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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Voldemort, Neville, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
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Horror/Dark, AU
Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-10-18 2:33pm
Last Chapter
2006-02-08 4:23pm
Last Updated
2006-02-08 4:23pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One - Dinner Party With the Johnson's

Thankyou to PottersPrincess who made this fantastic banner! Harry Potter is five years old and living with his abusive family - the Dursley's. Ruling his whole existance, the Dursley's make his life a misery. How long will he have to suffer this abuse for? One evening, when the Johnson's come for a dinner party Harry's life is changed forever. But who are the Johnson's and what will change Harry's life forever?

1,573 17
2 Chapter 2 - Dursley's Downfall

Onto chapter 2 now then. In the first chapter the Dursley's were holding a dinner party with the Johnson's in the hope Dursley could win over Mr Johnson so sign his contract. Harry was told to stay in line by his Uncle otherwise he might jeopodise the deal. The dinner is ready at the dinner party now and they sit down to dinner. Harry is on his best behaviour after his Uncle's threat. What could possibly go wrong that would make the Johnson's want to leave in such a rush?

3,100 21
3 Chpater 3 - The Police

In the last chapter; the Dursley's dinner party with the Johnson's was brought to an abupt halt with Harry being blamed for it being a disaster. He now had to face his fate with his uncle as the Johnson's left. In this chapter; the Johnson's try to help Harry by involving the police. How will Dursley react to their interferance? P.S. Apologies for the delay in updating, I expect many of you had given up on me, but here is chapter 3 ready and waiting now!

2,671 15
4 Chapter 4 - Harry's Evening

In the last chapter the police arrived at the Dursley's arresting Vernon for child abuse. In this chapter find out what happened to Harry as the Johnson's spied on the family earlier that evening.

2,336 14
5 Chapter 5 - Goodbye Privet Drive

In the last chapter Harry was found hiding in the wardrobe and we discovered everything that had gone on once the Johnson's had left the house. In this chapter find out what is in store for Harry and Vernon Dursley now.

2,317 13
6 Chapter 6 - First Night in the Orphanage

In the last chapter Harry was teken from Privit Drive by the police and social services after the events of the evening. As he arrives at Stockwell Orphanage for his first night away from 'home' find out what lies in store for him and which characters he will meet there.

3,392 7
7 Chapter 7 - When Harry met Ron

In the last chapter Harry arrived at the Orphanage and found himself sharing a bedroon with a nutcase roomate. In this chapter he wakes up to find that has not all been a dream and he has to contend with the nut case all over again.

2,689 11
8 Chapter 8 - The Flying Stones

In the last chapter Harry made a new friend in Ron at Stokewell Orphange. However, he also managed to make an enemy out of Tom, the tall dark boy who he has to share his dormitory with. Find out what happens to Harry and Ron as they cross paths with Tom again. What could possibly happen to make Tom, Draco and Ron think that Harry is a wierdo?

3,215 13
9 Chapter 9 - Dinner with Brian

In the last chapter Harry had a confrontation with Tom which ended up with some magic occurring that he didn't mean to. In this chapter find out what the repercussions of this are.

3,476 24


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