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Harry, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M)
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/Hermione, Ginny/OC
Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-08-04 8:47pm
Last Chapter
2010-06-27 12:08pm
Last Updated
2010-06-27 12:08pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

It was dark times when Hermione was born. Her biological family were forced to give her up for adoption seperating her from her twin brother. Mia Cadi Zabini was cast off into the muggle world with nothing but a letter and necklace. Now what happens when Hermione finds out she was adopted? Join the magical world of hilarious pranks, new friends, a talent show, fluffy pink bunny rabbits, food fights, a crazed McGonagall and loads more. THNX 2 TRIXYTONKS 4 DA GREAT BANNER!

1,717 66
2 Who Am I?

Hermione finds out she is adopted and takes it fairly well. She gets the box and letter that her biological mother left. Also a small paragraph about Malfoy and Blaise.

1,063 45
3 Fluffy Pink Bunny Rabbits

Hermione, Ginny, Blaise and Draco are shown their new common rooms but there is a bit of commotion when Draco refused to say the password.

2,977 68
4 Humiliation

Hermione and Ginny get absolutely humiliated by the prank.

2,047 60
5 Sweet Revenge

Ginny and Hermione seek sweet revenge.

1,467 66
6 I-Never

A game of I-Never causes some people to get drunk and share a dorm between 4.

2,148 63
7 Letters

Nothing mega. A letter is sent and another is received.

907 61
8 Shopping Spree

Hermione and Ginny go on a shopping spree and are not happy to hear from Malfoy when they return.

809 88
9 Hermione and the Lamp

A big surprise, an exploding lamp, shocked boys and a letter went astray! Or did it?

2,005 110
10 Excitement and Auditions

The Zabini parents have a nice surprise and Hermione and Ginny have a nerve racking audition.

1,503 52
11 Surprises, Letters, Nerves and Discoveries!

The Zabini's prepare to meet their daughter, Hermione prepares to meet her parents.

1,939 77
12 A Lot To Take In

Hermione and Blaise have a lot to find out but can they both handle it?

1,702 51
13 Results, Nerves and News

The results of the Talent Show auditions are through and Hermione and Blaise are having deep thoughts about their new 'relationship' as brother and sister but have yet to face each other.

1,374 43
14 Anger in Potions

Hermione is angered in Potions, and Malfoy ends up very confused.

1,910 77
15 Vindaloo Curry and Water Jugs

Hermione has her first meal with her real family plus the Malfoys. How will it turn out? Let's just say it ends up in a big fight for a water jug.

2,072 76
16 Rooms, Reading, Emotions and... Oprah?

Hermione is shown her room and is pointed in the direction of the Zabini Library to her delight. Decinding to go there for a midnight read, she doesn't know what kind of talk she is getting herself in to. And what's this about Oprah Winfrey?

2,543 90
17 More Shopping Sprees and Shocks

Hermione's first morning with the Zabinis, and a trip to the mall leaves Hermione in terror.

1,510 94
18 Clubbing

Hermione goes to 'Hypnotic' with Blaise and Malfoy and meets a very cute guy.

2,399 82
19 Stuck

The three head home from the club, and the next day, Hermione finds herself in a less-than-pleasant situation.

1,595 71
20 Bickering, Vents and Phone Calls

Hermione and Malfoy are trapped in a room, Hermione receives a phone call to Malfoy's annoyance and their only means of escape is through a vent.

2,282 40
21 Lunch, Strange Feelings and a New Character

Aaron comes over to the Zabini Manor for lunch, Ginny has arrived to stay and Hermione encounters some strange feelings. And a new character is introduced.

2,258 42


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