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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Voldemort, Luna, Draco, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Crossover, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-08-16 4:05pm
Last Chapter
2007-01-29 9:21pm
Last Updated
2007-01-29 9:21pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Dursley's Change.

Thanks a lot to Ghislaine Arsenault who made this fantastic banner. It's Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts. He has to learn how to defend himself and control his dangerous, but useful powers. He will come across; death, pain, friendship and love. A few relationships occur, will it be a happy ending? [Please R/R] Over 87,000 reads, so far.

939 63
2 Surprise.

Harry and Hermione stay together. Then finally go to the Burrow.

1,349 33
3 Powers and Shocks.

Harry's gets knowledge that he has special powers nad that he is the Heir to a powerful wizard. He learns that Dumbledore is his Grandfather.

1,805 66
4 O.W.L's.

Harry, Ron and Hermione get shocks from their O.W.L results. Then harry hears about going to hear the will of Sirius Black.

1,639 33
5 The Will.

They all hear the Will of Sirius Black. They all get upset about it all.

3,377 61
6 The Date.

Harry and Hermione get together at midnight and do some snogging. This is after Harry gets two friends placed as his servants.

1,008 44
7 Harry's Helping Hand.

They are all travelling to Hogwarts. Harry becomes Quiddich captain. Harry helps Ron get a girl, Luna. Then Ginny and Neville get together and Ron approves.

2,872 77
8 News and New Friends.

They all go to the great hall. Harry and hermione get told they will be head boy and girl. Harry gets a reward. They both get a apprenticeship. Snape becomes a friend of Harry' and so does Malfoy. All the time Harry and Hermione are kissing.

2,493 74
9 Private Lesson.

Harry and everyone else go to their lessons, after getting their timetables. Harry gets on with Snape so it wasn't a dream. He corrects an Auror and then he attends his private lesson. He masters Occlumency and in the whole story he kisses Hermione.

3,220 31
10 Dumbledore's Treat.

Dumbledore announces a Hallowe'en ball. All the girls chat about dresses, make-up and hair do's. On a saturday they all head to Hogsmeade and purchase clothing for themselves. Harry buys lots of clothing and buys Hermione an expensive dress and a very expensive diamond necklace. He also helps Ron and Neville out.

3,118 22
11 Hallowe'en Ball.

The boys get ready a lot quicker than the girls. They meet outside and Hermione passes out when Harry gives her his gift. They have a couple of dances and more kisses. Then Harry shows some of his magic. He kisses Hermione and then harmlessly surrounds them both in blue flames, whilst floating six feet in the air. He then takes a load of students to a secret chamber. Where soul mates have their first time together. So does Harry and Hermione, they really appreciated each other and wants to hold them forever.

2,894 29
12 Kidnapped.

Hermione has a dream, showing plans for her kidnap. She ends up getting stunned that night and taken to the Forbidden Forest where Death-Eaters waited. harry notices it all and gets there in time to capture Four Death-Eaters however in the struggle Hermione still gets kidnapped. Harry rages and blows part of the Forest up.

1,433 19
13 Dumbledore's Neglect.

Dumbledore refuses to retrieve Hermione from Voldemort. Harry takes this as betrayal and throws Dumbledore from his family. Harry decides to make his own army, he gets some school friends and then heads of and makes his own headquarters.

1,600 19
14 Recruiting.

Harry, Ron and Neville go and recruit the Greystone's, the dark arts master. They join willingly and help Harry recruit all the knowledgeable people. They then return to the Hogsmeade Forest and find the base finished to a scratch. Harry makes a meeting in the meeting room and goes through everything.

2,157 23
15 Trolls, Elves, Giants, Goblins and Dragons.

Harry, Ron, Ginny, Neville and Luna talk about plans about running things and acheiveing things. Then he gets asked to come and see the Trolls. Then Harry gets asked to enter the kitchen, where fifty house-elves in very dirty and tatted rags stood eagerly. He recruits them. Then gets asked to go for some Giants. He recruits them with only two injured members. Then he recruits some Goblins and then finally the Dragons. The Dragons kill one member and burn quite a few more before knowing who Harry was.

3,529 28
16 The Big Rescue.

Harry decideds that it is time to rescue Hermione. It is Christmas Eve when he takes a fairly large Army to rescue his love. He attacks the Riddle Manor and destroys quite a few creatures and plenty of Death-Eaters. Harry goes to the dungeons where he could hear screams. Once he could see in the dungeon, he noticed that the older Crabbe was torturing Hermione, through a caged cell. Harry kills Crabbe and grabs Hermione. He calls Dobby who takes her home. Harry helps with the battle, he gets some of his House-Elves to grab all injured and dead, bad or good.

2,278 21
17 Shopping and The Set Date.

The boys go shopping together whilst the girls go shopping together. Harry, Ron and Neville buy lots of fun things. Harry buys a seven compartment trunk. Neville gets a broom, which Harry teaches him to fly. Ron buys a silver chess set. Hermione buys some cothes and books. Ginny buys clothes and books and Luna buys clothes and books. They meet Draco and Pansy in Diagon Alley, they talk for a while before Draco and Pansy have to be back at Hogwarts. When they get to headquarters, Harry gets a message with a date of the final battle.

3,263 17
18 The New Minister.

A new minister is added to the Ministry. He invites Harry to a meeting, which he agrees on. When he gets there he gets slightly angry, to hear that he wanted to know if Harry would rejoin the ministry. Harry's hands burst into flames and he disapparates to the lake of headquarters. Hermione and Harry go for a quite fly.

2,351 20
19 Unexpected Death.

Harry masters his animagus ability after weeks of training. Then a spy tells him that Severus Snape had been killed. Harry and some people go to the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, and questions how his friend had been killed. He ignores Dumbledore whilst chats to the rest of the Order.

1,040 19
20 Revenge of Sirius Black.

Harry teaches his friends how to perform the Unforgiveable curses. Afterwards he has a meeting and a spy says he knows where a group of Death-Eaters are staying. He says that they are high-ranked. Harry and somef ollowers go there and duel the Death-Eaters. Harry gets revenge for Sirius by killing Bellatrix Lestrange.

1,765 21
21 Hogwarts In Trouble.

Harry and his friends chill out for a while. Ginny adn Luna go to do their O.W.L's. Then a spy comes in and says that Hogwarts is under attack and that there isn't enough people to defend themselves. Harry decides to help and takes his entire army to the Forbidden Forest. He gets his Centaurs and sends them out to battle in a certain order. Harry goes out on the back of a dragon.

1,367 16
22 The Final Battle, Early.

Harry and his followers charge out into the battle. They begin duelling and killing. Harry gets to the Order of the Phoenix and stengthens them. The begin to duel. Harry kills Lucius Malfoy, for Draco. He kills some Dementors and some more Death-Eaters. He kills Pettigrew in revenge of his parents. He finally takes a Giant down and then comes face to face with Voldemort.

1,653 16
23 Duel To Death.

First Harry and Pettigre duel, Harry wins and kills him, then Harry and Voldemort duel. They duel for sometime, taunting each other and only occasionally hitting each other with a spell. Then Voldemort talks about killing Harry's parents. Harry blows up in blue flames and eventually defeats Voldemort, for his parents. After Voldemort is defeated everyone stop duelling and the Death-Eaters escape. Harry uses the remaining strength to make sure Hermione was okay, before passing out.

1,892 11
24 Awards and Honours.

Harry stays in hospital for couple of weeks. When he awakes he gets told that he has to go to a ceremony. He gets given awards and honours. He eventually goes on hogwarts Express and greets the Dursleys happily. Then goes back to Privet Drive.

2,401 91


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