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James, Lily
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Humor, Romance
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-08-03 2:40pm
Last Chapter
2005-08-13 3:34pm
Last Updated
2005-08-13 3:34pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Old Files, New Faces

Potions has never been Lily's favorite subject but she's always been really good at it. A project that determines whether she passes or fails seems like no big deal to her, until she realizes her partner is James Potter. The potion works except for one thing: they can't reverse it. Lily and James are trapped in the other's body, and if they ask for help, they'll fail. They have to fool everyone unil they fix it! This is the story of how they almost failed 7th year Potions, but fell in love instead!

2,534 27
2 Partners and Problems

Everyone's partnered up, and the Professor makes it very clear to one group in particular: You will not pass if you do bodily injury to your partner. With that in mind, Lily and her partner get to work... but what will the results be?

3,192 20
3 Arguments, Embarrassments, Flirtations, and Agreements

They know they have to work together to solve this problem, but asking Lily and James to get along is like asking a very hungry lion not to eat you... it's just not going to happen. Lily and James decide that they can do this on their own, which only causes more problems as they try to outdo the other in embarrassing the person they're supposed to be. Some very interesting consequences...

3,456 19
4 Dogpile, Makeup, Morals, and Lectures

They're starting to work together, but an old topic of disagreement (the treatment of Snivellus) causes discord once more. Lily learns the awakening rituals of the Marauders, while James learns the techniques of applying makeup...

2,855 15
5 Freddie and Fear of Flight

Lily and James get to work on finding the solution, but when they find the answer, they're not as happy as they thought they would be. James has to do something for Lily now, which is be nice to what is ultimately his competition for Lily's affections, while Lily, meanwhile, finds out that part of being James Potter is playing Quidditch...

2,900 19
6 Quidditch, and Other Such Triumphs

James watches the Quidditch match unfold: if only Lily would try to play! Tracy finds "Lily" acting a little oddly in the stands, and Sirius finds "James" not up to his usual form. And Lily and James have a little "heart to heart" discussion...

3,258 18
7 Piñatas and Potion Matters

Lily and James are really busy, what with flying lessons, arguments, learning to be the other, arguments, creating the potion, and more arguments! In addition to all this, it's time to deal with Snivellus. Will Lily and James be able to act like the other around the Slytherin of most dispute between them?

3,318 19
8 The Whole Story and Very Big Favors

Lily learns that her images of other people have been grossly wrong for a very long time, and James, though he knows it'll hurt her, has to show her the truth. James also asks Lily for an enormous favor, and offers to repay her with a deed of his own...

3,994 15
9 The Forest, The Date, and the Aftermath

Lily learns that it's hard to be an animagus, and that there's more the the Marauders than she always assumed. James gets to date from the other side of the equation, and gets more than he bargained for. And Lily and James find themselves tangled in a web of confusing and conflicting emotions...

4,927 19
10 Debts and Foolery

Lily asks Sirius for advice on a "hypothetical" relationship problem- will she use it? And what will happen when Lily and James test the potion? Will it work? Is it even safe? Lily and James are about to find out, and Sirius and Tracy are about to become very confused....

3,288 20
11 Epilogue: More Important Things, After All

They've fallen in love, but what will their potions grade be? And how will Slughorn react...

1,647 90


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