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Draco, Blaise (M), OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-07-01 9:03pm
Last Chapter
2007-12-03 9:35am
Last Updated
2008-01-22 11:23am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Who's Malfoy?

Ravenclaw Racketeers are a group of sly, underhand Ravenclaws who cause subtle trouble with their 'challenges'. When Arcadia Morreno is challenged to seduce Draco Malfoy she is less than pleased...but can she even do it?

2,186 34
2 Dungeons and Snape(A Dragon of sorts)

Arcadia's attempts to complete her challenge continue

1,850 30
3 Shirts and Skunks

An enjoyable lesson in Muggle Studies...

2,046 22
4 Private Potions

Arcadia enjoys her first private potions class...

1,692 27
5 Excuses about Owls

Arcadia finds out what Malfoy did after the potions lesson...

3,058 27
6 Madam Growny's Gowns

Arcadia has a chat with Blaise before going dress hutning.

3,014 33
7 Masks and Masquerades

Arcadia goes to the masquerade and has a little suprise.

3,544 12
8 Arguments in the Snow

Arcadia talks to malfoy, and finds out something she hadn't expected.

1,737 22
9 Train Trips and Big Brothers

Arcadia and Draco make up, and it's off home for the christmas holidays!

2,429 12
10 Party!

Arcadia attends the party her mother is hosting.

3,451 15
11 Who's the goody-two-shoes?

Arcadia and Draco end up in Arcadia's room.

871 13
12 Waking Up and Invitations

Arcadia and Draco wake up together, later Arcadia gets and invite to spend christmas at the malfoy manor.

3,643 23
13 Racquet Type People

Arcadia is at the malfoy Manor and she and reanne discover that rebecca has been telling others about the Ravenclaw Racketeers.

2,814 24
14 Muggle Games and Narnia

Arcadia, Reanne, Draco, and Blaise play hide and seek, Arcadia ends up in an embarrassing situation involving a wardrobe.

2,749 30
15 Dinner and Declarations

Arcadia and Draco have an argument about whether she loves him.

2,122 29
16 Hang Overs and Reminders

Draco is hung over and reminded of the evening before. he doesn't take it too well.

1,070 24
17 Christmas Eve and Elvises

Arcadia and Reanne go shopping for Christmas presents, Arcadia doesn't have the best return.

1,534 23
18 Stamping and Screaming

Arcadia's reaction to Draco's behaviour, and what her family has to say.

1,341 29
19 The Femenine Turn of Your Mouth

It's Christmas! Arcadia's brothers try to be supportive, Sylvia is oblivious and Arcadia is suddenly less fond of christmas dinner.

1,262 21
20 Dinner with Dracula

Arcadia tells her brothers about Dracos activities and head off for dinner.

1,485 42
21 Hexes and Sex Kitten

An interesting dinner at the Malfoy Manor.

3,805 32
22 Evil Plans and Normal People

Arcadia tries to be normal and starts work on an evil plan. Muaha.

3,169 36
23 Flassimus' Wand

Arcadia goes to Diagon Alley with Hermione, Ron and Harry

3,199 31
24 Eskimos in the Cupboard

New Years Eve in the Morreno household.

4,705 39
25 Enquiry of Blaise and Bunnies

After the New Years party.

1,543 29
26 Toirtoises and Other Reptiles

Arcadia runs into someone she wasn't expecting only to have a conversation that leaves her more confused than usual. Plus its back to school for the Hogwarters.

2,293 20
27 Shampoo and Fire-Breathing-Squirrels

Arry has a run in with Snape Potions and a very inetesrting lunch.

2,947 31
28 That Hairy Wobbly idiot

Draco is making good on his plans and Reanne tries to encourage Arry to retaliate.

2,026 37
29 Hungarian Dream Lily and Purple Monstrosities

Arry has a slight incident with a Hungarian Dream Lily that leaves her somewhat incapacitated.

4,113 29
30 The Seven Steps of a Morreno Interrogation

Arry explains to Reanne how to find out who visited her in the hospital wing. Arry puts said plan into action.

2,372 36
31 Step 6 and Stirring Techniques

Arry continues her Interrogation Steps and has her private potion lesson with Malfoy.

3,598 42
32 Stalkers and Revenge

Elizabeth finally takes rebecca to task over her behaviour, will Arry finally get revenge?

4,223 50
33 THA: Tree Huggers Anonymous

Reanne gets a new dare and Arry has a slightly embarrassing outburst, not an unusual day then.

4,730 54
34 Tales of Mossy

Arry completes another dare while she and Draco have the 'talk'

6,185 49
35 You Had Me At 'Oi You'

Arry and Reanne recieve yet another dare and discover for this one they might need Draco's help.

9,311 74


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