Lupin, McGonagall, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Lucius, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Mystery, Romance
Mild Language, Strong Violence
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2005-09-20 13:45:12
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2009-09-27 03:53:14
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2009-09-27 03:53:14
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1 Special

Best friends. Everybody has them. Life seems perfect. You’re 17, carefree, mischievous, what more could you ask for? But a rebellion is forming in the Wizarding World and the friends you thought you know might turn out to be different. Two months ago you thought nothing could go wrong. But you’re about to wake up to a world you never knew.BLONDEBUBBLES ROCKS IN BANNER MAKING!!!

2455 10
2 Notice me

As we go deeper into the story you start to get a clue about the secrets everyone are hiding. but some of them are to nasty to imagine

1776 5
3 Ecstatic

We go in more in more in our character's lives and we see they are not so perfect. Everyone has a secret. And we're starting to find it out.

2434 4
4 Problematic Lives

In the context of being a werewolf, love isn't that good, now is it? But what happenes when Remus can't stop having a little crush? And what's with Michelle?!

1130 1
5 Crash and burn

We finally see what the hell happened to Michelle, but will it be nice? Also we discover that she isn't the only one that is slipping away from the world. Life isn't as easy at you thought it would be.

1778 2
6 Invisible

You never thought you could die, did you? Get a glimpse of reality. You can. But you always try to make things better with small jokes. It helps, but not on the long term.

4085 4
7 Shake and break

At seventeen you can't stay angry for too long and even if you are surrounded by grim news, you still can go back to that happy place of yours. But even so, you can have serious problems too. Like the Potter annual New Year Ball. "How am I going to get Lily to come?"

3360 4
8 Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas!

... and a Happy New Year! Unwillingly you forget that there are more important things than shopping and friends and that wonderful Christmas dinner! But when trouble isn't looking for you, it's you who's looking for trouble.

3843 4
9 December Drug

Having fun is occupping everyone's minds. A New Year party is always said to make you leave the old year dancing and begin the new one laughing. But even if a new year is coming, superstitions are old. It is said that you will spend the rest of your year with the person you are next to when the clock strikes 12. But just because you believe it, doasn't mean it's going to happen.

2592 2
10 Love me if you dare

You'd think love would be easy, wouldn't you? You realise it's not. Even worse when there are also secrets in between. Degenerate parents, curses, howling at the moon and spirits just don't seem to let the characters live a normal wizard life. Better to hide or to come clean?

2531 2
11 Snow in my eyes

If you're pure-blood you have no choices. Your parents already have your life figured out and don't accept compomises. Julia might be rebellios and might think she can take up the challenge of having mud-blood friends and a blood-traitor boy friend, but a death might make her change her mind

3668 2
12 Lost in translating

Just as she hugged her books to her chest and made a step towards her destination, a familiar pain shot through her ankles. She gasped as she urged her feet to move. The color of her hair was loosing its intensity as it began slowly graying. The girl’s eyes were on fire with hot tears.
“Oh, God, not now, not here!"

2158 0
13 Taking chances

Lucky 13. No point in unveiling all the juicy stuff that goes on, so just read and find out for yourself :)

2614 3
14 Sociable Marauders

Why would someone betray his friends? Chapter 14

4234 0


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