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Harry, Ron, Lupin, McGonagall, Snape, Tonks, Narcissa, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme,
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-10-15 12:04am
Last Chapter
2008-04-18 11:37pm
Last Updated
2009-04-22 8:45pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Preface

Many many thanks to ~*JadedSolace*~ for the incredible banner! In the dark times that follow HBP it seems that there isn’t anything to be optimistic about. Nothing could be truer for a broken family. A devout wife searches for her estranged husband. ***HBP Spoilers*** Recommended Story of February 2006

699 21
2 Pride

Seeking answers, Madeline Alcott arrives at the only place she knows to go to. She is almost turned away from Number 12 Grimmauld Place by Minerva McGonagall but is reluctantly assisted by Molly Weasley. As she is given more information things continue to look even grimmer and the intricate weaving of deception begins to grow. Meanwhile Madeline brings shocking news to Tonks, who can barely believe her ears.

3,841 26
3 A Man’s House is His Castle

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Snape; Mr. and Mrs. Tobias Snape. Upon receiving no answers from Minerva McGonagall, Madeline moves on to a place she hopes to get a better response from…the Snape household.

1,988 20
4 Not Quite What Was Intended

After paying her respects to Dumbledore, Madeline if faced with the cold hard truth that he has really died. It’s a bitter sweet memory that reminds her of Dumbledore; her very peculiar wedding night.

3,451 17
5 Sweet Dreams Sereth

Before being convinced by Hagrid to stay overnight on the Hogwarts grounds Madeline has to explain Sereth’s odd behavior while he sleeps. Get a little glimpse of Severus’s past and his animosity with Sirius Black.

1,456 16
6 With Arms Wide Open

In a little home on a road called Spinner’s End Madeline is faced with the painful truth that she may never find him. Surprised by the shambles of a house Severus owns she finds a ray of hope. However, it’s too little – too late as Madeline decides its time to return to the United States, but a late night delivery forces her to reconsider her hastily made choice.

3,030 11
7 And Now it Has Come to This

In an attempt to ‘help’ his sister Isaac caused Madeline to be forced to stay in England an additional amount of time. Little does she know, despite her distaste for what he’s done, that in his attempt to help he’s led her to who she’s looking for…or who she thought she was looking for.

1,869 13
8 Clearest Indication

A series of explanations must come before any closure can be made between the reunited family…explanations that won’t come easy on any front.

2,634 16
9 A Dangerous Request

Madeline is faced with another request to join the war, from the one person she never expected to receive a request from – the person she never wanted to ask her. Knowing she would be at a disadvantage she must close this topic once and for all; how will she choose?

2,768 13
10 A Mother’s Worst Fear

After what felt like an extraordinarily long journey, Madeline returns home completely exhausted to an unwelcoming discussion with her mother. Little does she know that when this day started that it would be lead to a downward spiral of events she is completely unprepared for.

2,255 9
11 A Hunter

Severus arrives at the Academy of Alchemy with very clear intentions only to find things are completely awry. He is forced to seek answers from the charismatic healer, and if there is one thing Severus dislikes it’s charming and charismatic men. However, in his discussion he quickly discovers something of Madeline he never knew. He is forced, again, to reevaluate how well he knows her.

2,793 6
12 A Little Help

Now with direction Severus is lost when he gets to his destination, however unexpected and unwelcomed help shows up.

2,479 6
13 High Tea

After following Brent's unhelpful suggestion Severus turns to Jaselle in his search. Though her plan leads them to a group that seems to be more friend than foe, appearances can be deceiving and the soft spoken, dark faeries that have copious amounts of information about the goings-on are apprehensive to assist because of a long standing grudge with the missing Necromancer.

4,550 8
14 The Unusually Macabre Collection

With new advice of where to try Severus is forced to convince Jaselle to take him there. Her hesitation is not well received and it is left to Severus to understand why one would not want to see this strange man who has been mentioned in passing.

2,669 5
15 Sleeper's Helping Hand

After getting a new lead an old friend comes with news and advice on where Severus should look; but he does one step better…he takes Severus there. However, the sight is not one the once Potions Master would ever want to witness.

2,379 11
16 The Reason

After a long tiresome search, Severus succeeded but the end is not near. There is still the obstacle of finding Eileen and addressing her captor. What was the cause behind the thievery?

2,272 4
17 Epilogue

The ending…

1,550 18
18 Postscript

Madeline discovers the fate of her husband.

2,545 3


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