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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Cho, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Cho, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing
General, Romance, Angst
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2003-09-14 6:20pm
Last Chapter
2003-12-03 6:30pm
Last Updated
2004-03-27 9:50pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Lonely Summer

Warning OotP Spoilers. Harry starts his sixth year at Hogwarts, but he's in for some surprises. He's going to learn the true story of his parents, and learn to deal with loss. There might be a little romance and adventure.

2,743 80
2 Reunion and the Inheritance

Harry come back to the magical world after a lonely summer, but it isn't as magical as it once was.

1,921 41
3 Getting Ready for the Unexpected

Harry is learning to deal with his grief. He has a huge burden right now, and he needs to learn to trust his friends.

2,941 31
4 A Present for Harry

Harry is starting to except Sirius death, and he realizes he isn't the only one suffering.

1,096 24
5 Back to Hogwarts

Well, the title says it all......

1,408 26
6 Teachers New and Old

It's the first day of class....I wonder what will happen!

1,555 22
7 Detention Woes

Harry and Hermione have detention with their new DADA teacher, I wonder what they will discover. Also, Harry is learning a lesson about being sixteen. Girls.......

1,848 29
8 A Decision on My Own

Read... Poor Harry trying to figure out girls and how to defeat the dark lord.....

1,997 28
9 The New Army

Harry's a bit angry at Hermione and Ginny for messing in his life. Can anyone help ease Harry's rage?

3,039 22
10 Tryouts

Harry is trying his luck at being Gryffindor's new team captain, does he have it in him.? Who will he turn to for guidance, and who will he see in a whole new light?

3,047 36
11 And The Truth Will Set You Free

Harry is dreading his upcoming date with Cho, but sometimes you have to face your greatest fear to learn the truth.

3,762 26
12 The Harsh Reality of the Boy Who Lived

What happend in Hogmeade? Why did the Dementor's attack? read to find out.

2,277 27
13 Another Visit to the Closed Ward

Harry must face his guilt, which isn't easy.

2,819 18
14 Regretful Behavior

This is more of a transition chapter to set things up for things to come.......

3,134 18
15 A Letter From the One Most Hated

Boredom is setting in at Hogwarts as the students search for things to occupy their time. Then a letter arrives, which brings some excitement into the lives of our characters.

2,437 25
16 The Big Plan

The Weasley Twins are back.....what do they have cooking up their sleeves this time? Also, we're going to learn Ron and Hermione's little secret.

2,383 20
17 A History Between Us

There is something Professor O'Riley isn't telling Harry. And with a rebellion among the students...things are starting to get exciting.

2,660 22
18 Holiday Memories

The truth is slowly being revealed.

2,355 22
19 Right to Know the Truth

Christmas, a magical time of year, when truths seem like lies.

2,352 22
20 Secrets in My Mind

Things are starting to develop, more lessons more trials.

2,746 22
21 I Have An Excuse

What waits for students who are late to class?

2,601 21
22 Hermione Business

This is a building chapter, but I think you guys will like it.

2,962 21
23 Rainy Days

Developing still......

2,595 15
24 Hagrid's Lesson


3,083 21
25 Cho's Secret

What is the mystery about the Death Journal? Who's trying to warn Harry?

2,679 21
26 The Dark Mark and the Break-up


3,491 27
27 The Veil

The Execution Veil and the Death Journal, is there a connection?

2,821 23
28 Purebloods United

Leading up....

1,844 22
29 Forgotten Memories

This is the chapter where Harry finally sees into the Pensive.

3,698 23
30 Death Talks to Me

The plot builds

3,554 21
31 Don't be Jealous

Just a fun little chapter before the drama starts again.

2,629 19
32 Differences Aside

The gang has to get over their differences and pull together.

2,464 15
33 The Mission

The plan is set, what will our heros do?

3,906 18
34 The Calm Before the Storm


2,316 23
35 Order's Business

Just a glimps of what is going on outside Hogwarts right now.

2,362 31
36 Trust the Obvious

A Darker Side to Harry.

2,850 26
37 The Art of Eavesdropping

An Order Meeting.

2,288 18
38 The Last Meeting

The DA get together, but can they agree.

3,056 23
39 The Quidditch Tournment

The big day has finally arrived, and the Quidditch cup is up for grabs.

2,353 17
40 Missing Professors


2,725 22
41 A Traitor in Our Midst


2,030 36
42 The Battle of Wits and Wands


3,291 24
43 Perils of the Unknown

The days that followed.

3,007 22
44 Winning the Battle and Facing the War

This chapter isn't complete, but I wanted to get something published tonight. It is a little over halfway done.

2,497 141


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