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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Lucius, Pettigrew, Luna, Draco, Pansy, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Hermione, Draco/OC, Ron/OC
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse,
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-08-01 12:22am
Last Chapter
2006-04-28 7:35pm
Last Updated
2006-04-28 7:35pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Afterlife

Draco wakes up in the hospital after a drunken accident. There he receives help from someone he least expects it from. R & R please! Image hosted by Thanks to UMBlueMusic for the beautiful banner!

819 39
2 The Angel

The Angel: Hermione visits Draco in the hospital and offers to help him. In a very onorthodox manner however.

622 18
3 The Becoming

The Becoming: A Healer comes in to tell Draco what he already knows and he and Hermione have 'a moment'.

755 12
4 The Beast

The Beast: Pansy walks in on their moment and Draco discovers something.

745 10
5 The Crush

The Crush: When Pansy thinks Draco will attack her she shriekes out some disturbing news.

591 12
6 The Catch

The Catch: Draco is still strangling Pansy and he finds out what the catch is.

749 13
7 The Dummies

The Dummies: Draco's escape fails and Parson comes to bother him again.

816 12
8 The Debut

The Debut: Parson can't convince Draco to give away the identity of the mystery Healer and Draco receives a surprise visitor. Two to be exact.

675 17
9 The Enemy

The Enemy: An enemy enters the room and explains why Draco's father killed his mother.

633 12
10 The Eyes

The Eyes: Draco gets appointed to his first task for the Order of the Phoenix.

896 9
11 The Fog

The Fog: Draco attends his mother's funeral and overhears a conversation.

693 21
12 The Friend

The Friend: Draco receives a letter and meets the sender.

789 13
13 The Gift

The Gift: Draco thanks, apologises and gives a gift.

1,034 12
14 The Game

The Game: Draco discovers the family tree, Ron's not happy and Hermione goes on her search for the third Horcrux.

991 6
15 The Harvest

The Harvest: Draco visits the wounded and is secluded from the others.

838 7
16 The Home

The Home: Draco witnesses a fight and pretend to miss a lot of sniffs.

690 11
17 The Innocence

The Innocence: Hermione finds out who the mysterious R.A.B. is and has a nightly meeting with Draco.

630 13
18 The Impurity

The Impurity: Luna spills another painful truth and Draco gets an assignment.

791 11
19 The Journey

The Journey: Draco makes a list and goes on a search for the fifth Horcrux.

911 12
20 The Jump

The Jump: Draco finds the fifth Horcrux, but has to make a decision.

661 8
21 The Killer

The Killer: Lucius is back and has not changed one bit. Draco takes care of him.

832 8
22 The Key

The Key: Draco deals with his father and brings the Horcrux to the right people. Harry makes a crucial decision.

1,460 12
23 The Loyalty

Draco gets a little help from an admirer in his search for the fifth Horcrux.

836 8
24 The Leak

The Horcrux is gone and Draco fights alongside the good guys. People die.

1,092 6
25 The Mess

The battle between good and bad comes to an end. Read chapter to see who won!

1,452 4
26 The Mirror

Draco attends a dinner of the Order of the Phoenix. Harry has a surprise for them.

1,145 13
27 The News

Draco isn't all too happy with his new life and keeps lingering on his love for a certain know-it-all girl.

756 7
28 The Neighbour

Someone moves into the apartment next to Draco. He soon finds out who it is. A new disgusting and desperate move to win him back. The woman has no shame.

879 6
29 The Oasis

Draco comes close to getting something he desires, but a family member from an old friend interferes with his plans.

828 6
30 The Obscurity

The twins reveal the reason for Goyle's happiness and someone says 'I love you'.

663 5
31 The Promise

Draco has an outburst and the promise is made that Draco and Hermione will be together by July.

871 3
32 The Party

Draco and Iris almost give Pansy a heart attack and Draco attends the party.

1,024 3
33 The Question

True feelings are uncovered and Draco fights to be with a girl - but is she the right one?

777 2
34 The Quibbler

It's April Fool's Day and the 'Quibbler' features some disturbing news.

1,209 5
35 The Replacements

Draco has a meeting with his father and finds out who Goyle's girlfriend is.

1,094 4
36 The Ring

Fred and George are honoured to have Draco visit them and Draco and Pansy argue over something he bought.

927 2
37 The Shunning

Draco has an unpleasant encounter with Iris and gets two hints as to an impending disaster.

740 2
38 The Song

After listening to a muggle-song Draco takes a stroll and meets an old enemy who's acting friendly for an obvious reason.

935 2
39 The Twist

The woman on his doorstep brings with a tale from the past, but does Draco remember it correctly?

734 6
40 The Truth

The rat speaks the truth and Harry's sudden arrival forces Draco to kill someone, for the first time in his live.

1,064 4
41 The Understanding

After Harry leaves Draco starts drinking again, but when Iris comes to comfort him she points him towards a nice surprise.

929 2
42 The Unsealing

Iris tries to make Draco hold his promise and to this purpose she sends an extra invitation.

757 10
43 The Voice

The Voice: Hermione's reaction to Draco's lovely confession isn't quite the one he'd hoped for and Iris efforts to woo fail miserably

785 6
44 The Vision

Draco's first try at bonding and the house if finished.

676 6
45 The Wedding

The day of the wedding. Does Draco do something about it or does he just sit around and wait till it's over?

624 3
46 The Wreck

After the wedding Draco tries to hold it together as does Iris.

608 2
47 The Xenophobe

As Draco tries to recover from the thought that Hermione's a married woman he overcomes one of his stubborn prejudices.

655 2
48 The X-ray

On another London expedition Draco comes across a strange situation.

757 2
49 The Yackety-yack

Harry and Iris have plotted a "blind date" and Draco has never before been so happy to see an empty hand.

633 3
50 The Yards

Draco confesses for the second time what he feels for Hermione, but she refuses to kiss him.

585 7
51 The Zero

Hermione explains why she doesn't want to kiss Draco and they go shopping.

741 6
52 The Zapper

The final chapter in which some more revelations are made and Ginny zaps on Draco and Hermione.

1,932 46


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