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Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Lucius, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC
Drama, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-08-24 2:06pm
Last Chapter
2008-03-18 2:39pm
Last Updated
2008-07-06 5:07pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Men in green, Nerd lovers and Magic Shoes

Paige Springer is absolutely positively perfectly fine going through Hogwarts with just her best friend Amy by her side. But her not so normal life is about to get even more unusual when seventh year begins differently and soon the marauders become part of their lives. Now Paige has to deal with matchmaking, one extremely fiery redhead, and the attentions of people she never expected. ~Banner due to Ghislaine Arsenault

3,271 37
2 Flying Objective

“Just because Lily takes pity on you for your pathetic ness doesn’t mean you have control.” And with that she spun around and left us puzzled at her idiot logic.

“Control of what?” I asked my best mate as she left, “the sacred art of note keeping?”

3,528 28
3 Awkward Leads to Friendship

He blinked a few times, brow still furrowed in confusion. I guess he has never before had a juice proposition in a dark dungeon by a girl who threw a textbook at him the week previously. Some people need to get out and live life a little more.

5,087 15
4 Non Thieves

“Are we sure about this?” I asked Amy “Once we go in here, we may learn things we cannot forget, our memories could be scarred forever, our dreams could eternally be haunted.” I would have gone on more but she rolled her eyes and shoved me into the room.

3,366 24
5 Punishments and Rewards

Oh good god please don’t tell me that deep down I’m one of those sappy romantics at heart. Cause my reputation with, ..uh...well, myself could seriously be ruined.

2,816 19
6 Potter's Got Game

I gave James a big flirty smile that seemed to make him uneasy.

“Why have they both been doing that all day?” he whispered to Sirius worriedly and I happened to overhear.

Sirius shrugged as he finished his pudding “I think they are planning to kill you mate”

3,101 17
7 Traumatizing Christmas Tradition


2,968 16
8 Spreading the Joy

Akward reunions in the Springer family and a true motive revealed by that hated source of information.

2,330 20
9 Jumping Isn't Dancing

Paige confronts her mother and attempts to celebrate the New Year.

2,177 24
10 Fiery Redheads Solve Everything

Unavoidable reunions on the train, fights between friends and steps forward in realtionships

2,123 30
11 You always physically hurt the ones who love you and other annoying people too

The aftermath of chapter 10's ending, Paige tells Lily and Amy exactly what happened and struggles through her first day dealing with it afterwards

2,160 25
12 Winter fun and frozen treats

Remus and Paige have a discussion that leads to a much anticipated moment between two people and Paige finds herself being offered something she can't resist!

2,003 23
13 Ur-ine Pain

Paige and Sirius finally communicate and she begins to feel the universe is conspiring against her

2,366 20
14 Paige Holly Springer is not a hopelessly-in-love wimp

Paige must try and figure out exactly what the hell she and Sirius are now and prove she's not a doe eyed school girl

2,457 30
15 Curiousity Breaks Hearts

“Well you’re certainly jolly this morning” I noted. Her grin spread even wider. “Of course I am, now that you two are finally dating, you can ask him something I’ve been dying to know forever”

1,512 36
16 Having it all

Lily blows up, Paige finds it difficult to be the only one of her friends in a stable relationship and Amy figures out what she wasn't supposed to know

3,837 19
17 Reveals, rambling, and the psychological states of trees

As the title goes, secrets are revealed, Paige rambles, and I'll let you discover on your own about the trees.

2,630 18
18 Take One for the Team

Paige and Sirius manage to clear everything up and decide to try something normal in their relationship, something Paige tries to add her own twist to. In the end she ends up finishing her day quite unexpectantly.

4,100 16
19 The Classiest Girls in Hogwarts

As soon as we came out of the bathroom, the entire room cheered. I was so startled/still intoxicated, that I fell over, which only seemed to entertain them more. I could even hear a couple of wolf whistles. I stood up with a red face and as I brushed myself off I whispered to Amy “Please tell me I didn’t flash my ta tas”

4,401 18
20 Man's Best Friend

“I was the first” he bragged, sitting up next to me. I was going to point out that the others had much more difficult animals to turn into but he does look rather handsome when his ego is inflated.

2,796 21
21 Time Stamp

“Hullo” I welcomed him carefully. Maybe I can convince him this is all a wacky misunderstanding.

2,890 20
22 Boys and Waffles

“That’s why you are going to do exactly what I say” Our heads turned suspiciously to Lily, who had been silent up until now.

She leaned forward, her eyes dancing “I read a lot of books” she explained.


3,421 21
23 Dear Stud

Firstly it had to be in working order before any sort of spell was performed. So on the concrete drive way of the complex, he had decided it was a nice enough day to do some mechanical work and after about thirty minutes found it a warm enough day to do mechanical work without a shirt

1,125 51


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