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Lupin, McGonagall, Snape, Tonks, Bill, Pettigrew, Fred, George, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, Harry/Ginny, Other Pairing
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-08-04 9:04pm
Last Chapter
2006-02-24 2:05am
Last Updated
2006-09-23 11:16pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 "It's Happening Again!"

“Nymphadora, I’ve wanted you to listen and hear that for so long… I just…” His voice trailed off as her eyes locked onto his. “Nymphadora…” A tale of Werewolves and Metamorphamagi, Muggles and Meddlers-- Holding on to the Moonlight chronicles one werewolf\\\'s struggle to hold his life together and hold onto the woman he dearly loves.

2,071 54
2 A Broken Man and a Broken Heart

Ps. Nymphadora, I cannot risk hurting you again. You understand why it has to be this way. Find yourself a safer man, a younger man, a man who can give you everything you deserve. I wish you well.

1,671 12
3 Remus's Remedies

He closed his eyes against the silky skin that came in her touch. Her fingers traced the old and new scars on his face... his face moved with her fingers and he found himself lightly kissing her palm.

2,306 18
4 "You make bad things happen!"

“Damn you and your second thoughts!” Tonks shouted folding the parchment.

1,385 13
5 Awkward, Again and Again

“You’ve got a very considerate boyfriend, Tonks.” Lotus said, though Tonks knew Lotus didn’t give a damn about Lupin. “He’s right, it’s good that I know. Now let’s see about bandaging those shoulders.” Lotus took went to her own room and brought forth a trunk full of potions and rolls of cloth. All of which looked old, expired and dirty. Lotus applied a yellow-green ointment to Tonks’ scars that burned but Tonks swallowed the pain and looked desperately into Lupin’s eyes.

2,566 16
6 "Hanging around with a guy like Lupin..."

Lupin threw Tonks a burning glance and Tonks kicked one down to Harry. He cleared his throat again… “I just thought…” He said fishing desperately for something, “Harry should have some say in this. After all he is of age.”

1,894 8
7 Doesn't Concern You.

Lupin watched her approaching lowering his voice with Moody. “Keep your eye to yourself, and mind your own affairs. Won’t you Alastor?”

1,580 10
8 Show Yourself! / Hostility

There was a very hard groan… a man’s--followed by the crashing of dustbins that he’d fallen into. Ginny ran forward to get an eyeful of her victim. Cautiously she held her lit wand over the rubbish heap, “Shacklebolt!?”

2,532 9
9 A Spider in the Shower

Tonks’ chest rose and fell heavily, whether it was anger, fear, or else, she didn’t know, “So… so it’s like a pet?” Remus picked up on her annoyance and wanted to laugh. The impression of her huddled figure through the frosted glass made him think he’d better do something for her. “Would you like me to move the spider?”

2,072 15
10 Better Than Ever / What's in A Name?

Lupin looked slightly embarrassed. He placed himself between Harry and Nymphadora as everything registered on Harry’s face and Harry bit his lip looking slightly remorseful for interrupting. “Sir.. I’m sorry.” Harry said at last. Harry looked down at once, finally realizing why Lupin had moved between them, Tonks was indecent and had come out because he’d made such a bloody racket.

2,449 13
11 A Bloody Butterbeer

“You’ve never had trouble getting home to sleep at night before.” Lotus said, seeing right through her. “Tonks, I’m an old woman… I know things”

1,572 6
12 Lonely

“Don’t ask me… please.” He said frowning looking away from her. “Don’t think for a moment that I haven’t hated myself every second since you walked out that damned door this morning.”

1,501 23
13 Broken Men Mended? / What Kind of Man?

“What?” She asked doing a slight double-take. “Get off work… what time are you done?” He asked feeling his insides twisting. He’d never done this before and now that he had he felt foolish. He felt stupid. She was a muggle... He shouldn’t have done it.

2,420 13
14 Memories and Mishaps

Remus’ mind wasn’t on task. He was thinking about his dream. Thinking about Sirius. How he missed his old friend. How he hated himself for thinking him a murderer for all those years! How could he have been so foolish to lose faith in his best friend? Thinking of Sirius made Remus think of James… there was pain, pain and more pain! And it was all on account of one man!

3,115 16
15 I Love You, Nymphadora

Bill had just left. Who could it be now? Remus hadn’t mentioned anyone else. Tonks gathered herself up resentfully. She didn’t want to leave the warm bed, the side on which Remus slept.

1,348 21
16 Holding on to the Moonlight

She knew what he was asking and she shrugged a smile, visible on her face in the blue-blackness. “You won’t hurt me, Remus.” she whispered, pulling him toward her again.

1,383 10
17 Damn you, Remus / Alastor Moody

“Damn you, bloody werewolf!” she shouted rubbing her streaming eyes with the back of her hand. He reached for her but she shrugged him off.

2,070 11
18 The Necklace / Secret

A fang, a bloody dragon’s fang, slid from between her breasts and dangled between them bouncing off of her skin. The fang was hanging on a finely Goblin-spun gold chain one he had seen in the window of the Jewelers at Hogsmeade.

2,179 10
19 Muggles and Mischief

Remus opened the door to see Molly and Minerva outside on the landing engaged in a heated argument. “Going somewhere, Remus?” Minerva asked sharply, cutting Molly off.

1,543 7
20 Helen / Wolfsbane

Oh God they’re all staring at me, like I’m some kind of animal. Helen’s mind raced as she tried ever so hard to smile at a severe woman with a pointed tartan hat with a feather in it; a red haired, middle-aged couple she assumed to be Bill’s parents; a man who’s face was literally covered in old and new scars; and a woman with bubblegum pink hair. Yeah, honey. That’s inconspicuous. she thought as Bill pulled the chair out beside the pink haired lady for her.

2,234 22
21 Piece of Cake / In Harm's Way

Tonks felt so strange. She didn’t want to admit so many things. She didn’t want to admit firstly, that he had been right all along about Alastor Moody. She didn’t want to admit that he had been right about the potion. She didn’t want to tell him what Alastor had said about him… how Alastor had acted with her. Remus would be so angry.

2,675 26
22 Emergency Meeting / Entirely Too Fast

Remus’ eyes were full and he knew that she could see that. He did all he could to keep them from spilling over. “Nymphadora, I need you to leave me, tonight… for both our sakes.”

2,379 19
23 It's Not Safe

“Tell me what’s happening!” Helen sobbed, still trying to pull out of Fred and George’s grip. Tonks shrugged Alastor off roughly, and stared coldly at the twins in turn. They let Helen go hesitantly, and Tonks took Helen by the arm. Helen looked suddenly very relieved, as though Tonks’ very pat on the arm told her things were going to be alright. Everyone in the room was silent. Tonks led Helen into the living room, without a word to any of the others.

1,592 6
24 Scars, Thoughts, and Fears.

“We’re over here.” Bill called with no enthusiasm. “And please don’t tell me there’s a whole bloody mess of you.” He said a little more softly.

2,673 13
25 What Really Matters / Selfish

An abrupt question followed by a somber scene then a stalking of sorts. We go then to Alma Road to see Earl and Hap... things aren't quite right. Mr. Angst then Ms. Emotional... Finish off the chapter with some Remus POV.

2,443 10
26 Combined Curses

“Remus, wait.” She said, pushing him back against the doorframe. “You’ve been badly injured… please. I can handle this.” “By yourself, running the risk of walking into a trap? I don’t think so, Nymphadora.”

2,879 12
27 You Make Bad Things Happen II

“Wh-what? What is it?” Remus said, startled and a little more than hurt, drawing back to look her in the face, “Oh God, have I hurt you?”

1,585 22
28 Quite Sober/Houseguests

Remus was actually quite sober. He knew exactly what he was saying. It made sense to him and it had become his mantra over the past half hour. He was grinding into his head the fact that Nymphadora had been playing with him. It was all a façade… like her pink hair… her glorious pink hair and blue-violet eyes. As Fred kicked him his head shot up and he looked him in the face. “I’m not drunk.”

2,950 11
29 Not Tonight/ Passionate Fool

“Molly, I’m sorry. But it’s late. Everyone is tired; no one wants to say things they can’t think through first. Everything will be explained in full and honest detail at the next meeting, I assure you. But Nymphadora and I have been through—,”

2,431 11
30 What of the Order? / Could Have Been Worse

“Don’t you worry about this Helen… Moody’s already--…” Bill said taking her hand. “What?” Remus and Tonks started at once and in unison.

2,369 7
31 Nothing wrong

“A—am I late?” He stopped dead. Glanced wildly from Tonks standing offensively toward Moody and slowly around at the others and backed out slowly, “Oh—oh I’ll jus’ go check up on Harry then.”

3,048 15
32 Just a dream...

“What is it you want!?” Tonks cried quite suddenly, causing Wormtail to suddenly squeeze Helen harder, she tried to cry but it was gurgling and strangled.

1,741 9
33 Sugarcoat it

There was a sudden crack that made everyone in the room jump and they all looked around suddenly at Tonks. Fred and George were no longer beside her. Remus looked at her carefully, her eyes looked troubled.

1,278 7
34 Just Too Perfect

Remus considered her, and then looked at Bill. “What do you think?”

1,232 8
35 Prowler

“It’s only one-thirty… you’re never home early from your shifts… are you?” “Well—I suppose not.” Tonks grunted as she heaved herself up and flicked her wand at the teacups mess. “Oh--- OH!” Tonks looked startled as she realized what Helen was hinting at.

1,068 8
36 Picture of Health

The sparks ended and so did the noise. There were footsteps outside the door and it opened before Helen could look to see who it was.

1,314 11
37 Prejudice

“I—er,” Tonks spluttered, turning round again. What was she going to say? ‘I’m getting the ruddy hell away from you!’ No… now that Remus and Minerva had noticed her; she surely couldn’t say anything like that. She needed a diversion. “Alastor, don’t call me Nymphadora.”

1,167 9
38 Dream to Reality

“Remus, please—I don’t want to leave you yet.” Tonks cried, reaching for him as the sun began to set. “Listen to me, we’ll be fine… but something isn’t right here. You need to go. If you don’t go Bill and I won’t be your only concern! Please, GO!”

1,934 5
39 Choose

“I can’t wake her.” Bill answered, his voice was breaking. “Try--,” Remus pleaded. “Please…” he gurgled on his own blood, “please… try.”

1,358 11
40 Paralysis

Helen had been screaming raggedly and Tonks was frantically whispering a silent mantra, hoping that she could instantly gain the powers of telepathy or telekinesis that would stop Remus and Bill in mid-air.

1,490 10
41 Defiance

“What is it you’re trying to achieve?” Kingsley asked calmly. He was wandless now. He had to keep him talking. “For myself or for the Dark Lord?” “Both if it pleases you.” Kingsley said again with a calm note.

1,469 11

Minerva had nearly killed Alastor with curse after curse, spell after spell. When Severus had revealed to them what he was, she couldn’t believe how miserably she had failed them. She was no Dumbledore—and she hated herself for her deficiencies.

1,218 7
43 The One Who Smelt of Blood

A simple spell would wake him and he would go for the one who smelt of blood.

1,262 8
44 Ultimo

“Tonks, I’m not concerned or anything—for you or Remus…” Tonks noted that that was one of the few times that Snape referred to him as Remus. “But don’t you think you should be in there with him when he returns to himself?”

1,376 38


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