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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-07-22 11:49pm
Last Chapter
2008-01-08 10:08pm
Last Updated
2008-01-08 10:08pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Lily Evans

Follow Lily and James, and their friends of course, throughout their turbulent and surprising seventh year. A re-edit of the story I done previously, hope you like it. P.S if someone could tell me how to get a banner I would really like to hear ... however I dont like Allison Hannigan as Lily okay!!! kidding, please someone help me!!

2,000 39
2 Of Love and Death

The trip to Hogwarts begins in earnest with some startling and unnerving revelations

2,861 24
3 Closer

So what is Lily going to do? And more imprtantly where does James go from here?

1,730 19
4 You Can't Love Me

The Marauders and Lily get back to school, and boy is this a night neither Lily nor James will ever forget...

3,169 20
5 Betrayal

The morning after and some explaining needs doing... some hopeless fluff, hehe

2,615 17
6 Of Swimming And Peas

James? You lovesick much?

1,653 18
7 Convincing Genevieve

... of what I hear you yell!! well read and find out. Got to say bit of a filler chapter.

3,222 13
8 Trauma In The Head Dormitory

Bad news and awful reminders for our favourite seventh years...

3,504 12
9 Really, Really Nervous Actually

What can I say pure fluff some history and a little bit of foresight.

2,549 12
10 Suspicion and Shopping

The morning after and the girls go shopping for the ball and we get to meet the arch nemesis... of Lily that is please enjoy xx

3,366 18
11 The Battle Of The Houses

haha, really not the houses you will be expecting, a really fav chapter of mine, please read... some of you thought it was corny and I respect that view because I think so too tehe xx

2,326 18
12 Of Vodka and Hide and Seek

A filler chapter and a homage to my days at boarding school...its all over now sniff sniff :o(

2,671 15
13 A Party To Remember

James party begins and we get a little look in on the Sirius/Viv relationship.... ps I have chapter 32 finished on my laptop wait till you read it... tehe

2,315 14
14 Curiosity Killed The Cat

I am sorry but the course of true love never did run smooth....

2,332 15
15 Forgiven But Not Forgotten

So where do we go from here?

2,774 13
16 Of The Expected and The Unexpected

Well Life goes on... but will anything change?

3,183 13
17 Together Forever

Lily and James pay the headmaster a visit

1,869 8
18 I Want That Life

Well here we are the reason why my story is called what it is... please enjoy

2,555 14
19 It Happened In The Snow

Really a filler fluffy chapter in the lead-up to the christmas dance

1,470 7
20 Of Beauty and Secrets Untold

The preperation for the dance is now in earnest.... beasically a chapter where you see the girls get ready for the dance... oh yeah and a secret is told from an unlikely source enjoy!!....

1,941 8
21 For Rose and Harry

The dance begins and you get treated to some nice James and Lily fluff xx

1,403 8
22 Brother and Sister No More

A tenner goes to the first person to guess what this chappie is about xx

1,551 13
23 Chapters Of Life

Whole chapter dedicated to Sirius and Viv. Soem talking is needed from both sides...

3,175 14
24 A Not So Merry Christmas

Christmas brings some good and some bad, as it is always wont...

1,396 7
25 Of Dreams and Reality

You will find out some things in this chapter... a Sirius/Viv chapter...

1,321 7
26 A Memorial Service

Dumbledore has some news for our favourite gryffindors...

1,240 5
27 The Potter Estate

Welcome Home... Oh and a little theory of mine (recently disproved by JK herself)

2,275 11
28 Of Fires and Love

Just some fluffy bits in this chapter... well I like it!

1,371 10
29 Of Family and Ex-Girlfriends

Well Lily meet the family... and a little more than you would have bargained for

4,168 8
30 Danny Boy

The memorial service begins ...

2,726 22
31 To Big For Her Boots

Evil comes to town ....

2,655 7
32 Of Old 'Friends' and Secret Lovers

Not my favourite chapter, I dont like how I made someone treat another person, but its good all the same...

4,058 9
33 The Longest Night

Will you just try to get to sleep please!!! Oh yeah and the much awaited Lily/James past partner talk comes into this one ... its a cracker

5,965 6
34 Meet The In-Laws

You can see where this one is going can't you? Well lets just say Lilys mum and dad know she is out of school for the christmas holidays ... dun dun dun !!!

3,617 7
35 Sunday Tea With the Evans

Self explanatory title ...

5,681 8
36 Things gone Awry

Oh please dont kill me, there had to be some action, they did defy him thrice if you will all remember xx

2,376 7
37 At St Mungos

The much anticipated next chapter enjoy!!

5,094 13
38 Thoroughly Un-James

This chapter contains substance abuse, you have been warned ...

3,290 7
39 Sirius Black's only Fear

Well do you know what it is yet ... Its a hoot xx

5,821 7
40 The Not So Secret Notes

I love this chapter and it was supposed to come before the next one, but I forgot xx

5,309 10
41 That Shouldnt Have Happened

What shouldnt have happened I hear you scream ... read on xx

2,541 8
42 Caught In The Act

Not a very good chapter but okay all the same, I apologise beforehand xx

3,206 7
43 Out In The Open

Tenner goes to the one who guesses first what this chapter is about ...

4,885 14
44 Some Valentines Day ...

Valentines day comes somewhat belatedly to the residents of Hogwarts well those with detention anyway

3,101 5
45 Dreams

Viv has some choice dreams will they sway her heart?????

1,333 13
46 46. An Abuse of Trust

Rught you lot here you go hope you enjoy

4,651 7
47 47. Too Late

Well what am I talking about ..... dun dun dun

3,972 23
48 48. Examination

It's back I deleted some stuff from it so I hope it is more acceptable, considering i'm a TA  I like to think I know whats acceptable now xx

6,881 3
49 49.Remembered Forever

This chapter is self explanatory

2,874 11
50 50. So Long, Farewell

Just another chapter in a long line xx

4,173 6
51 51. Of Muggles and Motorbikes

It;s back with changes added to it to change it xx

4,341 2
52 Of PVC and Abuse

Lily and James arrive home ...

3,159 6
53 I Never ....

A pleasant game and drunken hijinks xx

4,140 7
54 At Hampton Chase

Sirius and Genevieve head back into the real world ...

2,749 14
55 The Flat and Revelations

Long time no see Kiddos!! New Chapter and more to come now I have a new laptop, warning, this chapter is solely Genevieve and Sirius, also there is mild reference to child abuse, if offended by such a notion please do not read, but if you want to understand characters feel free xx

3,510 4
56 The Funeral

Well we have a bit of a cliffie at the end, and you are intorduced to some characters you may recognise ... hope you enjoy x

3,888 7
57 Old Friends and Bookends

A nice little look into how things used to be before the war was waged ... in the good old days, all vendetta put aside. I like this chapter because I never create one dimensional characters, no one is ever always good or always bad ....

3,047 6
58 Muck up Day

I like this chapter.

7,198 8
59 School Photos

Here you go I like this wee chapter, ps, I made a mistake this story has 61 chapters not 60 xx

2,694 7
60 Homeward Bound

Well here goes penultimate chapter, I cant believe things have came to this pass ... enjoy ... ps, the last chapter was n othng more than an indulgence into Remus and Ivy's relationship and to introduce and actually important character for all in later life tehe x

1,966 5
61 I Can See London

Well here it is, the last chapter in a story which took all of a year to write and to be validated.

2,836 45


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