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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Sirius/OC, Other Pairing
Humor, Romance, Angst
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-10-09 2:08am
Last Chapter
2008-06-01 2:50pm
Last Updated
2008-06-01 2:50pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Love Hurts

Tired of waiting for her best friend, Sirius, to notice that she’s a girl and not one of the guys, Murphy tries to move on, but finds that it’s easier said then done. She can no longer take his heartache and soon finds comfort in his bother, Regulus. Will their relationship cause some friction between her and Sirius, or will it help open his eyes to what's in front of him?

1,497 59
2 Freaked or Flattered?

Freaked or Flattered?// I tried to block out their conversation by looking around at the other tables. Some were still eating, others were laughing and joking around minding their own business, but I noticed a pair of eyes staring back at me from the Slytherin table: Regulus Black.

1,671 44
3 Advice From Sirius

Advice From Sirius// He sighed, “Well, my advice to you is that you tell him or just move on,” I looked up. “It’s not healthy, pinning for a guy that doesn’t have any interest in you.”

1,670 39
4 Brotherly Love, Right...

Brotherly Love, Right... // “What did I tell you about bothering, Murphy,” Sirius came up behind me and pulled me as far away from his brother as possible. “Sirius, what the hell are you doing?” I managed to free my arm after a bit of struggle. Regulus rolled his eyes, “please Sirius, the only reason you’re being so damn protective of her is because I’m here.”

1,967 33
5 Virgin Ears

Virgin Ears // “Murphy…no,” what James was trying to prevent me from seeing was too late, I had already seen it. No, it wasn’t the Slytherin’s I was hoping for, but something else more heart shattering.

2,000 34
6 Fifth Marauder? Nah...

Fifth Marauder? Nah...// “I didn’t see you I’m sorry,” he grabbed my wrist trying to pull my hands away to get a better view of my now damaged nose, “let me see.” “No! You’ll make it worse,” with my free hand I shoved him back, I then turned around and outstretched my hand to see blood, “ahh, I’m bleeding, Black, you broke my nose!”

2,247 36
7 Looking For a Date

Trip To Hogsmeade// I shook my head and turned to Sirius, I took a deep breath not believing what I was about to do. “Hey, you know I don’t have a date yet,” I took another breath, “Sirius, you…want to go with me?” I asked shakily, I hope he didn’t notice. I was trying to ask him casually.

3,074 46
8 Late Night Teachings and Chats

Late Night Teachings and Chats// “Don’t listen to him, Peter, you’re doing just fine." ... "someone had called me outside… and asked me to the dance.” ... “Do you fancy Regulus?” ... “I’m tired of waiting for him…” ... “He’s your mystery man, isn’t he?” ... “I love you--”

2,295 46
9 Blush a Thousand Times

Blush a Thousand Times // "Evil leprechauns broke into their dorm and kidnapped them to do their evil biddings.” ... “Wait, Murphy’s a girl?” ... "Do you mind if I steal your date for one dance?” ... “Mind if I cut in?” ... "You look better then her." ... “What the hell do you think your doing?” ... "I AM a girl, NOT a guy! Get that through your thickhead!”

3,800 73
10 Need To Be Missed

Need To Be Missed// “I’m just thinking about some things. Why?” ... “But its tradition." ... “I want to know the truth, Murphy." ... “You just don’t get it.” ... “Cheer up, it’s almost Christmas."

2,692 58
11 Cookies, What Cookies?

Cookies, What Cookies? // Wait, “cookies, what cookies?” I muttered to myself questioningly, completely forgetting everything else the letter said. I found it a lot easier to distract myself from worrying about Sirius if I worried about the cookies. I reread the last line again, there weren’t any cookies unless… “Daniel,” I sighed angrily. He must have taken the cookies for himself before giving me the letter.

3,159 52
12 Moment Of Truth

Moment Of Truth// Sirius, who was now waiting for me downstairs in the common room to talk, was causing me to pace up and down the girls common room, nervously. “I’m not going,” I told Lily firmly. She eyed me wearily from her bed, “you have to go,” she said shifting positions. “How else is Sirius going to know how you feel about him?”

2,510 62
13 Personal Bubble

Personal Bubble// “Besides wondering why you’re invading my personal bubble, a lot of things, unfortunately, Mr. Black,” I said, trying to ignore the last bit of his question, but as hard as I tried to fight it off, I could still feel the heat rising in my cheeks and the strange sensation in the pit of my stomach.

2,566 72
14 Fear of Falling

l l Fear of Falling l l I blinked, I knew what he had just done, but… it still didn’t feel quiet real, “I walked right into that one, didn’t I?” I asked still feeling dazed from his kiss. I loved those kinds of kisses, the ones you don’t really expect. The ones that catch you off guard. And, Merlin, did this one catch me off guard.

3,115 77
15 The Fallout

l l The Fallout l l Confused by what was going on, I bravely asked. “What’s all this about, what’s going on, what’s the problem?” Were they angry because they’d found out that I was sneaking out at night? That I was ignoring them as much as they were ignoring me?

2,605 74
16 Mischief Managed

l l Mischief Managed l l I shook my head, took out my wand and tapped it on the map, “Mischief managed.” I didn’t say anything else to him. I just turned my back and walked away. I feel him staring until I rounded a corner and disappeared from his sight. A choked sob escaped my lips and I quickly wiped away any tears that threatened to spill from my eyes.

3,889 64
17 Misery Loves Company

l l Misery Loves Company l l My stomach churned at the thought: Sirius and Murphy, best friends no more. I should stop thinking about him, I told myself tiredly. What good would it do to think about him when he wasn’t thinking about me? Maybe he was relieved about not having to be my friend. Maybe I’d done him a favor by telling him we shouldn’t be friends.

3,508 88
18 Seven Minutes to Midnight [Pt. One]

l l Seven Minutes to Midnight [Pt. One]l l What the hell happened to me? I kept my eyes fixed on a low tree branch as I searched my mind for the answer. All I could remember was running and feeling an unnatural heavy pressure on my chest. It hurt so badly… I couldn’t breathe properly, but why I felt that way I just couldn’t understand.

4,400 59
19 Seven Minutes to Midnight [Pt. Two]

l l Seven Minutes to Midnight [Pt. 2] l l Anger filled my heart, battling against the wrenching pain. I glared at her. “Worry?” I spat, standing up so quickly my chair fell over. “You didn’t want me to worry?” They didn’t tell me because they didn’t want me to worry?! What kind of rubbish was that?

4,699 48
20 Big Girls Do Cry

l l Big Girls Do Cry l l And it was awful, the crying. It was like nothing I’d ever heard before, so much different from when I was in the forest. It sounded so inhuman, like the wails of a ghost and it hurt so much. My heart felt so damn heavy and I found that I couldn’t make myself breathe properly. I coughed and hiccupped and tried to stop again, but couldn’t.

1,953 56
21 You’re Not Alone

l l You’re Not Alone l l The weather never matches the mood. It always does in the movies, but never in real life. For a while, I wondered whether or not I should cast a spell that would summon a dark cloud and have it rain and thunder over us… It wouldn’t be fair, though. Dad loved days like these, and I did too.

2,328 52
22 Laugh Now, Cry Later

l l Laugh Now, Cry Later l l Laughing felt so strange these days, sounded so alien to my ears. It was probably because I hadn’t laughed in so long, hadn’t felt that true bubble of happiness in me. After dad’s death everything just seemed to fall apart, and I wondered how I would be able to function knowing that he wasn’t waiting for me at home. I loved my dad, so much, he was my world and I thought going back to school would help me deal with him not being around anymore, but it only made it worse.

3,183 50
23 Best Friends and Lovers

l l Best Friends and Lovers l l I rubbed my forehead in frustration and noticed that several people had began to stare. Regulus had once jokingly said that we were like a celebrity couple and would probably go down in history as being the only Gryffindor and Slytherin couple, that we knew of. I could just imagine the rumors that were going to start up over this. Shaking my head, I turned around and head back into the school.

3,140 35


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