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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Voldemort, Draco, Pansy, Fred/George, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/Ginny, Harry/Hermione, Ron/OC
Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-08-19 9:09pm
Last Chapter
2006-05-14 7:54pm
Last Updated
2006-05-14 7:54pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Malfoy's Problems

Image hosted by It had all started with some stupid letters. Neither of them knew who the other one was and then, as horrible as it was they met, and they couldn't seperate. Now... as if being told their love is wrong, Draco has been given a task from the dark lord. His task is to kill... the one he loves? (thanks Mahal_kita for the great banner) CHAPTER 28 IS VALIDATED! Please R/R

1,066 23
2 The Letters

Ginny finds the strength to answer back the mysterious letter.

1,023 13
3 Letters

The summer letters are all of this chapter. They are short and sweet and are just what the title says, they show how slowly they are falling in love. Not all of their letters are here, just the important ones.

940 15
4 Ginny's Binder

She now holds the letters that mean the world to her in a binder.

591 11
5 Meeting's unexpected

Ginny comes to find two surprises on her first day back.

849 13
6 Midnight Mistakes

Pansy knows what she wants but Draco knows that it's a mistake.

817 12
7 Embarrasing Moments

Ginny and Draco Pov's. Ginny is greatly embarrased when something happens that really shouldn't. :)

555 13
8 Unexplainable feelings!

I hope this is okay, I'm nervous about this chapter. Ginny and Draco do some things they regret... Swimming together turns out to be more than it should! Hope you guys like it!

1,149 17
9 Aftershock!

Ok guys, I'm so sorry about the big mix up with the chapters, wrong story and wrong chapters obviously. Alright, so now heres the right story, Ginny is feeling the after shock of everything that's happened.

1,626 13
10 Confused Words

Finding the right words to say to your enemy in a time of love can be hard. It's harder still when your love is wrong.

884 10
11 Disagreements and Unspoken Love

The news is coming out that Harry and Hermione are together and that Draco has never loved Pansy. Will Ginny trust her feeling's or go with what she knows is the only real way out.

878 13
12 "I can't do this!"

Who was Ginny Weasley kidding, she couldn't do this, couldn't meet someone she'd didn't even know the name of. She decided to leave, maybe she had no choice. And yet she loved him, this man she didn't know but then there was Malfoy. What had she gotten herself into?

778 13
13 It can never be!

"We CAN be together Ginny!" Draco said watching her. - "No, we can't. We're different, our families are enemy's and if anybody else found out we'd both die." Would the love Ginny and Draco share be enough to make all worries fall to the side. Even death!

1,040 14
14 The gift of friendship

Everyone's packing for the christmas holidays but ever since Ginny's meeting with Draco she'd been confused. When he asks her to continue writing will she? or will she face the facts that she can't do this anymore?

1,163 17
15 On The Way Home

The train ride home is sure to be eventful... Hermione confides in Ginny, as she worries about her relationship with Ron and Harry. Jane joins them, not realizing that she was the topic they were talking about...

1,205 13
16 Mistletoe!

Christmas break is sure to bring surprises that noone can comprehend, but is anyone really prepared for the disasters that come with it?

1,725 18
17 Unexpected Guest

What are you doing here! What do you think you're doing anyway? Do you know the consequences of you being here? It's death Draco... leave... before they find you.

1,131 20
18 Christmas Day!

It's Christmas day, and nobody can be sad, but one boy and his sister have no choice but to suffer through the trauma that is inflicted upon them every day by their father.

1,307 21
19 Dance For Me

"Don't come out." sneered Lucius shutting the door behind him. Draco looked at his sister sadly. She started to twirl, dancing around as if she had no care in the world about what was happening to them. ~*~ Jane has arrived at the burror, but when Ron walks in on Ginny with her ring from Draco, how will he react? Can Jane stop him from realizing what it meant?

1,062 17
20 Serving the Dark Lord

Draco has taken his sister to a safe place, where she won't be hurt... but how will he suffer in the consequences. Will Ginny ever see him again, or will Voldemort take his life?

1,661 12
21 To Kill the One You Love

Voldemort has given Draco a task. He thought no one knew of his love for Ginny, but what he is asked will force him to decide between love, and the man he is serving. Sylvie, Draco's young sister is staying with Ginny for protection but when they go to Hogsmeade a little more happens then they planned. (Please review)

1,434 13
22 Fulfill your duty...

Draco is forced to make a decision, he no longer knows what he's going to do. He has to choose, between the woman he's grown to love, or the sister that's been by his side forever. Ginny has returned to Hogwarts, anxiously wondering where Draco is.

1,992 18
23 Not a Murderer

Draco reflects on the last few nights events. He's not a murderer but can he continue to work with the dark lord and not kill anyone? Finally, he returns to Hogwarts, but can he see Ginny... without bringing up his horrible task? CHAPTER 23!

2,057 10
24 Flames for Feelings

Ginny couldn't move, the shock of what he'd just told her was too much. How could his task be something that revolved around her? This war wasn't even about her!

1,414 16
25 A Plan is Beginning

“So, how long have you been working on your plan? I bet you started writing those letters, knowing perfectly well who they were being sent to,” yelled Ginny, staring at Draco in fury.

1,221 13
26 Hooking up and Breaking up

Draco and Ginny are caught again. This time by Mrs. Weasley, Ginny grows fearful at the thought of her mother knowing, why else would she have sent the package? When someone walks in on them, will they let the knews out? Will everyone know?

1,684 23
27 The first Time

They'd been caught, and once more they'd been lucky. They'd gotten out of it, but now Ginny has made a decision. They have one more night together and then they are back to hating one another... beacuse they have, no other choice.

1,371 14
28 By the Riverbank

A earth shattering scream tears threw the night sky, the earth shakes in Draco's mind as the man holds Sylvie over the lake. Her arms flail as his grip tightens around her ankle, and the look in his eyes, grows to madness?

1,368 16
29 Brokenhearted

Hermione tells Ginny the awful truth of what Draco said, and now... as he returns, will he be sorry? He's gone through something awful, will he be able to balance everything that he needs to, can he stop loving Ginny?

1,108 18
30 Dancing, Lovemaking, and Forgetting

Consequences have been thrown out the window as she dances in Draco's arms. There tale is coming to an end though. There will be one more chapter... for now, Enjoy!

2,358 19
31 The 10th and Last Sign

This is the last chapter! Draco was hugging her, stroking her hair and whispering in her ear. She nodded and Ginny felt tears in her eyes. Perhaps things would be all right, maybe it would all work out. Then she saw Sylvie yell her name and she started running towards the woods. Ginny’s eyes swam with tears as Draco stood up, his head bowed… knowing that death might be coming.

2,064 76


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