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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Neville, Luna, Draco, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-09-15 3:35am
Last Chapter
2007-01-29 9:21pm
Last Updated
2007-01-29 9:21pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Fan Mail and Lessons.

Harry has defeated Voldemort and is now starting a new life. He goes to his seventh year and begins to settle his life for after school. He comes across death, love and success. Voldemort's Death-Eaters are still out there and searching for Harry. THIS IS THE FOLLOW ON FROM MY, LOVE BEFORE DEATH. PLEASE READ THAT FIRST. THIS STORY IS COMPLETED ...

1,679 40
2 The Grangers.

Harry gets picked up by the Grangers. They have introductions and when they get back to the house, they get to know each other. Harry sets a good impression on the Grangers and then Harry asks Mr. Granger if it is alright if he marries Hermione.

1,739 15
3 Shopping and A Proposal.

Harry, Hermione and Hermione's parents, all go shopping. Harry and Hermione get their first car and Harry read his Hogwarts letter. He gets offered options on the upcoming school year. Then Harry proposes to Hermione and gets a positive answer.

2,901 23
4 Attack At The National Duelling Tournament.

Harry competes in the Duelling Tournament. He set a date for his and Hermione's wedding and agrees to be the Godfather of Draco's child. Harry wins the Tournament and then Death-Eaters attack.

3,669 24
5 Back To Hogwarts.

Harry stays at the Weasley's for the remaining summer. Then they all finally travel to Hogwarts. They have a laugh on the train, Harry an Hermione as Headpupils. Harry gets given his needed equipment and then they enter the feast. Dumbledore asks if Harry wants to sit at the teachers table. harry refuses and sits with Hermione over the feast. Then they get taken to their private dormitory.

3,785 22
6 First Week Of Term.

Harry stays away from Hermione, Ron, everyone. He attends his first private tuition by Dumbledore and the new Potion's master. Harry sorts his office out and puts a notice up, saying that he shall be working from six and finishing at eight, in the evening. Harry goes to his dormitory and meets Hermione. After a bit of talking, they make up and begin kissing. It doesn't take long for them to be sleeping in the same bed, once again.

1,859 38
7 After Dark Strolls.

Harry and Hermione study in most of their time. Then they go to Hogsmeade and have a good time. Harry then finds Ron entering the Forbidden Forest. Harry goes after him and finds out he is becoming a traitor. Harry chases Ron and beats him up, knocking him out.

2,697 27
8 Learning, Teaching And Given Advice.

Harry has another lesson with Dumbledore. He says what he heard from the Centaurs and it comes as a shock to Dumbledore. Dumbledore says he will investigate it and teahces Harry how to make people to minor things by mind-control. Then Harry goes and teaches a seventh year Defence Against the Dark Arts class, with Tonks.

2,078 19
9 Rescue and Forgiveness.

Harry finds out where Ron is being held and gathers a few of his ex-followers. He sets a plan on the rescue of Ron. They go and battle there way to him. Harry finds one performing the Cruciatus curse on noe of his followers. Harry stops him and stops the Imperius curse from controlling Ron. Then Ron and Harry forgive and forget and set plans on quiddich practice.

2,318 23
10 Hallowe'en Wedding.

Harry and Ron find team members for the upcoming quiddich match. They do a lot of training and then enter October. Hermione, Luna and Ginny do nothing except plan for Ron and Luna's wedding. When the time comes, Harry calms Ron and does his role as Best Man. After the ceremony Harry makes a speech, along with Ron and Luna's father.

5,194 18
11 An Attack At A Match.

Harry and his team have a game of quiddich, against Hufflepuff. They win and then Ginny is hit in theface by a spell. Harry helps some people and then goes to the attackers. He approaches a large group of Death-Eaters. Harry asks permission to use his fire ability. When he does, he kills eleven Death-Eaters, before they escape. Harry get's slightly angry with the Minister for Magic, before going abck to the castle.

2,453 11
12 Shocks and Christmas Wedding.

Harry learns that he could die any day soon. He learns he can bring Sirius back for a limited time. Then he and a lot of people head to the Department of Mysteries, where Harry performs impossible magic, to bring Sirius back as a ghost. Harry and Sirius catch up, before the wedding between Harr and Hermione. Once they are married, they sat their final goodbyes to Sirius.

5,362 13
13 Career Path and A Decision.

Harry and McGonagall hold some career meetings. They help the seventh years choose what careers they wanted to do and helped them with anything to do with living. E.G. Homes. Then Harry goes back to the common room and finds a letter from the England quiddich team.

2,512 8
14 The Attack That Decided.

Valentines Day. Three couples, Harry/Hermione, Ron/Luna and Neville/Ginny go to Hogsmeade. They have a good time and Harry buys Hermione a very expensive jewellery set. Then Death-Eaters attack Hogsmeade. Dumbledore then decides that soon, an attack at the Riddle House should be arranged.

2,138 16
15 Planning.

The Order plan the attack on the Riddle House. They decide who will attack where and then plan on how they will do it. Harry, Dumbledore and some Order members returned to Hogwarts and Harry breaks the news to Hermione. He tells her that he is part of a life threatening mission, to infiltrate the headquarters of the Death-Eaters. There is some crying, before they begin studying.

1,692 14
16 N.E.W.T's.

Harry and the other seventh years are now doing their final exams until graduation. Harry shows off his skill in Defence Against the Dark Arts, he uses many of his powers and duels Dumbledore. All just to get a good grade.

3,965 13
17 The Fateful Night.

Harry and the Order members go to the Riddle House to attack. When they get there they do as much of the plan as possible. Harry comes face to face with Snape. After Snape is killed, Harry does something so terrible that it almost killed him from the heart.

1,690 10
18 Home Sweet Home.

Harry ends up in St Mungo's. Will Harry live or die? How will Hermione cope if Harry died? No more Hogwarts, they discover that the world is a lot bigger than them.

1,551 92


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