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Neville, OC
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Mild Violence
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First Published
2005-08-02 1:23am
Last Chapter
2005-08-02 1:41am
Last Updated
2005-08-02 1:44am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One

Violet Brown lives in the shadow of her witch sister, Lavender. This is the story of a Squib: a minor embarrassment, an unspoken disappointment, a fifteen-year old girl without a country.

1,041 2
2 Chapter Two

Violet sustains a terrible smiling injury, and we hear Lavender's thoughts on Violet, Hermione, and sensible shoes.

1,663 1
3 Chapter Three

The Brown family visits Lavender at Hogwarts. Remarkably, Violet does not fall in love with Harry, Ron, or Draco, but she does have a close encounter with a portrait.

2,484 2
4 Chapter Four

Bumblebee!Lavender makes an appearance, and Violet is sorted, of sorts.

2,372 2
5 Chapter Five

Voldemort has returned. What does this mean to Violet? How does a Squib feel about a War she can't fight?

1,564 1
6 Chapter Six

Lavender has a life-changing conversation, Violet thinks about toads, and the War, indeed, begins.

1,889 1
7 Chapter Seven

Violet relocates, Lavender is tired, and Violet feels Voldemort's terrible power for the first time.

2,975 2
8 Chapter Eight

Lavender struggles to remember something she'd rather forget, and Violet finds comfort from both a likely and unlikely source.

2,635 1
9 Chapter Nine

This chapter contains... *dun dun dun*... snogging! I don't usually write snogfic, so bear with me. This will be the last chapter before Big Bad stuff happens.

2,304 1
10 Chapter Ten

The Yule Ball is reprised, and the school is threatened. Excitement! Butterbeer! Nargles!

3,493 1
11 Chapter Eleven

"In War there can be no victory, only resolution." Dumbledore's Army against the Death Eaters. Where it all ends and it all begins, and how the unlikeliest person can have a profound effect on a world struggling to make sense.

4,397 1
12 Chapter Twelve

COMPLETE! How does the War end? What does Violet's future hold?

4,444 6


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