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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Phobia Mix-Ups and Since When Did Chickens Cross the Road?

"Do you mean 'Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia'?"

2,081 11
2 Grindylow in the Middle and Dreamy Sighes

Lily giggles adoringly as Remus blinked,"You blink nice too."

2,585 15
3 Tangoing Lollipops and Frog the toad

"Remus! Get your mouth off of, Evans!"

3,005 15
4 Alpha,Beta,and The Girl

"James only came to the party because you came, Evans." Sirius blurted.

3,201 8
5 Ten Thousand Tips for Teachers

Sirius shrugged and looked back at a list in his hand, "Alright, let's do a head count. Peter Latanya Pettigrew?"

2,042 7
6 Soapy Water or Water Water?

"Lily! Your hair- it's- er. . ." Hestia whispered.

3,347 9
7 Sleeping Beauty and Her Prince

"Oh, but what about James? He's your true love! He'll be kissing you in record time." Emma teased.

Lily scowled, "Potter has gotten enough kisses out of me. I'd rather sleep forever then have him kiss me."

3,116 4
8 Lily Digs Groaning Gustford or Does She?

"What you like Groaning Gustford coming on to you or something? Aw, how sweet! Lily has a crush on a ghost that haunts the bathroom he choked on toilet paper roll and died in! Just sweet!" James said in a teasing voice.

3,653 12
9 Cupid's Crashing Landing

"Up, Sirius! Up!" Peter hissed frantically. "I can't!" Sirius hissed back.


He was losing control. They were heading for a crashing landing. Straight into. . .oh great. . .

2,725 1
10 Stupid Potter and Love. . .r

Leave me alone, Potter. And your definitely NOT my 'future cuddledums'.

-You know who I am, Pothead-

2,941 4
11 And He Said. . .

"Potter, your hands sweaty." Lily pointed out. "That's what you make me do, love." James replied calmly, although, he flushed some from her comment.

3,381 8
12 The <i>Tiny</i> Misunderstanding

"Woah. My fellow Marauders, we'd best watch out for Remus here, he's becoming a firewhiskeyholic." Sirius warned slyly.

3,375 8
13 Singing Celestina Warbeck Boxers

"Hello, Mr. Evans. Mrs. Evans." James said. He put and arm around Lily's shoulder and grinned lopsidedly,"Your daughter and I are not just friends-"

2,795 4
14 Dear Bigheaded Idiot of the Century. . .


My spelling is not atroshish. It's just not as good as yours. Evans called me Dear.


1,997 20
15 Bad Day

James grinned wider as he spooned more mash potatoes onto his plate. Instead of picking up his fork and shoving more of the potatoes into his mouth like Lily had thought, James picked up the plate, leaned over the table and...

2,586 7
16 Thestral Dung

James and Lily's date. Hmmm. Let's see how it turns out.

3,186 9
17 Oy, He's Picking His Bogies!

Oh no! The BB's and BG's are lose!

2,471 1
18 Spies

Emma and Lily become spies and stalk Alice and Frank (Who isn't really Frank) one Sunday afternoon- What in the name of Merlin?

2,381 8
19 Mystery Man

"I suppose we do have quite a lot in common. Bad tempers, pillow-snogging obsessions, and extremely good looks. We could be quite the team, Lily. Potter and Evans. Doesn't that just work well?"

3,601 9


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