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Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, James, Lily, Ron, Sirius Black, Voldemort, Luna, Lucius
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Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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First Published
2005-10-24 5:46pm
Last Chapter
2006-02-27 7:05am
Last Updated
2006-02-27 7:05am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Grimmauld Place and N.E.W.T's

Image hosted by **thank you to cache dea for the BEAUTIFUL banner!** Set in 7th year.... Harry and Hermione are in luuurve. But what happens when Ron finds out? Why is Hermione's hand on fire? A house rebuilt and three deaths un-ravelled! This year proves to be just as exciting as always... Chapter 11 - The final battle begins. Is it goinng as expected, whos court is the ball in? Chapter 12: Harry strikes back twice fold. Death encounters the Potter's power X 4

1,168 46
2 Rebuilt? OMG

When Harry finally asks Miss. Granger out, Ron gets extremly Jealous, then something amazing happens!

1,133 22
3 The Phantoms of the School

Harry loves Hermione, Hermione loves Harry, Ron is jealous, or is he???? When something amazing happens and new talents are discovered secrets emerge and adventures unfold! **Chapter Three Posted** writing Chapter Four**

2,132 13
4 The Three New Professors

A sweet fluffy chapter about the new professors!

1,642 7
5 The Telling and a Spell

this is a sweet chapter where Lily Potter finds out about the engagement! A insight into the amazing spell too!

1,837 8
6 Weddings and the Founders Incantation

This is a chapter about the happy couple finally tying the knot! also the spell of the founders and its ture meaning! plus a few extra abilities!

1,765 12
7 What do you mean missing???

Ron and Luna go missing! or do they? Where are they who took them! it was Voldemort! wasnt it! a Ball for No Reason and lots of other stuffs :)

1,435 17
8 The Ball for No Reason

Chapter 8 - When the slytherins DO break into the Ball for No-Reason, all hell breaks loose! A 4th year gets stunned and someone will be kidnapped - But who!

2,175 6
9 Mione to the Rescue!

After Harry's kiddnapping Hermione does everything she can think of to get him back! But... will Harry's return cost her and him their lives?

1,565 10
10 Immortality – Take it, it’s yours!

Harry and Hermione get over themselves and just let out their secret to the school. But will they realise the seriousness of Riddle finding out in time? Stay tuned for Chapter 11

1,380 11
11 The Game is On!

The final Battle begins and Harry is forced to use the students of Hogwarts as an army, they will prove to be more than a match for the Death Eaters

956 9
12 Once and For All

The end of the final battle, how will it turn out. and what happens when Harry and Hermione stop aging?

843 12


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