Draco, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Ron
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2003-09-03 16:23:31
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2004-04-17 11:07:58
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2004-04-17 11:07:58
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One - The Mysterious Smile

It's the Trio's sixth year at Hogwarts and after the events of the year before, certain people start to respect them a bit more than before. This takes an unexpected twist as Hermione realises that not even Slytherins can be completely heartless.

2110 35
2 Chapter Two - Back to Lessons

It's back to lessons for the Hogwarts students, Snape is teaching Truth Potions and Hagrid is up to something.

1933 25
3 Chapter Three - The Thing in the Forest

Hermione gets a little closer to Draco Malfoy than she would probably like and they discover what Hagrid is up to. Please R/R for the love of God!

2722 23
4 Chapter Four - An Unexpected Gift

Draco upsets Hermione and Harry receives three letters in one morning. The popular git!

2437 15
5 Chapter Five - A Serpent's Apology

Draco apologises to Hermione and she helps Harry do something that he has never managed before. Something that only Ron is good at.

2302 16
6 Chapter Six - Friends and Enemies

Hermione tells Ron what happened in the Forest and Harry writes Hermione a bitter letter.

1773 9
7 Chapter Seven - New 'Do and a Surprise For Ginny

Ginny gets a deserved surprise, Hermione finds out an easy way to tame her hair and Parvati and Lavender try to find out who Hermione likes.

2467 13
8 Chapter Eight - Quidditch Robes

Draco and Hermione meet after the match.

1931 18
9 Chapter Nine - The Moth Charm

Hermione, Ron, Harry and the rest tackle some difficult Charmwork and they finally get their real Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

2471 12
10 Chapter Ten - Christmas Fireworks

Hermione finds out who grabbed her shoulder (the first name mentioned in the whole chapter) and a special event is planned as a Christmas celebration before the students leave for their holiday. Harry gets a nice surprise as Fred and George lend a little help.

3811 21
11 Chapter Eleven - The Magnum Opus

The Trio and Ginny return to Grimmauld Place for Christmas, Arthur Weasley lets them try Firewhisky and Hermione receives a breathtaking gift on Christmas Day.

4502 9
12 Chapter Twelve - A New Way of Dreaming

Hermione takes a step in their relationship and finds that she has a 'new way of dreaming'.

2449 15
13 Trouble Ahead

Like the chapter title says, there is trouble ahead for little Hermione (sorry, I cannot resist giving her a bit of grit, she seems like her life's a bit perfect!) and she has a heart to heart with Ginny.

2607 16
14 Chapter Fourteen - Familiar Nuisance

Hermione is released from the hospital wing, it's Seamus's birthday and to get some peace, Hermione goes to the library.

3170 25
15 Chapter Fifteen - Captured

Hermione and Draco are taken away from each other and being kept on a potion that induces heavy sleep. Draco is just waking when he is told he is awaited by someone.

2721 21
16 Chapter Sixteen - Warning Smoke

First part of the Final Trilogy of this story. Hermione is wandering Malfoy Manor and we see a little of what Harry and Ron are up to.

2583 55


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