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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Tonks, Narcissa, Draco, Fred, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC
Romance, Angst
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-09-08 1:47am
Last Chapter
2007-09-20 12:57pm
Last Updated
2007-09-20 12:57pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1: Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair

Almost four years after Harry rid the world of Voldemort, Ron and Hermione are married, as are Harry and Ginny. When Ron and Harry go on their first Auror trip, Hermione answers the door and finds a big surprise. Excerpt: “Hello, I’m Hermione Weasley. What’s your name?” she asked. “Erin.” Then she added as an after thought, “Erin Malfoy.”

1,575 79
2 Chapter 2: Questions

Hermione opened her mouth and shut it many times. “Ma-Malfoy?” she finally managed to say. “Yeah,” the little girl said and looking shyly down at her feet. “Wh-why are you here, where are your pa-parents?” Hermione was still in shock, it had to be Draco Malfoy’s daughter she knew of no other Malfoys. “I-I ran away, they were mean.”

1,476 45
3 Chapter 3: Outings

Please circle the reason for your visit: species change / object up/in a place where it shouldn’t be / uncontrollable noise making / oozing liquid from odd places / spouting new body parts / other As soon as Hermione read the first question, she knew that the form was going to take a while

1,574 46
4 Chapter 4: For the Love of Oreos

Hermione poured Erin a glass of milk and set it in front of her. She then watched as Erin dived her cookie into the milk making propeller sounds and then take it out and bite a chuck out of it. When she finished chewing, Erin looked up at Hermione and smiled innocently, her whole mouth black from the Oreo

1,405 33
5 Chapter 5: Mommy and Daddy

“I’ll get Erin.” Ron said with a grin and walked to Jami’s room. He emerged with Erin walking beside him and Jami hanging onto his left leg yelling, “EWRIN NO GO! EWRIN NO GO!” Ron looked over at Harry and Ginny hopelessly, eyes pleading as the toddler sunk her teeth into his leg. They were barely able to hold back their laughter; Ginny was able to speak first and told her daughter matter of factly, “ Jami, honey, you will see Erin in a few hours.”

1,212 52
6 Chapter 6: All Time Low

Hermione was about to burst into laughter when she heard a knock on the window that stopped her short. She peaked her head out of the bathroom and looked at her bedroom window. There sat a fierce-looking eagle owl knocking on the window, as if he were trying to break it open.

1,064 40
7 Chapter 7: Just. Save. Jami.

Long chappie!! Almost 2000 words!! GO ME! “Now let’s get to work people, we have a baby to find and a bastard to track down, hop to it!” Tonks said impatiently and quills immediately started writing down a summary of the story to send to everyone in the busy Auror office. “Harry, Ron, start rounding up a team to track down the little – young ears, never mind…-- and Hermione and Ginny, you guys need to group to the tenth floor and file for custody of Erin because of abuse and all that great crap. Hop to it…oh and I need to tell Remus to pick up Syrian..”

2,024 43
8 Chapter 8: We Have A Winner

Hermione looked down at the card and smiled. On the front was a picture of a little girl that Hermione took to be Erin hanging an ornament on the tree. Then when the girl in the picture finished, a taller figure with lots of brown hair came in and tickled the little girl. Hermione opened the card and read the messy handwriting and backwards letters.

1,358 37
9 Chapter 9: Letters and Love

“Parvati!” a voice squealed from the other side of the check out room. The yell was followed by to the clunk, clunk of what sounded like very uncomfortable high-heeled shoes. Hermione and Ron looked over and saw… “Lavender!” Parvati exclaimed and hugged her friend.

1,350 48
10 Chapter 10: Meet the Family

“Oh, okay.” Erin said and jumped onto the bed, “We were just going to Jami.” “What she means is, Harry and Ginny want us to come over for lunch. Fred and George will be there, I’m not sure if they’re bringing the kids.” “Oh, that’s wonderful! Wait…lunch? What time is it?” “1 – 2 – 3 – 0.” Erin announced looking at snitch- shaped watch that she had gotten for Christmas. “Twelve- thirty!” Hermione exclaimed.

1,868 35
11 Chapter 11: Bloody Hell

Hermione smiled nervously, “Sh-she’s what, Nina?” “Blue, and shaking and making weird sound!” Nina cried. “Oh no.” Hermione said as she pushed passed the five-year-old and ran to Jami’s room. That’s when Hermione saw her, she was a faint blue color and laying still on her back with Jami poking her, “Wake up, no naptime!” Jami said.

1,709 39
12 Chapter 12: The Trial

The long awaited chapter! Not giving anything away… very suspenseful… I hope. Read and review!!

2,124 53
13 Chapter 13: A What?

Erin has a glowing foot… are you ready to find out what’s causing it? READ ON!

1,746 60
14 Chapter 14: Erin Weasley/Malfoy

After the medi-witch had left, Ron looked up from his food and asked, “Did you put that her name was ‘Erin Malfoy’ or ‘Erin Weasley’ on the those forms that you had to fill out this morning?” Hermione thought for a minute then answered, “I’m almost positive I put Weasley, why?” “Well I thought I saw Weasley when you were filling it out, too, but then how did that Medi-witch say Malfoy?”

2,068 103
15 Chapter 15: Zero to Two in Nine Months

Hermione laughed, “The baby is fine, it’s just,” she paused, “this makes it official, Ron.” She looked up and saw that her husband was confused, “ I know the mood swings and cravings have been here for a while, but I mean as soon as I open this envelope, we have to start picking out names and shopping and making a nursery, and… doesn’t that scare you?” Hermione asked looking into her husbands blue eyes.

2,078 47
16 Chapter 16: Understandings

“And give her this purple potion one hour after she eats,” a lady at the front desk was saying as she banished a large corked purple beaker in front of Hermione’s face, “do you understand?” Hermione fought back the urge to curse the annoying lady in front of her. This lady been talking to her as if Hermione couldn’t tell the difference between a wall and a dragon.

3,927 46
17 Chapter 17: The Trial: Part Two

THE FINAL CHAPTER OF ERIN! Who will get her? What will happen? Who gets Avada Kedavra'd?

5,166 48
18 Epilogue

The last installment of Erin. *tear*

4,384 94


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