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Dumbledore, Lupin, Tonks, Oliver, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-08-10 9:01pm
Last Chapter
2007-05-24 11:42am
Last Updated
2007-07-13 7:12am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Matchmaker

As the clouds above parted once again, the girl followed the young man’s gaze up to the full moon that shone so softly, so high up. “Nothing is impossible,” he said quietly.

2,117 15
2 It was No Accident

Tonks gave me a helpless look as I entered and indicated discreetly towards Oliver, who had his face in his hands. He was no longer muttering to himself, shaking or coughing, but still appeared deeply distressed.

2,017 9
3 Mission

He looked over to me and smiled. I’m sure I blushed, but thankfully it was too dark for anyone to notice. My earlier observation had been correct; he was indeed very attractive now that he wasn’t torn with hysteria.

2,644 8
4 If You Marry Me

You turned sixteen in May, and from that day you were free to end the curse. You don’t have the excuse of legality any more; you’re allowed to marry. I can lift the curse, but you keep refusing me.

2,410 10
5 First Impressions

Oliver obediently left, thankfully with no crude remark of the kind I knew his brother would have made. It was only once he had gone that I started to feel a little heat in my face. I was so going to kill Tonks for that…

3,014 10
6 Queen of Hearts

“Eyes off my sister, Wood,” Aiden warned coolly. I froze momentarily. Oliver had been staring at me? I glanced up quickly, but his attention was now determinedly back on the game.

2,627 10
7 Unexpected

A smirk broke across his face at my stunned expression. “Well, I certainly know how to make you be quiet. Come on.” He moved back and led the way over to our friends. I followed him like a lost sheep, still in shock at what he had just done.

2,259 9
8 Not from a Book

“I hope you’ve been practising your Quidditch over the summer, Wood. Wouldn’t want to see you fall dead at our first match.” My skin prickled slightly at the tone of that threat. No one had taken it literally except for me, but tempers ran higher.

2,169 11
9 Aladdin's Cave

I liked Oliver, but I didn’t want him to become involved with me in any way. God knew how much longer I’d be around; I was only there to protect him. Despite all, he was a murderer. I was his assigned protector.

3,237 10
10 Dreams

Sleep talking… I’d been told several times before that I did it, but apparently it was very sporadic. And it just had to happen last night, in the small space of time when I was actually with Oliver. Such a coincidence was a bad cliché.

3,162 13
11 Too Nice

At the time, no guilt or unease was inside me, though it came later on. But a realization did hit me, and harder than any guilt or shock, and I suddenly pulled back and stood up. He looked at me, confused and a little worried.

3,489 17
12 Keeping a Secret

“What is this?” Oliver asked, opening it to the front page. He then snapped the book shut, and looked at me with a wicked grin. “It’s your diary, right?” he said, leaning against the back of the sofa.

3,152 9
13 Tell Me

Richie gave me a sharp nudge in the back. I swallowed nervously, then stepped forwards, focusing on my balance more than usual. Why was I so scared of confrontation…?

3,782 13
14 Nothing is Black or White

“Why can you not just leave me alone for just one day?” Oliver demanded, slowly drawing his own wand. “Why?” Adrian echoed in a hiss, and I realized with a jolt that he was going to answer. “Why? Wood, you ki—”

2,622 7
15 Sorcerer's Weapon

He reached into his cloak and pulled out something that flashed brightly as it caught the torch light. My gun. I drew in a sharp breath. “How the hell did you get hold of that?” I demanded.

2,643 8
16 One Step Ahead

He had blocked my path before I had gone two steps. Although I glared at him defiantly, a certain level of fear rose inside me. “Ridiculous?” he echoed softly. “Is that what you think of me?”

3,105 10
17 He Who Can Act

Remember one thing, Tabytha: he who can act may deceive to no end.

4,098 15
18 Supposed to be Perfect

So it really was over now. I’d thought it would go so well between us; Tonks had thought he was perfect for me... She had told me she was gifted to never be wrong. If only she could see this scene now, and see how wrong she had been.

3,838 9
19 A Question of Loyalty

I wondered if my feelings for Oliver would fade with time – Loki seemed to be training me to have feelings only for him. I felt like a dog trapped by an electric collar. It was too cruel of him.

2,962 7
20 In Perspective

That evening in the common room had at last broken the ice between us, and over the following week our old friendship began to build up again. It seemed as though the slate had been wiped clean and we were starting all over again.

2,703 9
21 Check

Oliver nodded in a way that he said he accepted my decision, but didn’t like it. “He’s trained you well,” he said quietly, staring at the floor. As I followed him out of the portrait hole, I felt the ring twinge ever so slightly. But it wasn’t pain. It was triumph.

2,551 11
22 Checkmate

Adrian laughed. “You killed my father.” Oliver’s eyes turned onto me. I held my head up high and said nothing. “Tabytha?” He was taking my silence as a bad sign. He desperately wanted to be told that Adrian was lying. I could see it and hear it in his voice.

2,823 9
23 Second Thoughts

She was a good actress. Just like her other cousin. You may think I should have been angry and full of hate for her deceit. But I was as far from anger as I could be, and I far from hated her. I wanted to believe it was all a mistake with an explanation. I wanted her to believe the truth when I told her.

2,797 12
24 He Flew Too High

He appeared back in the mirror in front of me. His expression was one of fear, and now he was on his feet. He stared straight past me, shaking his head, shouting something. There was a bang, the mirror flashed green, then shattered.

3,781 10
25 Persuasion

Whenever no one was looking on Saturday, Libby was a nervous wreck. All she had needed was someone to talk to and tell her what she had wanted to believe all this time, but now she was worried that Raven wouldn’t be so easy to talk to.

3,033 7
26 October

He observed me quietly for a few excruciating minutes in which I could not look at him. “You didn’t do what I asked,” he finally said. His voice was quiet, but heavy with accusation and threat. I gritted my teeth as he went on. “Was it so difficult? Are you so willing to die for him?”

2,953 19


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