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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 It's Always Lily Evans Fault

Ever since James and Lily's first year at Hogwarts, they've despised each other. Now, it's their seventh year and after an terrible quidditch accident, James loses his memory. He forgets everything. Including Lily Evans. . .

1,778 18
2 8 Baskets of Chocolate and 'Get Well Soon' Cards

James has 'escaped' fromt the hospital wing. Now it's time to learn how to fly. . .

2,470 12
3 Inseedio and Chocolate Bikini's

Just as the chapter titl says!

3,767 19
4 Jeremy or Maybe Jarod

Will Lily go out in the snow with James? Nope.

2,165 15
5 Snidget Drawings and Palm Reading Sessions

The 7th years go to Care of Magical Creatures, what fun!

3,393 8
6 Twenty Galleons and One Crup

What in the world is a CRUP?

2,596 10
7 Bowtruckles or Logs or Tree Branches

Bowtruckles are temperarily taking over Hogwarts, oh my! Never fear, though, Lily and James are here!

2,210 6
8 Guess Who's Back

James' is back!

3,702 18
9 Scowls and Frowns

James is being Mr.Moodypants!

3,029 18
10 She Hates His Hair, He Hates Her Feet

James skips heads patrol with Lily because apparently, he doesn't like patroling with her. Lily doesn't like this. She is offended by this. Very much.

3,175 16
11 Molly and Rudolfla Are Back!

James is giving Lily the Look. Whatever that is. Emma is coming up with theories that making Alice and Hestia laugh, yet make Lily wonder. James has a "heartfelt" conversation with Molly.

1,615 15
12 James' Pumpkin and the Caramel Apple are in Sirius' Pants

James and Lily have a "discussion". The Marauders bust of of Azkaban after getting James' pumpkin and the caramel apple from Sirius pants. . .hmmm. . .interesting.

6,340 28
13 Heart-to-Heart Chats

The aftermath of the Night to Forget, rumors are spread, theories are brought up again, and James and Snape have a "heart-to-heart chat". Awww.

3,412 18
14 Ironic's the Name

Ravenclaw Vs. Gryffindor on the quidditch pitch today. Things turn out to be rather. . .ironic.

2,296 23
15 Define "Hated"

Has James lost his memory again? What's going on? We'll find out in this chapter- the LAST chapter!

4,014 51


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