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Harry, Ron, Hermione
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Crossover, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-08-05 5:11am
Last Chapter
2011-08-20 11:56pm
Last Updated
2011-08-25 12:06pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Voices and Visions

At the start of his Sixth Year, Harry begins to hear voices in his head. To whom do these voices belong? And why does he see through another's eyes in his dreams? Dumbledore says he has answers. But then Voldemort sends Harry, Ron, and Hermione far back in time to Middle-earth. While they accompany the Fellowship, what will they discover about themselves that may help them save the Wizarding world?

3,076 16
2 A Silver Hand

Harry receives a very strange note from Dumbledore. He, Ron, and Hermione are puzzled by it, but follow its instructions anyway...

5,427 13
3 A Night in Bree

Harry and his friends discover when and where they are and make some new acquaintances...

4,653 10
4 Amon Sûl

The dream becomes a terrifying reality - only this time, Harry watches from the side.

3,069 9
5 Flight to the Ford

The Trio, the Hobbits, and Strider are pursued by the Nazgûl and run across another rather large problem...

3,400 8
6 A Meeting of Wizards

Harry, Ron, and Hermione arrive in Rivendell and meet the person they have been looking for...

7,486 10
7 The Council and the Fellowship

Hermione's fury is indeed something to be feared, as Harry and Ron discover...

9,324 10
8 Preparations

Harry, Ron, and Hermione begin a very different sort of lesson in Middle Earth before the Quest begins...

6,197 10
9 The Quest Begins

Harry, Ron, and Hermione begin the journey south with the rest of the Fellowship...and events begin to change, slowly but ever more significantly...

6,585 5
10 Beneath the Mountains

The Fellowship has gone beneath the Misty Mountains, hoping to get through the Mines of Moria. But what is in store for them is much more than the bargained for...and certainly much more than the Trio expect.

6,120 5
11 Sojourn in the Golden Wood

Within the woods of Lothlórien, everyone begins to change - and Harry begins to learn the truth... Over 2000 reads! Thanks, everyone!

6,085 5
12 The Battle of Parth Galen

Paths diverge, and dark times lie ahead for Harry, Ron, and Hermione...

5,543 9
13 The Elven Staff

Frodo, Sam, and Harry haven ventured into the rocky maze of Emyn Muil, but they cannot find their way out. And worse still, someone seems to be following them...

4,850 9
14 The Uruk-Hai of Saruman

Ron awakes to find a scene from a nightmare before his eyes...

2,917 7
15 Hunters and Horse-Lords

Hermione and her companions dash across the plains of Rohan to rescue Ron and the Hobbits. But it may be too late...

4,840 9
16 The White Wizard

Ron, Merry, and Pippin begin to feel despair as they draw closer to their captor's relam...

2,955 18
17 Slinker and Stinker

Their guide leads them safely out of the maze of the Emyn Muil and through the Dead Marshes, but Harry cannot help but think that there is something untrustworthy about him. And the memories are beginning to slip away...

4,154 14
18 Sisterly Bonds

Hermione and her companions finally arrive at Edoras...

5,938 16
19 A Seed of Good

Ithilien - a land that is still green, still not under Sauron's total control. A land where Harry, Frodo, and Sam can feel safe, but not for long...

3,379 7
20 Shieldmaidens

The journey to the safety of Helm's Deep is fraught with danger - danger that makes Hermione wonder if she made the right choice...

4,326 9
21 Wandless and Wordless

Within the dungeons of Orthanc, Ron wonders how he, Merry, and Pippin might even begin to attempt an escape. But Saruman is determined to discover their secrets...

3,427 2
22 The Right Course of Action

As Harry, Frodo, and Sam are held in captivity, Harry forms an uneasy alliance with the Gondorian captain. But what is right and what is wrong become difficult to distinguish...

3,170 2
23 An Honorable Charge

As Saruman's army approaches the fortress of Helm's Deep, the situation appears hopeless. Hermione wants to fight, but Théoden orders her to take charge of the women and children instead...

5,129 4
24 Invisibility

Harry has struggled to gain Faramir's trust. But the Gondorian Captain discovers something that might jeopardize the Quest...

2,349 11


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