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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius, Tonks, Arthur, Molly, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-08-04 8:44pm
Last Chapter
2010-02-21 10:05am
Last Updated
2010-02-21 10:05am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Meetings and Catastrophes

What happens at the first meeting of the Order? How does Tonks react to the werewolf Remus who just so happens to be a devilishly handsome SINGLE man. Thank TomFoolery for the lovely banner!

2,387 32
2 Why didn't you tell me?

The guardians of Harry are given their instructions and Dumbledore let's slip of Remus' "condition." Confrontations are made and assumptions are turned up side down and Tonks' true colors shine through.

2,717 16
3 When I was very young

Remus tells Tonks about the bite that changed his life prior to full moon. Old scars resurface as Remus perpares himself for one bad night.

3,975 11
4 Out of Harm's Way

"TONKS!" Remus shouted desperately with as much energy as he could muster, "GET OUT OF HERE!!"

3,653 11
5 Healings and Attractions

Tonks heals Remus after having a harsh transfornation.

2,294 9
6 I Got Chills, They're Mutipling

Remus has been avoiding Tonks becuase of the feelings he's suddenly been having towards her. But what will happen when Tonks conrers him and they talk?

3,390 10
7 Damn Bad Timing

I think the title is good enough. It kind of stands for it’s self and besides I’m not very good at summaries.

3,331 16
8 It's Not a Date

When the Order was informed of the attack on Harry they immediately began planning on bringing him to headquarters and Tonks makes plans with Remus.

3,759 12
9 "Here Goes Nothing"

Tonks lets out her nerves to her owl while she figures out what to wear. While Remus has doubts but of course Sirius is present for some good humor and friendly encouragement.

1,869 18
10 The Wedding Song on the First Date

Remus and Tonks go to a resturant called the Witches Rave. Their Night is filled with dancing, food, alcohol, and fun. They learn more about one another as the night goes on. Read to find out what the out come is. A/N I'm sorry it took me so long you all probably hate me. But here Chapter 10 is....

2,877 11
11 When Their Hands Lose Contact

Remus and Tonks begin to leave the resturant but what happens when their hands lose contact? What goes on behind the Employee's Only door while Remus is outside? Find Out.... Sorry for the REALLY LONG wait... I know you all probably hate me but if only you knew what I've had to go thorugh. I promise to keep it up better now that things have smoothed over.

1,952 20
12 More of a Dog

Remus and Tonks go back to Tonks' flat in a hurry.

2,336 4
13 A Single Tear

Tonks is seeing someone else now and Remus and Tonks are not speaking to eachother because of it. Will Remus open the door for Tonks when she comes knocking on full moon?

2,149 3
14 Desperation

Remus is in wolf form and is desperate to get to Tonks.

1,924 3
15 What about my needs?

Weird morning about Sirius' needs, Remus' needs, and Tonks' needs and how all those needs are intertwined.

1,954 8
16 Double Life

Tonks receives a letter from work which causes her to skip out early. Remus wants to talk and Tonks is more then excited to hear what he's got to say.

2,808 8
17 Weeping Willows

“You practically tell me you love me and when I tell you I think about you when I conjure a Patronus you brush it off and you stare into space. Do you love me or not? You can’t keep hiding and changing your mind! So what is it Remus?”

2,869 4
18 Bliss

The coffee shop conversation turns into a park conversation where things get a little heated

2,304 12


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