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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Fred/George, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Humor, Action/Adventure
Next Generation
No Warnings
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-08-19 12:45pm
Last Chapter
2006-08-02 10:28am
Last Updated
2006-08-02 10:28am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Your a Wizard, Heather

Thanks to Megan for the banner ^.^ Join harry back at hogwarts, but not as a student, as the new headmaster, see a new trio of students cause trouble, have fun and of course, save the wizarding world, just as harry ron and hermione once did.

1,895 6
2 Diagon Ally

Heather takes her first steps into the wizarding world and finds curiosity, friends and enemys all waiting for her.

1,970 3
3 Magic, is an extraordinary thing

Heather is set to go to school, but even more important you find out a mystery about Heather's life that only two living people seem to know about. And Heather is not one of them.

1,173 5
4 Best Friends

Heather finally arrives at Hogwarts and gets her first glances at her fellow students and teachers.

2,077 6
5 Chocolate Brown Eyes

In this chapter, Heather hears about this Lavender for the first time ever. She also starts her first day of classes

1,279 4
6 What goes around, comes around

In this Chapter, heather and her friends start their classes and have a couple of problems inbetween.

1,549 4
7 Anytime, Anywhere

In this chapter, the trio's fued with malfloy grows. And Heather learns new exciting things about the magical world in which she now lives

1,888 3
8 Lavender and the Mystery Man

in this chapter, there is more problems with Malfoy, but even more importantly Heather finds more out about this Lavender.

1,036 9
9 About Time

Heather finds out the Truth.

1,565 3


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