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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, Neville, Remus Lupin, Ron, Snape, Voldemort, Fred/George, Lucius, Seamus, M. McGonagall
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Action, General, Angst, Drama
Mild Violence,
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-10-13 2:15pm
Last Chapter
2006-02-16 11:50pm
Last Updated
2006-02-21 1:26pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Minds Eye Revelations

Image hosted by Snape seems like a cold, bitter man to those around him, but what if one day he was forced to change? What if the blood bond realisation between two sworn enemies comes into play forcing them to put aside their differences and act as family – for better and worse? spoiler warning is for elements of HBP in later chapters!

1,709 20
2 Blood Guardian

After the revelation of the Dursley’s deaths, Dumbledore is forced to bring a distant blood bond to light.

1,837 13
3 Inhibited Rage

The blood guardianship is made official, much to Severus Snape’s resentment.

2,186 14
4 A Detention and a Revelation

Harry prepares his mind for the funeral and is shocked to learn that he will not be attending alone.

1,445 14
5 Attack of Entombment

As Harry and Snape attend the funeral of the Dursley’s, Snape realises that there is more to Harry than he previously thought.

2,089 13
6 Most Ancient Bonds

Bonds are brought into play as Harry’s life hangs in the balance after the attack at the funeral.

1,278 12
7 Calm After the Storm

Severus Snape and Harry recover whilst working out their own feelings

1,834 10
8 Unwelcome Attachment

Harry and Severus Snape come face to face after a fight between Harry and his sworn enemy Draco Malfoy

2,262 8
9 A Serpents Curse

Harry, Ron and Hermione take a trip to Hogsmeade with devastating results

1,923 9
10 Conversations in the Night

Severus fights with the possibility of telling Harry about his guardianship as Harry learns more about the curse that befell him.

1,625 10
11 Invoking the Essence

Harry reacts badly to the potion that he takes in hope of controlling the serpents curse causing unexpected reactions.

1,783 10
12 A Shocking Confrontation

Harry finally finds out the truth about Snape in a shocking confrontation.

1,600 13
13 Bitter Empathy

The aftermath of the revelation proves a difficult time for both Snape and Harry as the serpents curse becomes more apparent within Harry's mind.

2,090 7
14 A Proposal Most Surprising

Snape makes a most shocking proposal to Harry involving a near illegal serum.

1,586 10
15 The Weight of Secrets

Harry falls out with Ron as his emotions become difficult to cope with as Snape fearfully awaits their meeting.

2,242 8
16 Confessions of Legitimacy

As Harry and Snape sit in the heat of the open fire, confessions and truth is forcefully told when Snape drinks the near illegal powerful truth serum.

1,674 11
17 Christmas Reservations

With Christmas coming up, everyone has mixed emotions. Harry finally makes it up with Ron whilst Snape worries about Draco’s words concerning the dark lord.

2,167 11
18 Fairy Lights and Fire Light

Christmas celebrations arrive at Hogwarts with a surprise gift to Harry from Snape which brings out new emotion that leads to a tense Christmas discussion.

3,838 14
19 Beyond Trepidation

Gryffindor plays Slytherin in a match that ends in near-disaster, resulting in Snape using a dangerous dark-magic spell.

2,989 6
20 Uncertain Expectation

Harry fights against his inner turmoil as Snape lays unconscious in the hospital wing fighting for his life.

2,472 9
21 The Ancient Blendell Box

Harry finally opens the ancient Blendell box that has been passed to him from Snape, whilst Snape still lies in between life and death.

2,666 8
22 Pendant of Power

Harry dabbles with dark power as he attempts to save Snape.

1,212 6
23 Dark United Visions

Harry’s visions become more intense as a familiar face makes an appearance back in the classroom

2,108 6
24 Discernible Summons

The dark mark burns brightly upon Snape’s arm which causes desperate tension between guardian and charge.

1,279 6
25 A Deadly Mission and Exposure

Voldermort gives Snape a deadly mission as Harry’s secret is revealed with devastating results.

2,018 8
26 Reserved Fortification

Harry ventures into the dark night to retrieve answers that only a past deatheater can answer.

2,619 5
27 A Promise Unveiled

Harry confronts Snape after some well received advice.

2,010 5
28 Let the Truth Be Your Guide

Harry learns the truth behind Snape’s strained behaviour.

1,602 5
29 Trust and Friendship

Harry and Snape remain clear of one another, their fears for the deadly mission breaking slowly into their hearts.

1,949 5
30 The Love That Binds

As Harry lies in a comatose state, the end of term mission quickly approaches.

1,304 6
31 Countdown to Obscurity

With only a week to go before the end of term arrives, tension is running high throughout many of Hogwarts inhabitants, tension that will lead to devastating results unless Harry can find a way to stop them.

2,427 6
32 Evolved Offerings

Ron and Hermione confront Harry after his shocking revelation

1,611 9
33 Midnight Hidings

Time is running out and Harry fears the worst as he stumbles across a midnight conversation.

1,682 11
34 Upheaval Most Terrifying

As Snape encounters an unfriendly face, Harry feels the wrath that is issued.

1,513 7
35 Reverberation of Conflict

Harry realises too late that he can do nothing to prevent the inevitable as the deatheater’s make their way into the castle.

1,909 6
36 Grave Sentinel

As the conflict continues, Harry realises exactly what he needs to do.

1,522 8
37 Vinculum Animus Scindo

The final chapter: Will the bond between guardian and charge mean the inevitable for Harry and Snape?

1,756 17


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