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James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black
Primary Relationship
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Romance, Humor, General
Mild Language
Story Reviews
First Published
2003-10-03 10:44am
Last Chapter
2004-08-03 4:47pm
Last Updated
2004-08-03 4:47pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Surviving the Summer Holidays

Our favorite characters, yep the dead ones [with a few exceptions], c'mon, who DOESN'T enjoy reading about the good ol' days? Wasn't "Snape's Worst Memory" one of your favorite chapters? If yes, this''ll be good for you! Set in the Marauders' last year, and going on until the story is told. L/j and loads of other great pairings!

6,517 37
2 A Date in Diagon

Read it and summarize it for yerself, that way yer not disappointed. HintHint: it involves a certain group of boys making a date with a certain pair of girls...

3,188 9
3 Getting To Know You

This is a long chapter, and it's mostly Sirius and Kate, but it'll all get better eventually. Key word here EVENTUALLY. Plus, ya know, Lily still hates James, so they can't really be happy till everybody warms up to each other.

2,302 4
4 Too Close, But Comfortable

Funny, quirky, and sweet. You'll love it, I promise!

2,717 5
5 New Day, Cold Feet

I know I left you hanging in that last chapter. here's the rest, and I'm letting you know beforehand: it ends a bit abruptly too. Cute though, I'll admit it.

4,448 8
6 Friends and Fun: What Makes the World Go Round

As a whole, very cute chapter. A little slow, but very cute. especially towards the end.

3,083 10
7 Riddle Writers' Revenge

ONE OF THE CLEVEREST THIGNS I'VE EVER WRITTEN! Sleeping in was a bigger mistake than the girls ever could've imagined. They're about to find out what happens when you keep the Marauders waiting...

2,167 8
8 The Catch

What seemed like an innocent treasure hunt quickly turns in to a trap. What're the Marauderettes thinking? Well, see for yourself!

1,447 14
9 Dare To Pair-Off

See? It all came together. We're back to the romantic part. It's good, I promises.

3,593 4
10 Two of a Kind beaten by the Royal Flush

YAY!!! Buddies ROCK! Meet the rest of Kate&Lily's gang. Learn to love them, except for the one, but you'll find out about that in the next chapter. You can love her for now.

1,891 9
11 True Friends, Blue Friends

Is there a triator in the bunch? Do ANY of them care that the Marauders like Kate&Lily? Uh, yeah. Lily'll be feeling blue after this episode. This is bad news for everybody in the story, but it makes for a good read.

1,289 19
12 Hogwarts Express: Where Friendships Progress

Half-way To HOGWARTS! It's as close as I can get you considering how many events there are on the train ride there.

2,073 6
13 Hoggy Warty Hogwarts

Ah...breath the magical air, be aware that you CANNOT apparate, and keep your eyes out for Peeves.

1,335 4
14 Friendly Envy

Lordy Lordy! Those M'rauds have practically owned the place for six years, and they will NOT stand for even a hint of competition. Kate&Lily will NOT be owned though, and WILL be competed for.

1,146 4
15 Let the year, BEGIN!

Oh, I am too good. I wrote a song for the good ol' Sorting Hat, you'll all love it, I promise!

1,386 12
16 Common Room, Uncommon Companions

Yeah, the gang's all hangin' out it the good ol' Gryffindor Common Room. M'rauds, girls n all. Have fun, play nice...or not.....

1,338 11
17 Confessions of a Teenage Drama King

Friends love each other, and this is all about becoming better friends than they are already. Amos Diggory makes his first appearence and gives Lily something to complain about.

2,878 9
18 Smile, It Confuses People

I've personally out-grown a full-time education. First day and everyone's feeling the same way. How often in life will anyone actually use the skills we learn in school anyway?!?! Barely ever. So, when everything's looking bleak, obey the title of this chapter :)

1,589 5
19 Friendly, Flirty, and Rather Bored

History of Magic is supposed to be boring, right? Wrong! Well, not if you're lucky like Kate, Lily....and who else?

1,188 3
20 <b><i>RL & VM</i></b>

Yeah, you'd think everything would settle down after classes....haha, uh, no. Let's see what happens when Moony is put on the spotlight...

831 7
21 Manipulating The Prefects

Lily and Remus use the new little prefects to get themselves a party and free labor. Nice...

1,156 3
22 Bring Dates, Not Kegs

The word about the dance is spread, a vital decision is made, and....Aw!...Sir shows his older-brothery-side and gives a little guy some advice.

1,560 6
23 Divine Secrets of the Seventh Year Sisterhood

Believe it or not, JAMES HAS A CHANCE!!! Just read on and get the verdict from her though, 'cause it's kinda cute.

517 12
24 Biding Their Time

So...morning, the dawn of a new day, and our charming young men are faced with a task so incredibly intimidating that they may be a little slow to get it over with...

1,386 5
25 Master Of Disaster

Ah, Potions....Snape makes his first appearence, James messes up BIG TIME, a must-read, so don't even consider skipping THIS's a good one!

1,651 7
26 Cruel And Unusual Punishment

An attack, a trip to the Hospital wing, a new class, and a whole lot of angry Gryffindors....four factors that make this a good chapter.

2,232 8
27 The Bond Between Dogs and...Half-Wolves

This here's got a little Padfoot/Moony bonding, some making teachers look like idiots [kinda like I've been doing] and a little promise that may or may not be broken, but that'll just hafta wait, now, won't it? Oh Yeah! Check out my Caffe Mocha recipe at the bottom!!!

1,093 6
28 Liberation of House Elfs and First Years

For once, the older ones are lording their natural authority over the younger ones.

1,379 14
29 Love Actually Is All Around on, very sweet, very romantic [by my standards] and very vital to the can't skip this chapter. You'll regret it for the rest of your life if you don't anyway.

1,700 27
30 Dreams of a Dreadful Day

Nearly every long L/J fic has one of these, so don't EVEN pretend I'm stalling, because I am and you're not supposed to know it. Well written, if it's anything, if I do say so myself. A bit dark, a lot of foreshadowing/boding going on.

1,326 25
31 Prelude To Disaster

The name speaks for itself. You just wait and see what's in store...and read this beforehand....

1,079 18
32 Bloody Hell Breaks Loose

Enough said. More drama and author brutality than you thought I could dish out!

2,353 12
33 Lily's Regrets, Padfoot Forgets

A little peek inside Lil's brain, and watch as our M'rauds forget that the Marauderettes are still normal girls...

2,282 13
34 Team Gryffindor

Try-outs and a whole lotta fun! Lily and James get talking, and yes, I do steal from a random movie. What're ya gonna do?

2,700 14
35 Red Carpet Ready

Hurry! Make yourselves beautiful!

1,653 13
36 A Night To Remember

Just read. The event I've been hyping for weeks es finally aqui!!!!!! [is finally here!!!!] Very cute, you'll love it to death!

946 11
37 Unhappy Ending thought there was some drama in other chapters....yes, readers, we are upping the Drama Factor!!!

1,063 12
38 Askin' Robins

Very sweet, you'll all love it! Looks like this fic's finally getting somewhere! Haha! Ridiculously clever chapter title!!!

2,012 22
39 Of Moons and Swoons

Adorable continuation of my last chapter. Must read, must love. Some talk about Moony's coming out [ba-dum-TISH..hehehe...] and the budding romance that we're all getting obsessed with. Enjoy!

1,756 14
40 Won A Date With Sirius Black!

CHAPTER FORTY!!!!!!!!!!! Sirius and Kate are out on a date! Cute and sweet, whoever's loving this pairing will adore this chapter!

1,858 17
41 A Sweet Parting

If you don't read this, you are seriously deprived...well, more like Sirius-ly deprived....

916 11
42 Gossip Girl and Wolf Boy

Haha, yeah, a little lighthearted, Rita Skeeter makes an appearence, even though I'm fairly sure she's far younger than this.....Moony's coming out has officially been scheduled!

1,174 15
43 Breakfast Epiphanies

In an unfortunate turn of events, check how everyone is handling themselves...Clever one here, really outdid myself!

1,608 17
44 The One Where Loads Happens

Remus reveals his other true self, Venus responds, and Sirius brightens his own day by brightening that of his best friends. Very good chapter, and hey, whadd'ya know? I'm BACK!!!

3,443 6
45 Of Balls and Walls

Read on, and know that emotional walls are torn down, and preparations are made for an upcoming ball. Quite good, if I do say so myself.

4,810 5
46 Romanians, Rousing Choruses, and Rude Reunions

Unexpected post, characters bursting into song, and the appearence of a character that most of us thought was just fading into the background.

2,264 5
47 Save the Last Dance for Me

The All-Hallow's Ball, a brilliant twist, a wonderful cliff-free ending, and music supplied by someone I love to death: Harry.

3,856 15
48 The Yellow-Bellied Black

Sirius, meet Regulus. Regulus, Sirius. What? Ah. You already know each other. Well, this could get interesting...

5,160 51


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