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1 Chapter One

Lots of post-HBP action. Ron and Hermione tip-toe around their feelings for eachother. Harry regrets breaking up with Ginny. Fleur and Bill's wedding is a hotbed of romance and chaos! Image hosted by

2,890 34
2 Chapter Two

Continued action from first chapter Plus...thanks to FredWeasley for the magnificient banner that you have the privelage of seeing right now.

2,172 28
3 Chapter Three

For summary see Ch. 1 Summary

1,539 31
4 Chapter Four

See summary at Ch.1

2,202 25
5 Chapter Five

See summary at ch.1

3,467 46
6 Chapter Six

See summary for chapter one.

3,347 33
7 Chapter Seven

See summary at Chapter 1

3,174 33
8 Chapter Eight

See Summary at Chapter One

2,526 20
9 Chapter Nine

See summary at Chapter One

2,823 22
10 Chapter Ten

See Chapter One for summary

3,351 42
11 Chapter Eleven

Tensions continue to mount at the wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour. Will Harry confess his feelings to GInny, and will Ron let Krum come between him and Hermione. Find out. Plus running plot about the search for the Horcruxes.

3,282 31
12 Chapter Twelve

See summary at Chapter one; I'm too lazy to do indie summaries for every chapters...but I'm not too lazy to write the fic!

3,056 25
13 Chapter Thirteen

See summary at Chapter one.

3,149 80


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