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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, James, Lily, Neville, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Sirius Black, Snape
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Romance, Action, General, Angst
No Warnings
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First Published
2003-09-24 6:01pm
Last Chapter
2003-12-06 5:01pm
Last Updated
2006-03-04 10:52pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 An Unhappy Birthday

*Written pre-HBP and now AU* Takes place directly after OotP ends. Harry is still mourning the death that has changed his life. When he hears about a second death, discovers that Voldemort is following him, finds out about his past , discovers another prophecy, along with Remus Lupin's long-lost love, what will happen? Remus/OC, Ron/Hermione, Harry/OC Read/review please!!!

1,178 37
2 The Werewolf's Visit

Remus adds a twist to what Harry thought was a deadly tragedy... Read, find out, and review!!!

1,084 23
3 Grief

Harry and Remus Lupin attempt to get over the death of Sirius. But is someone still trying to attack Harry??

1,382 16
4 Flashbacks and Dreams

Who is Remus' love? Where is she and what happened to her?? Read to find out!!! Please review!

1,492 18
5 Lost & Found

A new character is introduced, Remus gets a big surprise, someone is mad... and what's with Harry and Hermione??? Read and review please!!!

1,212 17
6 Blossoming Love

Who is this mysterious French woman? Ron admits his feelings for a certain girl, and Professor Lupin reveals his surprise to the trio!

1,142 25
7 Revelation

O.W.L results and a secret! Please read!!

1,176 23
8 Good News & Surprises

Hermione & Ron shippers - this one's for you!!

1,098 22
9 Secrets

Ron/Hermione stuff, and Remus has a secret! But Dumbledore won't tell what it is.

1,008 18
10 A New Start

Just who exactly is Voleta Voile?? Find out here!!

1,255 14
11 Year Six

The trio returns to school... Adele Fleur meets someone new... some new cliffys!

1,093 21
12 The One Who Sees Beyond

Better than last chapter, I promise.... Explains more about Adele's history, a second prophesy, and why she trusted Wormtail... Please r/r!!!

1,737 14
13 Communication

Please read!!!

1,963 18
14 Fate Always Wins

The prefects' meeting brings up the issue of a Halloween dance, Adele talks to some long-lost friends, and the Order plans what to do next.

1,874 18
15 Enjoy Every Day

Please read and review! Thanks everyone!!

1,600 13
16 The Fight

Why can't Harry just calm down? Is Adele going to wake up? What happened in Adele's past with a certain mauraderer?

1,666 18
17 Forgive & Forget

Remus and Adele talk things out, Harry faces the dance dilemma, and prefect hall duty again!!

1,625 17
18 The Date

Another girl enters Harry's love life, except this one is from his past... Remus & Adele sort things out.

1,392 17
19 Rachel or Cho?

Please read Chapter 19!

2,413 25
20 The Management of Grief

"Suddenly Hermione stopped laughing as a horrible thought occured to her. She turned hesitantly to Ron, fear in her eyes. 'Ron... we didn't tell him about Cho. What if he sees her before we can tell him?'"

2,970 19
21 Halloween

It's finally time for the Halloween dance! But Harry doesn't go... what does he do instead?? Read to find out!

2,183 22
22 Quidditch

Harry tells Hermione and Ron about Rachel, lots and lots of Quidditch try-outs, and prefect duty gone wrong.... Read and review!!!

2,739 20
23 Danger

Um guys.... you're going to hate me. It's short AND a cliffy... I'm so so sorry!!!

1,238 16
24 The Confrontation

Is this the end?? No, I would say we're about halfway done. Harry confronts the Dark Lord; what happens?? Action and romance this chapter!!

2,101 26
25 A Bad Day

Detentions with Snape and McGonagall, new Hogwarts troublemakers, an interesting Quidditch practice, and an argument with Rachel! What else could go wrong?? As always - please read and review!!

2,434 19
26 An Evening Alone

More about Harry & Rachel! Please read!

1,272 23
27 Family

Rachel reveals a few secrets and some of her history, a little Ron/Hermione scene, and some scary stuff at the end!! Definitely darker than previous chapters. Please read and review!!!

1,416 24
28 Intrusion

Huge argument between the trio - what's the best way to handle the situation at hand? Also a bit more about Rachel's family.

2,527 23
29 Missing

The action starts again - what's wrong with Hermione? And where, exactly, is she???

2,176 23
30 Don't Give Up Hope

Warning: a bit depressing! Hermione's still missing and the boys are heartbroken. Can Hogwarts survive without Ms. Hermione Granger?

2,465 15
31 A New Start

The Hermione situation is resolved! And a little Christmas cheer for everyone....

1,575 18
32 New Year's Eve

Please read and review!! Thanks, everyone!

2,387 19
33 Betrayal

Harry and the gang attend Remus and Adele's wedding, but the ceremony is overshadowed by Ron's problems with Hermione and Harry's problems with Rachel... what's going on? Who will make up? Harry's powers get a little out of hand. Read and review, please!!! =)

3,032 20
34 Revenge

Ah, sweet sweet revenge! Sorry it's short! More to come soon!

1,367 22
35 The Beginning of the End

WARNING: Really bad cliffy at the end. I promise to update really really soon though! If you don't think you can handle it... wait and read both at once. Nah, what am I saying, no one will actually do that... lol. But anyways, enjoy!!

2,587 16
36 Defiance

The battle between good and evil! Lots of action. Read and review!!!

2,179 20
37 La Gema de Dominio

All secrets are uncovered! Harry discusses some serious stuff with Rachel, Ron, and Hermione. Hermione's a little different than everyone else thought.... Read and review, please!

2,475 28
38 A Conclusion

The final chapter!!

2,425 51


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