we know you’re a werewolf, why didn’t you tell us?” Because it’s bloody obvious why she didn’t now!’

1,268 85
21 The Moon’s Child: A Werewolf’s Tale

However, all these excuses led her to believe the obvious truth – she had lost her mind, because no one in their right mind would even think about losing concentration in this magical forest, the Forest of Norsay, which was renown for the werewolves, vampires and other supernatural creatures that warred in it’s bowels.

Especially if they were dim witted enough to leave their wands in their coat pocket.

1,858 22
22 Of Red Lounges, Advice, Kittens and “Wands”

My butt was numb from sitting on this stupid red lounge, my eyes hurt from staring and my wand was aimed at portrait hole door, watching and waiting for that git, James Potter to walk through.

I was going to blast him to high heaven.

1,617 18
23 Ella Parks, Gryffindor Keeper...Or Not?

The she was up, growling menacingly, her oddly pointed teeth sparkling and her normally blue eyes, shifting to a golden colour. “You didn’t let me sleep for half the night because, for some strange reason you think getting me to join a Quidditch team would solve all my problem and she didn’t let me sleep because she wanted a werewolf to replace some stupid bint who got knocked up! And you wonder why I’m angry?

1,146 21
24 Qualms of a Quizzical Quidditch Queen

Remus tried a different tactic. “He does, I swear! I’ve heard about it every day for the past six years! Oh sure, he goes on about how McKinnon has great legs and how Johnson has magnificent boobs and how Kibble is a fantastic snogger -” He was getting an oddly glazed look about him now and I was getting rather...

Jealous. And angry. And borderline violent.

2,039 23
25 Meet My Friend Denial

“I’m so proud of yoooooooou,” I slurred, leaning over the arm of the lounge in the Gryffindor common room to grin sloppily at Ella, who grinned back and snuggled closer to Remus, who was looking smug.

But why were there two of her?

1,560 24
26 Morning Afters and Sexual Innuendos

Before I could even finish my thought process, a warm arm then snaked around my waist, pulling me into a warm, hard chest. My heart froze, adrenaline shot through my body and I gasped, the horrible realization and faint memories both sinking in.

Oh my God.

1,157 27
27 Par For The Course

The only way I was going to live through this potions lesson would be if James Potter spontaneously turned into a scrumptious cake...or self-combusted.

1,481 25
28 Giving Up and Giving In

Oh God. One bite and it felt like there was a party in my mouth and everyone was invited. It honestly was that good.

Where Lily finally gets her just deserts.

1,775 29
29 The Grand Plans of Lily Evans

...that always seem to fail.

I was bald; my eyelashes, eyebrows, hair - everything was gone. I looked like my bald Uncle Joseph.

2,115 44
30 James And Jane Sitting In A Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

...first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Lily with a golden sledge hammer.

Oh, and did I mention I could see James snogging Jane in the corner? And I won’t mention that my life ‘couldn’t get any worse’ because knowing my luck, it probably will.

1,503 50
31 The Other Woman a.k.a Lily Evans

Well, after eight weeks of mutual silence, having the boy you’re still in love with (because you are a complete and utter masochist) come up randomly and says “Hello”…well, it sort of rings alarm bells, does it not?

2,177 52
32 Full Circle

“You changed me, James,” I said softly. “By falling in love with you, I changed myself...”

2,742 97


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