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Harry, Voldemort, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme,
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-06-25 1:38am
Last Chapter
2007-01-18 3:46pm
Last Updated
2010-08-19 12:01am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 I'm Who!!!???

This story is about a girl who is in Slytherin but regected by not only them, but everyone also. She is rarely noticed until one day when her father whom she has never met returns in her life.

2,244 17
2 I'll Go

Violet must make a choice. Will she go with her father who is the most evil wizard, or will she stay at Hogwarts?

804 15
3 A Princess but Still Clumsy

Violet is now living with her father, Lord Voldemort and enjoys the power she has when she is reunited with Draco.

4,936 16
4 Uncomfortable

Daddy dearest catches his daughter in bed with Draco Malfoy...not good.

3,012 4
5 The Kiss

The title really says it all, with a food fight mixed in...

3,246 6
6 Daddy's Little Secrets

Voldemort has a secret he has been keeping from his daughter....what could it be?...

3,489 5
7 A New Chapter Has Begun

No the title doesn't just mean this is a new chapter, it takes on a whole new meaning.

4,968 5
8 It's Not in the Blood

Violet is struggling with her idenity, she's trying to act like what she thinks the Dark Lord's daughter should act like, but can she really pull it off?

2,615 8
9 Times Like These

So Violet is now...Livet, this chapter really helps you to learn more about...Livet, plus it's Livet's first day at Hogwarts, what character comes in to help turn the tables? Read and find out.

2,964 2
10 I Feel so Beautiful Today

Classes, homework, arguing with Draco, kissing Draco, just the usual in Violet's new life...

4,075 4
11 A Little Self-Reflection, A Little Foreplay, and A Little Homework

Violet starts to question herself and who she really is, she also does something she would have never thought of doing in the past...

4,892 2
12 Mummy Dearest

Violet continues to sink lower, and when she finds out someone has been contacting her whom she thought had forget about her, it doesn't help the situation...

2,649 4
13 Scary Feelings

Violet discovers she may have unwanted feelings for a certian bad boy. A Holloween dance and a kiss help her to confirm this.

3,805 6
14 What Did You Just Call Me?

Violet and Harry become closer, Violet is still trying to tell Harry why it is they can't be friends, but does Harry already know?

3,400 18
15 20% Punch 80% Vodka

Harry reveals he knows Violet's secret and has vowed to save her, but will he really be able to? And what did Draco whisper in Violet's ear?

2,860 16
16 All I Want for Christmas is to Get Away from You

Violet is home for the Holidays, but Christmas with death eaters is a little different then at home with her mother.

5,342 13
17 What on Earth Were You Doing There?

Violet and Raine head home from Diagon Alley and Violet expirences her first Christmas dinner with death eaters. All through the entire dinner she has a perticular questions hanging over her head.

4,858 11
18 An Unwelcomed Guest Puts Voldemort Through a Test

Raine answers Violet's question honestly, Violet finally recieves Draco's gift, and someone dies.

4,473 13
19 Goodbye Hogwarts

Violet arrives at Hogwarts only to learn a few secrets which results in her leaving again.

3,885 11
20 You're Going to Get What You Deserve

Violet has changed in the last two years, but will it be enough for Draco to get what is finally coming to him? Or will feelings get in the way?

5,287 16
21 Who Really Has the Advantage

Violet and Draco finally meet again after two years. But how much really has changed?

2,879 14
22 You've Longed For My Touch Haven't You

Violet is forced to go to a dinner with the death eaters she has grown to hate and she already has a chance to send Draco to Azkaban...but will she?

4,803 7
23 You Shouldn't Love Me, I Shouldn't Love You

Violet and Draco have had an intimate moment and this chapter is about the after affects. Was Violet being used? Or does Draco actually feel something for her?

3,214 8
24 And So it Begins

Draco finally confessed his feelings so that means they live happily ever after right? Have you forgotten of Violet's secret?

4,275 8
25 My Way...Our Way

The Ministry and the Death Eaters are finally preparing for their attack.

2,186 11
26 See You in Hell

The war begins today, who will win? Who will lose? And most importantly: Who will die?

2,664 15
27 Epilouge

How it all played out....

4,279 61


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