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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-10-10 7:38pm
Last Chapter
2006-03-11 3:53pm
Last Updated
2006-03-11 3:53pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Harry

Image hosted by Banner by ANSWR42. As his life begins to change for the better, the chosen one finds himself writing his inner thoughts down. New diaries come into play and a new era of secrets, love, and unfortunate moments will begin.

1,160 13
2 The Closet Diaries

Harry has some quality time with an umbrella.

1,166 9
3 He's a maniac

Excerpt: "Oh my god, they think I’m actually going to kill myself."

1,058 15
4 Reliving the Terror

Excerpt: "Between Mrs. Weasley following me around with a plate of food and Fred and George trying to blow doors open on me, I can never really find ‘Harry’ time."

1,858 11
5 The Plan

Excerpt: Remus even does better with woman. He and Tonks are a great couple and he’s a werewolf! Nothing wrong with that of course. I bet you Snape is better… no. No, that’d just be sad.

1,140 9
6 Womanly Tendencies of a Grown Man

EXCERPT: Take a gander at the newest product of Weasley Wizarding Wheezes! We came out with U-NO-POO but now U-CAN-POO with this new invention!

1,232 7
7 Flattery

EXCERPT: Something emotion just took over my body and it was weird. I noticed who the guy was; it turned out to be the one and only Dean Thomas! So I got up and I guess I looked scary or something because Dean cowered back against the wall and Ginny stepped in front of him.

1,363 9
8 An Interesting Day at the Burrow

EXCERPT: The poor people of Ottery St. Catchpole had to witness Ron running out of the house with only a pair of boxers on, Hermione with her hair looking like an afro, and Ginny in a nightgown which to be honest wasn’t that bad of a thing for me.

1,296 12
9 And this is my life.

EXCERPT: "Everyone had a ‘jolly good fun time’ as Mr. Weasley had told me afterwards but he quite pissed so I imagine he was just saying that because he was going upstairs with Mrs. Weasley."

2,067 17
10 The Talk

EXCERPT: "There, that’s my new plan. Tomorrow, I will jump out the window and plummet the eight feet down from my window and as I am lying there, my body twitching as the world around me begins to go black, maybe Ginny will tell me how much she loves me..."

2,157 9
11 Perfect

EXCERPT: "Anyway, we’ve gotten really close over the years and not until recently did I figure out that I no longer had a crush on you."

1,399 9
12 The Window Pain

EXCERPT: "But I did get to see Harry beat someone out just because he wanted to. It was quite sexy actually. Good job Harry."

1,395 11
13 In Hopes of a Good Life

EXCERPT: If someone ever read this, I’d be so dead. This is major blackmail material here. With my luck, Rita Skeeter will pop out of nowhere and print this thing and make it a bloody book. That would suck.

2,184 9
14 Epilogue

EXCERPT: I’ll refrain from telling you how Bill and Ron shoved me in a closet and threatened me that if I ever hurt Ginny in any way from now until the day I die, they’ll personally find me and kill me slowly.

2,238 16


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