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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, Draco, Ginny, Pansy, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Fluff, Romance
Scenes of a sexual nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-08-26 10:15am
Last Chapter
2005-12-09 1:57am
Last Updated
2005-12-11 5:29pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Train Ride

Hermione Granger was not expecting him to be Head Boy. But maybe...just maybe something about him has changed... But when she gets lost in a whirlpool of confusion, who is there to find her, and help her with her troubles? Ginny, Ron, Harry? Or the person she least expects it to be? I give a HUGE THANKS to KimMalfoy who made this amazing banner! This story is complete!

1,466 53
2 The First Meeting

Hermione and Malfoy have their first meeting with Professor Dumbledore, and she finds out some interesting things about him.

1,196 17
3 Invisible

Harry goes to the second meeting with Hermione, and Malfoy and Harry get into a fight.

1,606 9
4 The Nightmare

Hermione has a nightmare and tells Ginny about it.

2,180 9
5 Hogsmeade

Everyone goes to Hogsmeade, and Hermione meets up with Malfoy.

1,546 11
6 A Happy Christmas

They return from Hogsmeade, then Hermione has another meeting. Something strange is going on with her, but she's fine.

2,042 5
7 Troublesome Mistletoe

Hermione and Draco Malfoy are literally stuck together under mistletoe. And they have to work together to find a way out.

1,476 8
8 Jealous

Ronald is jealous...and he says something very mean to Hermione.

1,486 12
9 Just Being Here

Draco and Hermione meet up outside after Hermione runs off. They have a little conversation with each other.

1,280 9
10 Ruin My Life or Die

Draco's life is ruined and Hermione has another dream featuring Draco.

1,182 7
11 The Arms of the Enemy

Hermione gets into another fight (or two), and this time one of them ends up with forgiveness and a kiss.

1,491 10
12 The Draft of Influence

They go to potions class, and learn a little bit about the Draft of Influence.

2,418 8
13 Questioning

Hermione's having a funny meltdown, and then goes to a meeting where she wonders what a question is.

1,061 8
14 A Slight Crush

Draco is a tad embarrassed during Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

1,243 10
15 Scared

Draco finally finds out what Hermione thought his question was. They go to Hogsmeade together and share their thoughts of each other.

2,003 11
16 Caught

Hermione is caught by Harry and Ron, and has to get them to forgive her.

1,412 11
17 Game Time

Hermione thought everything was cool between Ron, Harry, and herself. But she was wrong. Things are worse now, and she doesn't know if they'll ever be better. And Harry tells her a story, that she doesn't know if she can not believe.

1,731 7
18 Veritaserum

Hermione, Harry, Ron, and Ginny give Draco a little bit of Veritaserum to find out if he's using Hermione or not.

2,400 8
19 Planning the Leave

Hermione, Harry, Ron, and Ginny are planning to leave Hogwarts. Hermione doesn't know if she will say goodbye to Draco or not.

1,281 10
20 Final Goodbye

Hermione says her final goodbye to Draco Malfoy.

1,923 27


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