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2005-06-24 05:30:13
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2006-01-03 17:37:03
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2006-01-03 17:37:03
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A New Beginning

Your name is Leighlah Brooks. You’re 16 and have brown hair and glistening green eyes. You’re living with your mom and younger sister , Skye. Your dad died a year ago when he came across Voldemort. You became very depressed and shut everyone out of your life. Your mom thinks transferring you to Hogwarts is going to give you a fresh start and hopefully bring you back to what you used to be...but while you're there, you meet a firery red head and an ice cold blonde and a new set of problems to deal with.

796 4
2 Goodbyes

Chapter 2. Tell me what ya think.

1189 3
3 The Arrival

Leighlah meets Harry, Ron, and Hermione on the train to Hogwarts. And she has her first run in with Draco.

1159 3
4 Sorting

Time to be sorted! i know it sucks. but i'm too tired to think of anything. haha.

1043 2
5 Midnight Meeting

You start getting used to the castle a bit more and start figuring out things about some of your friends.

1306 2
6 Its a Date

i'm soooooo sorry this took forever to get out. please forgive me! i might put out 7 tonight too. enjoy!

1225 1
7 A Night Out

Leighlah meets Draco out at the lake. sucky summary...read it anyway. :)

986 1
8 An Unexpected Sorting

Leighlah comes back from her meeting with Draco only to be confronted by Ron. And someone unexpected shows up at Hogwarts.

1397 0


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