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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Cho, Dumbledore, Hermione, James, Lily, Neville, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Fred/George, Narcissa, Tonks, Luna, Lucius, Seamus, M. McGonagall
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Action, AU
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-06-20 4:41pm
Last Chapter
2005-10-05 10:45am
Last Updated
2006-03-11 4:53pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Family Times

Image hosted by Banner by melihobbit. Life as Harry Potter knew it had changed drastically. He finds himself enjoyed his entrie summer holiday and not looking as forward to going back to his beloved Hogwarts. But as the war rages on, Harry's perfect and care-free life crumbles. Part Two of the Change Series. Complete. Sequel Posted.

2,475 39
2 What keeps me going

Molly and Lily have a talk; James tries to think about a gift for his son's 17th birthday; and Ron pushes Harry to talk about his captivity.

2,180 13
3 Mind Games

Why was Harry screaming?

3,361 15
4 An Interesting Proposition

After a heated Order meeting, Harry, Ron, and Hermione get asked something that could change their entire summer.

2,730 13
5 Early Morning Awakenings

Training for their mission has just begun and a surprise marks it's start. We also find out what this mission for the Order even is.

2,545 9
6 The Secret Life of Fleur Delacour

Why was it Fleur Delacour who was taken? The final day of training is an interesting one and the final decision was made on whether or not the golden trio can go on the mission they have been training for.

2,590 14
7 Free-Falling

A final goodbye and the mission gets under way.

3,023 11
8 Quite a Rock

We find out what happens to the group on their mission and some unexpected guests save them. A pain potion and rocks are thrown in as well.

2,422 24
9 Eyes to the Sky

Weeks go by and Harry's birthday comes. After the party, something makes the happy day one of the worst.

2,336 11
10 The Return of S.P.E.W

Two people are dead and the summer wears on. MAJOR EDIT.

2,265 17
11 Welcome Back

September 1st arrives.

2,265 16
12 The HPSC

Exerpt: “Don’t worry Sirius, you should be proud,” he said smiling. Sirius gave him a questioning look. “You’ve instilled a fear in them that not even Professor Snape can manage. Go boast about it.”

1,918 15
13 Sir William Boxom

Exerpt: “I THINK YOUR BEDROOM! WE’LL GET CAUGHT IN MINE! BUT WE CAN’T TELL OUR PARENTS THAT WERE TRYING TO HAVE…” Ginny stopped for affect. She bit her lip in an attempt not to laugh as she yelled, “TO HAVE A BABY!” The eyes were the size of saucers and she heard a thump.

1,564 23
14 Man-Hugs

She pulled out a tissue and looked at them before once again bursting into tears. “IT’S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!” Quietly as they could, Ron and Harry snuck out leaving Hermione still balling in her doorway.

2,143 16
15 Resplandor Eterno

“Umm,” the girl from his fan club said looking at Harry in amazement, “I think my mouth is bleeding. Can I maybe have your shirt to help?” Harry took a side step behind Ron.

2,178 17
16 Intensity

He didn’t reply. The words ‘hex Tonks’ were running through his mind but he fought the urge.

2,493 19
17 Our Final Hour

“I DID NOT HAVE AN OVERLY LARGE HEAD!” Harry yelled quite offended.

1,443 14
18 A Change of Destiny

“We could join together. I could change your destiny.” The Final Battle.

4,414 33
19 Come back to me

Exerpt:“Poppy,” Sirius said hoarsely walking to her, “Harry didn’t make it.” The shock on her face was evident. Harry was invincible. He had been hurt in so many different ways, he couldn’t die. It was impossible.

2,086 38
20 To Harry Potter, The boy-who-lived

Expert: He smiled at her and his eyes crashed shut, the last thing he heard being ‘PLEASE! I JUST WANT HIS BOXERS.’

1,936 27
21 Reprocusions

Exerpt: Dumbledore looked up at him and he drew a deep breath, “I have an idea.”

1,680 19
22 Sacrifices

Excerpt: He got up from behind his desk and walked around to Fawkes who sat perched on her small nest. She nuzzled Dumbledore’s hand fondly and a single tear fell down from her eyes, landing on the old man’s skin. It merely slipped off, doing nothing to his hand. He smiled sadly, “I’m sorry Fawkes,” he said turning around and looking at a picture on his wall, “I am beyond healing.”

2,178 19
23 Meant to Live

“Number 252,” Romilda said still filled with eagerness, “Do you have a six pack? If so, please take off your shirt and let me take a picture for future reference.”

1,751 17
24 A hurtful bum and a loving crowd

Excerpt: “No,” he said angrily. Ginny glared at him and they continued walking down the silent halls. Harry sighed, “My bum hurts,” he complained. Ginny stopped walking again and looked at him.

2,594 21
25 Epilogue

This is the final chapter of a Change of Destiny.

2,146 43


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