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Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Other Pairing
General, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-09-09 10:03am
Last Chapter
2016-03-27 10:44am
Last Updated
2016-03-27 10:44am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Godric Gryffindor

Find out how Godric Gryffindor came into the world...

1,293 55
2 The Fight

Ten years have passed and Godric works as a stable-boy at the castle...

1,415 31
3 The Invitation

Lord Schreiver invites the king and queen to stay at his castle

972 24
4 The Arival

The king arrives at Lord Schreiver's castle.

1,557 18
5 That Fateful Day

The royals are looking forward to their visit but it will certainly not run smoothly as far as their daughter is concerned.

2,422 14
6 Benedick Greyson

Salazar Slytherin is introduced to the story but is not quite the Slytherin people know today

2,321 16
7 Lord Salazar

Godric arrives in Ireland and Salazar becomes Lord of lower England

3,712 14
8 A Little Charm Goes A Long Way

Godric apprehensively goes to the Hufflepuff castle but will they turn out to be anything like what he thinks?

2,959 17
9 Through The Snow

Salazar has to leave his family behind as he takes up his new role as Lord of Lower England

1,514 16
10 A Most Unwelcome Guest

A guest that is not too welcome in a certain person's opinion arrives at the castle...

2,477 20
11 Uninvited Company

Salazar must go the the Hufflepuff castle but will the king let him?

1,409 24
12 A Good Shot

The four founders all meet for the very first time

2,166 12
13 Godric's Discovery

Whilst either Helga or Godric have to learn along with Salazar, the other will have to keep Rowena out of the way so that she doesn't discover their secret...

2,521 32
14 A Big Mistake

After Godric's discovery things will certainly change but some won't be for the better.

2,562 20
15 Eavesdropping

Rowena is forced to return to her home in London, leaving everything she wants behind and is being forced into a marriage she despises. A certain conversation is overheard and it can cause only trouble, due to the ears that hear every word.

1,983 17
16 No Smoke Without Fire

Benedick is chosen by the king to travel to the Hufflepuff castle and it is all likely to end in tears

3,158 16
17 Runaway

The aftermath of the fire...

2,682 17
18 Arthur's Idea

After escaping the terrible blaze at Hufflepuff castle Godric and Helga go to see Lord Schreiver.

2,923 15
19 The Past Hurts

Godric and Helga make it to Lord Schreiver's castle but he has something rather big to tell Godric.

3,399 13
20 The Promise

Helga is to stay with a witch whilst Godric ventures to Finland and Rowena gets some good news...
(This is the last chapter in this "era" so be prepared for a small jump into the future with the next one)

2,707 9
21 The Return

5 years have passed...

2,993 15
22 Bad News

What has become of Rowena Ravenclaw...?

2,052 14
23 The Serpent Whisperer

Salazar returns to his Uncle's home...

2,112 13
24 An Urge For Adventure

Helga is worried that Godric will want to leave again and an announcement is made in the village...

3,005 16
25 Captured

Godric and Helga must make their way to the King's castle but their journey will not run smoothly...

2,311 17
26 A Little Assistance

Find out who Godric and Helga's captors are...

2,970 18
27 Stand And Deliver!

Will Salazar help Godric with his plan...?

2,774 7
28 The Decision

It's time for Godric to see Rowena but, because she has thought him dead for so long, her reaction may not be what he expected...

2,092 11
29 A Narrow Escape

Godric heads back to the castle, convinced that Rowena still loves him. With security in and out very tight, will he manage to get there in time to stop the wedding...?

4,139 12
30 Discovered

Godric and Rowena have made it out of the King's castle but will they make it to safety and freedom...?

2,948 7
31 Just A Thought

The four founders find their way to Hogsmeade...

2,356 4
32 Foundations

Hogwarts slowly takes shape and more plans are made...

3,263 7
33 The Parting Of The Ways

It is time for the founders to go their seperate ways, in search of students for their school...

(This is the final chapter within this "era")

2,062 11
34 The Search

Three years have passed since the founders went their seperate ways...

3,818 14
35 Taken

Godric and Rowena have a difficult decision to make: help Gwen and risk being discovered by the law or leave her behind...

3,576 14
36 The Proposal

We find out how Salazar and Belle are getting on with their search in London...

2,142 6
37 A Helping Hand

We find out how Helga is getting on with recruiting students in Ireland and what problems may have arisen...

3,359 11
38 Blackmail

After discovering another potential student, Salazar finds himself in a predicament...

3,849 9
39 George

Godric and Rowena must make their way back to Scotland with Gwen but their journey will not be easy...

4,541 9
40 Complete

The Founders finally return to Hogsmeade and their school is almost complete...

4,017 8
41 Dark Teachings

Hogwarts is ready to accept students but Salazar has other things on his mind besides teaching...

3,708 13
42 Doubt

 Even the four founders don't possess all the confidence you'd expect...

3,073 1
43 The Grand Feast

At long last, the students have finally arrived at Hogwarts!

3,169 1


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