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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Draco, Fred, George, Ginny, OC
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Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, Other Pairing
General, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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First Published
2005-06-17 5:42pm
Last Chapter
2009-03-19 2:36pm
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2009-03-19 2:36pm

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1 Scars

PART 3 OF A TRILOGY, read other stories first. Rated Mature for mostly language but also adult situations. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Amelia, and even Draco all embark on their new lives as Hogwarts graduates, persuing higher education. The marriages, break-ups, babies, or lack thereof, and of course the plots to murder all of them that would end up not only in disaster for the wizarding world, but heartbreak for each other are only the beginning. From the Summer After Hogwarts all the way until the Last Battle and everything inbetween.

2,486 45
2 Close Call

PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO READ "MATURE" RATED STORIES! Of course, those brilliant green eyes were staring down at you, sort of fogged a bit, but that may have been either the steam rising from the hot shower as it ran, or... something else....

2,415 57
3 Conference

“Gaelle Etheline Irma-Lind Wido,” Tonks said softly, rolling up her sleeve and revealing the faint, sort of pale outline of the Dark Mark on the inside of her left forearm.

2,733 31
4 Sleep On It

Hermione nodded. “You’d have time to grow and establish yourselves as Aurors before marriage.” “But you’re not,” you pointed out. Ron sighed, speaking for the first time. “Unfortunately, guys... We’re not the most important people alive that are our age. I hate to admit it, but you both are.” You felt your heart become heavy, knowing he was right.

2,590 21
5 Girl's Day or Whatever

“Then there’s the god forsaken appointment at the salon for our hair, with my Mum.” “You would probably do good to leave God out of this one,” you commented, yawning. “I don’t particularly think he likes to be associated with frivolous things such as hair appointments, no matter how forsaken by him they are.”

2,447 15
6 Over, Up... Down and Around

Pushing your way through, a few people moved, not wanting to rumple your dress, and when you got outside, your jaw dropped. “WHAT did you do?!” Moody was covered from head to foot in black soot, his hair was standing on end, and he looked particularly odd in a suit. Harry was laughing, hands in his pockets, and Ron was grinning as he held some sort of burned, scorched, and slightly melted thing in his hand, successfully getting soot all over himself. They all looked over, seeing your look of shock, and you heard Moody mutter loudly to Harry, “And you’re marrying her?”

2,611 18
7 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weasley

Someone in the back, you thought Charlie, yelled, “Speech!” Hermione looked over at Ron with a confused face. “Me or you?” Harry grinned, “Me, thank you.” Your eyes bugged and you smiled as he stood and went over to the mic, turning it on. This was definitely going to be interesting.

2,232 16
8 Speeches and Beaches

"...Hermione, and Ron, helped me through a particularly rough time of my life, that year. I can’t thank God enough for all the moral support they gave me... If they hadn’t, I do think I wouldn’t be standing here today.” Hermione smiled at you, wiping a tear from her cheek, and Ron looked a little abashed. You sniffed slightly.

2,238 21
9 I Hate Shopping!

If I never hear the ‘w’ word in my life ever again, it’ll be too soon. I just... don’t see what the big deal is.” “Well... I suppose it’s every little girl’s dream. They get to be a princess for a day,” Hermione said, stretching her legs.

2,982 17
10 Disgusting Dursleys

“Ma-MARRIED!!! HAHAHAHAA!!” Dudley roared, slapping his thighs (as he could not reach his knees). “A whole family of freaks! AHAHAHAHHA!! I can see it now! Better than the ****ing circus!”

2,171 20
11 Party Woes

“I’ll be keeping this one for a long, long while!” You laughed. “You’d better!” George nodded, still dying of laughter. “Especially since she got them off a real police officer!”

2,578 16
12 Weasley Worthy Wiles

“Besides, it’s not that bad-” “POTTER’S **** SUBJECT?!” you yelled the words written across your forehead, which made Hermione spit out her newest sip of tea at actually hearing it said. “NOT to mention the ***** on my left cheek, the set of BOOBS on my right, AND the mustache and goatee?!” “Those aren’t boobs, they’re *** ****** with dimples,” Angelina said matter-of-factly, cracking up halfway through the sentence.

2,159 17
13 Sunset at Marsscus

The dress was perfect. The make-up and hair was perfect. Hermione had given you a golden toe ring to wear. Everything was too perfect. It was sickening. You took deep, steadying breaths, not wanting to move for fear your perfect little world was going to fall apart. Pressing a hand to your chest, you gently ran your fingers over the corset-like garter of the dress. In your life, the world often fell apart when things were good, and you were not doubting that Voldemort would swoop in and kill someone dead during the wedding. Likely you or Harry.

2,192 26
14 Promise After End

Once those two little words, two tiny syllables, fell from your lips, you were both as good as dead. Voldemort quite obviously would murder you on the spot, but that wasn’t what scared you. It was the fact that Voldemort hated Harry so bad, but it was only intensified because Harry still had what had been so violently ripped away from Voldemort, over fifty years ago.

2,348 14
15 The Origin of Love

"....Last time I saw you / We had just split in two. / You were looking at me. / I was looking at you. / You had a way so familiar, / But I could not recognize, / Cause you had blood on your face; / I had blood in my eyes...."

3,021 21
16 Plum Morning

“You’re being extremely immature.” “No I’m not!” Giving him a look, you gently kissed his stuck-out bottom lip. “Be content with the fact that we’re here for another two days, and we have got the rest of our lives!” Harry nodded, pulling you into his arms for a hug. “I know, but it seems like with us that’s predestined to be short...”

2,915 15
17 Gilead Farm

Gilead Farm, Dalton, Littleton, Littleton Book Store, these are real places!! AND YOU GET TO MEET MY GRANDPARENTS IN THIS CHAPTER, TOO!!!

2,831 27
18 But You Can

Edward said, “So, you’ll be wanting to know about portals, how they’re accessed, called, and controlled?” “Controlled?” you asked, now realizing that Harry’s hand was on your knee. “You can’t control a portal, it’s... It’s like a dog, it follows you round. At least that’s how it seems to me...”

2,503 16
19 Hermione

Hermione sighed. “I... I think I’m going to take the job of Defense teacher at Hogwarts this year.” A pin could have dropped in the kitchen and it still would have been heard in that room, over the sound of the rain. This side talk was making Hermione nervous and uneasy. She always hated being sneaky with words, especially to people who meant a lot to her. But nonetheless she wasn’t yet prepared to admit to Ron the truth, it was still sort of settling within her herself. Ron was staring at her with a perplexed look

2,578 20
20 Callings

“What’s a grinder?” Harry asked. “I don’t know... What's a Coney?” "And they give you pies for a meal?” asked Harry. The window opened and the woman behind it laughed. “A grinder is a submarine sandwich. A Coney is a dog. A hotdog. And a pie is the northern name for a pizza.”

2,492 24
21 Enemy Concealed

She smiled, standing. Yes, a baby for the Potters would ruin them, just like it did last time. Now all she had to do was sit back and wait for it to happen.

2,608 31
22 Memories and Misadventures

The instant Voldemort had found out she was pregnant, she was shifted aside in plans. She was being left out... She wasn’t able to help with the plans. Which was why she could not sleep, tonight. She smiled. They’d all be burning in the morning like the innocents they once torched as heretics and witches...

2,386 15
23 Burn Through the Witches

You said, “You die and so does everyone else. If I die, life will go on.” “No it won’t!” Harry hissed angrily. “I can’t. I won’t lose you, it was too hard to loose you back in sixth year. And that love is a ghost compared to how I feel now.” He was blinking hard, and grabbed you and roughly hugged you tight. “If you die, I’ll die with you.”

2,887 16
24 Shock

Harry yelled, "I have SO MANY PROBLEMS it’s unbe-f*cking-lievable! Not only can I NOT have a personal life, evidently, but I’m married to someone who goes from zero to B***H in three seconds!" Amelia’s jaw dropped in shock, before her face clouded over with anger ten times worse than what he’d just seen. She struggled vainly to get out of his grasp, "WE- ARE- OVER- ARRGH! LET ME F**KING GO!"

2,756 34
25 Flight 1945-20

She looked up at him as the rain continued to pour on them, and whispered, “I feel like a traitor to Britain.” Harry nodded and hugged her close. “I know. I do, too. It’s for their own good, Melia...” She hugged him tightly, and he felt her shaking into his chest. As the rain steadily poured over them both, the lying news reports about the innocents being killed in a plain crash reeling on the air, and the population of London feeling a deep sorrow, they both found themselves crying in the frigid air and trying to not know the truth.

2,149 19
26 Tearing Hearts

Leaving home for America and meeting new and very odd people in New Hampshire that JUST SO HAPPEN to be an AWFULLY like Miss CocoapuffShooter and her dear friend... mwahaha it's GREAT.

2,546 25
27 The He/She/It

“Oh, shut up you bitter brat,” said Genny, peering over at the picture. “And move your ghetto arse, I can’t see.” “Convenient you should mention my ARSE when it’s my shoulder blocking the view,” Billy shot back.

3,464 26
28 Antarganry

THE SITE!!! IT'S BAAAACK!!! *throws a party*

2,021 18
29 Professor Vedera

“Engarde.” She swung the door open, and nothing happened for a moment. You couldn’t see into the cabinet, as for some reason it was charmed to look completely black when you looked at it. Then, suddenly, something in it’s depths moved. A human body fell forward and landed on the ground, feet still in the wardrobe, but did not move. Vedera had an interesting expression on her face. Several people leaned forward to get a better look at the dead body. Suddenly a chill went down you.

2,439 19
30 The Calamity Cabinet

The day was getting longer and longer, it seemed, and thankfully you didn’t have any more classes today. Without looking, Vedera pushed a button on the large dial, and turned the doorknob as it appeared. She paused, however. “Amelia, dear,” she said kindly, “Do be a doll and finish it quickly. There are people in this class that will be squeamish.” Squeamish?! What was she making you fight now?! You just nodded. She smiled again, and opened the door. The room was plunged into icy darkness.

2,575 16
31 Wholey's

Kasey held in her hand a lit grill lighter. She applied it to three corners of the paper work and watched it burn. Then she reached and shook Genny, then Billy’s hands, and held her hand out for you. You watched in amused shock as the paperwork went up in smoke, feebly shaking her hand. “Welcome to Wholey’s.”

2,280 22
32 Watching

He smiled. That was completely like Amelia to use her magic if she couldn’t do it herself. She was too proud to even ask Potter for help.Amelia very quickly came over, wiping some spilt beer off her hands with a rag. He wondered if he should talk or whip out his wand and kill her.

2,244 31
33 The Traitor

“People can change,” Hermione said softly. “Not like that, they can’t,” Harry shook his head, seeing red dots in anger. “That would be like Voldemort telling Neville he’s sorry for torturing his parents.” *** “Tell me!” he shouted. “What have you learned of Potter’s actions?!” The woman was shakily pushing herself up to a sitting position, glaring with a newfound hatred. “Tell me or you will die!” “I’d rather die than trust you!” Everyone was too stunned to move or even breath, not knowing how he would react to this kind of outright and blatant betrayal.

2,426 21
34 Welcome To The Jungle

OK look at it this way. Where else do you get indoor REAL jungles that are UNDERGROUND, psycho murderer stalkers disappearing out of nowhere, and murder scenes popping up like that? In the magical world, of course! AND here.....

2,706 30
35 Poison

“YOU WILL TELL ME!” he roared. “No!” she gasped“Then you shall pay!” Suddenly the infant was screaming, dangling seven feet from the ground, extended as far as Voldemort’s arm would allow. “Say good-bye, Mommy!” Voldemort hissed. Suddenly his hand was let go. Nothing blocked out the horrible scream the woman’s throat emitted, the horrible laughter peeling from Voldemort. Shutting your eyes did little to muffle the sound of a screaming infant suddenly silenced. Slowly, as the mother started sobbing, the pungent smell of blood reached your nose, and you felt a wave of nausea rise.

2,638 24
36 Revelations

“It’s like.... a whole underground world. It’s got these huge underground chasms that are places in the world. Cities. Jungles. Oceans. With real buildings and people and animals and water. The Jungle has got actual native people that hunt animals down there. They can’t reach the classrooms, they’re up on ledges about a hundred feet up from the trees. But they still shoot arrows and stuff.The city has helicopters and cars, too. Smells and feels like an actual urban city- it’s even got pollution. And the sad part is is all those Muggles down there aren’t real and they don’t know it.”

1,961 20
37 Serena Laitte

“Don’t you get it, Harry?” Tonks said softly. “They’re not thinking.” “But-” “Because Voldemort is thinking for them. It’s on, Harry. The War has finally gone global.”

2,758 16
38 Beyond the Veil

The stranger is revealed in this very emotional chapter. I was seriously crying as I wrote this. It's beautiful and sad.... I love it, and hopefully you will too. Believe me, this summary doens't do it justice. NOTHING can except this one song but I can't post a song for a summary....

2,294 18
39 Roll the Dice

Slowly, you looked up at him. “How much time?” He sighed, shaking his head. “If a war starts.... months... a year at most.” Breathing in deeply, you ignored the teacher trying to get you to pay attention. “What do we have to do?” He set his jaw. “We’re going to play their game..... one last time.”

2,393 19
40 Initiation

Some comedy cruelty with Serena and Harry, Ron looses his cool majorly, and Amelia and Draco start to plot their escape from the Dark Lord's innermost sanctum. Sort of.

2,059 15
41 Progress of All Kinds

A lot going on in this chapter... People having arguments, weaving nets of lies, and all that fun jazz!!!

2,148 21
42 Return

TISSUE ALERT!!! This chapter is really emotional. It delves into secrets and information... sort of. Harry's past comes back to haunt him in ways never expected, and McGonagall expresses her concerns for the future.

2,416 18
43 Hate, Heartbreak, and Horcrux

WARNING!!!! If you have not read Book 5 (Order of the Phoenix) AND Book 6 (Half Blood Prince), then you should NOT NOT NOT read this!!! It contains MAJOR spoilers that you would kill me for. To read this chapter, you must know about the Veil and what Horcruxes are. If not: TURN BACK NOW!!! Also, this is a bit graphic. Not in a sexual way. Please do not read it if you are susceptable to nightmares.

2,494 28
44 Baby Shower

Lucius' visit to Draco and Amelia, some midnight apparating, the journey home, Amelia and Harry's reunion, the Spy overhearing some plans, and all out chaos where it is not intended to be. Can't these kids just have one party that doesn't get ruined?? NO!!! Enjoy, you'l like!!

5,135 16
45 Sunday Morning

Updated on my school laptop so it will only let me select one character.... Has to do with Catherine, Tom, secrets, death, and a mysterious thing long hidden...

2,078 15
46 Quid Pro Quo!

His voice shook as he spoke. “Don’t turn into someone I can’t love, Amelia.” “I’m not trying to,” she said softly. “But you are anyways!” Harry said loudly. “I won’t sit by and watch you change irreparably! Please, Amelia, stop whatever it is. Change your career, or come back home, do something... You’re dying somewhere...”

2,132 20
47 Fiancee

...DON'T KILL ME!!!!! Draco whispered, “It burned.” Your plastic fork clattered to the table. “What?!” He nodded gravely. “A few minutes ago. We’ve got to go.” “Draco-” “YOU MUST!” Daring to break the silence, you heard a voice not quite your own come out of your mouth. “My Lord.”

2,035 18
48 The Ghost

...With every lie-filled letter you sent Harry about how you spent your days, you spent a sleepless, guilty night lying in the guest room of Draco’s apartment, trying not to think about any of it. As you came to the door, Billy said, “Is it about the ghost?” // “Eet’s just the way I know how to communicate with men...” Harry nodded coldly, turning to walk away. “It shows.” // “Like stealing candy from a baby...” she murmured. “And shoving it back down their throat...”

1,899 9
49 Animosity and Ardor

LOADS happening in this chapter.... Lots of POV changing, but it's good.... JUST DONT KILL ME!! “It’s going to start,” she whispered. “What is?” She looked over. “Everything.”

2,252 11
50 A Mad Affair

“What’s happening?” Your throat was suddenly very dry. “It’s... a mad affair, sir...” Dumbledore patiently waited. “And?” “Catherine Waldsh is not just a ghost anymore, Albus,” you said, looking up at him. “He brought her back.... and I’m her horcrux.”

2,708 9
51 Baby Blood

Some baby, some Christmas, a surprise present, Molly and Ron being sarcastic to each other, and a Christmas to remember forever.... Yep, sounds like something I would write!!!

2,918 19
52 Leaving Without Going

Your fingertips were feeling an odd, rippling sensation that felt like the fabric of reality... It was bringing back memories, Draco’s wand, the arch, the visions, the letters, the pointless, stupid pictures and symbols swirling in your head, your mother’s face.... Last time, it had taken you to the Land of the Dead. Now, as you moved your hand around, feeling the atmosphere, the dimension... you felt yourself being taken into Penelope’s reality.

2,580 14
53 A Loony Victory

Amelia has a few strange encounters, Harry is confused, Hermione is sarcastic due to pregnancy hormones...... All normal? Why, of course...

2,258 13
54 Welcome the New Year

Quite a fluffy, funny chapter, if I do say so myself.... Just be warned..... enjoy the fluff while it lasts....

2,289 13
55 Dear Diary...

The pain I feel whenever they pity me, when they love and care for me, isn’t anything that Voldemort can cause upon my being, no scars he induced can match those forming on my soul. ....How can these hands, that are so tarnished and stained with innocent blood.... How can they raise a child? How can these fingers, which have held weapons and knives and a killing wand.... How can they also caress the cheek of a baby?

2,522 16
56 In The Library

His eyes looked up and met yours, and you knew that this was no child, this was not a little two-year old boy. “The son. He’s coming to you.”****“Amyas died a long time ago, Minerva.... It is time you let him go...” Eighteen years worth of tears needed to be shed, but still she wanted to hold them in, to forget about all of it, to pretend the mistake, the murder.... that it had never taken place.****“Well... what’s your name?” His blue eyes watched you for a bit, before his pale pink lips moved. “Amyas.”

1,460 9
57 Amyas

“And that is where you were always wrong, Minerva! That is where you made the folly! He was never a child, he was born to die!”

2,957 23
58 Like A Wraith

Eighteen years ago, Amelia, I made a massive mistake. I let a fleeting thought, a passing glance of interest, burn into a raging fire. I allowed what never should have been, to come to be..... Yet, we never get our wishes without a price, do we? She was pregnant, and I had all but destroyed us against the enemy... His entire life was secret, he was supposed to be like a wraith... Never heard.... Nary seen... Naught known...But that moment, when he first and last wailed into the world, when his eyes opened and saw mine... that moment, I lived.”

2,135 12
59 A Prophecy Read Wrong

"From then on, we did not speak of him as “the baby” or “our child,” but as the vessel, the future, the one that would end these times....But then that day came, when he was born, when his eyes opened in his rosy face and stared into mine, his whole hand could not even make it around my pinkie, Amelia.... He was perfect.... I remember looking into the wide, open eyes of my son, my son who was to be this man’s end, who was to bring us peace... And yet I felt nothing but incredible grief of losing him. I wept for the first time in my life, and on the inside.... I don’t think I ever stopped..."

2,196 6
60 Camping In the Jungle

"This isn't a test, this is psychological warfare!" ~ Slyke brought out a Muggle airhorn and blared it, causing several of the class to jump. Immediately, whoops and shrieks sounded from the depths of the jungle. Slyke smiled. "Well, now that they’re awake...." ~ Harry watched in horror as the cannibal boy's thin fingers snaked over the surfaces of rocks, and then right onto the boots. His fingers stopped, and a look of puzzlement came over his face as his fingers rubbed her boot.

3,884 9
61 River Ride

Suddenly, a rough hand grabbed him by the head, wrenching him up. Immediately, he gasped for breath, and saw an alarmingly tall native man holding his head in one hand. He had a dark brown face and was completely naked, but covered in tattoos and scars. His teeth were eerily white, all of them sharpened to a point, and his hair was long and matted. His eyes were small and black in his scarred face, rimmed red. He reminded Harry of the Mori Ksh-Naugs, and a wave of horror flowed over him.

2,177 13
62 Amelia and the Amazon

There was an eerie silence, as though the forest itself had picked up on the danger, and your heart was thumping so hard it sounded deafening. Slowly, the native seemed to take a deep breath, as if preparing for a long dive into a deep swimming pool. Your right hand, which as out of view, reached into your bag, searching for your knife, your gun. Slowly, you could see the dark, gnarled fingers moving, grabbing the leaves of underbrush to pull them aside.

2,521 14
63 Lives Not Yours

“Is everything okay?” he asked softly. You sighed and nodded. “Fortunately, no harm was done.” Harry’s eyebrows knitted. He watched you for a bit, noticing just how one arm was draped over your middle so that your fingers rubbed the fabric of your shirt over your stomach. “Is it what I think....?”

2,238 26
64 Not A Mistake

“Just look at it this way. What with my decision making skills and your decision making skills, we’re bound to make just a few good ones. After all...” His hand slide down to rest warmly over your gut, “This isn’t a mistake.”

2,458 18
65 Boom

Let's just say loats of exploding and, eh... blood? No one wasin sight, and you could see a man’s leg sticking out from underneath a large, metal beam, and blood running from it. You squined your eyes shut, and waited for the oil to catch. No one was coming.

3,504 18
66 A Flesh Wound

“Well,” Billy said, turning to go back into the living room, “I guess that means you won’t be able to help us get revenge on the Twins, then.” “What did they do?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. Billy called back, “Something about a very large amount of condoms popping out of your refrigerator this morning?”

2,178 16
67 All I Ever Did

"Everything I loved you for stopped being real in the instant because you knew you were alone and you knew you had no one left! I would have rather watched your body grow cold on the floor than have to watch you every day like I do, because I know that this isn’t you, and this isn’t a life. No matter how hard you try to protect us you know you can’t do anything about it. No matter how hard you fight, you know you can’t bring them back.”

2,374 26
68 H.A.A.A.

“There’s a little HUH and oh I’ve got me an AH and she has a mate AH and her older sissy AH and what are they?! HAAA! I got me a HAAA!!” ~ Fred Weasley

2,939 21
69 Measuring the Invisible

Something about it was so familiar to her, like a long lost friend from her days as a toddler. Turning the pages frantically, knowing the answer lay within them somewhere, the answer to everything, she met page after page of blankness, always thinking, next page, next page... Reaching a hand to clutch not her pounding heart, but her slightly swollen stomach, she sat up, blinking back horrifying images of darkness, trying to forget that pain, and trying to remember the words that had been scrawled so tantalizingly across that page before it all left her.

2,226 12
70 The Pride That Keeps Us Together

All Weasley this chapter, starts out light and funny but takes a dramatic turn for the worse when Charlie encounters the last person he ever would have expected to see.... Alive. "Now... You will stay here and stop meddling with things that you don’t know about. This....” His wand floated up into the air next to them. Suddenly it splintered and cracked from the inside out, exploding with a loud phut. Charlie let out a cry of rage, watching his wand snap into a hundred pieces. Splinters flew everywhere. “Well, you won’t be needing it anymore, will you?” sneered the Death Eater.

3,221 10
71 Mirage

“I’m alive...” It was a haunting sound, sad but filled with joy, sounding for everything like a consolation to a lover and a promise to a child.*~*"Ye can’t keep fixin’... what keeps breakin’, George. Finally ye’ll reach the point where it won’t fix no more. And there’s noothin’ you can do about it when it doos.”*~*" I will die before I let anything happen to you or him.” “That’s what I’m afraid of,” she whispered.

3,304 12
72 Dealing

Billy rolled her eyes and took a bite of cookie. “I’m surprised Harry doesn’t have you under lock and key.” “No, he just has Tonks and Moody doing a watch on the house,” she said. “And they didn’t stop me?” Amelia shrugged. “Crazy little pixie girls don’t pose much threat to me other than bursting my bladder laughing.” “I made you puke, not pee.” “Fair enough.”~~~~ Yeah. Just that kind of chapter.

3,030 14
73 Professor Landds

“Ginny told me what happened the other day,” Hermione said quietly. “It taught them to watch their actions.” “They’re students, Amelia.” “I’m talking about the Gryffindors.” “I know,” she said softly. “Amelia, you can’t let anything like that happen again. They need you here... You can’t stress yourself too much, you know,” Hermione observed. “The healers told you to take it easy.” “I have been,” she said fiercely. Hermione just watched her, deep brown eyes knowing. After a pause, she said, “What’s your heart tell you?”

2,344 14
74 Bloodlines

"Catherine Waldsh is perhaps the most exceptional witch in this school... Weather we want to admit it or not, she needs to be treated with extreme caution. We know she is a very respectable girl, but sometimes it is the quiet ones that scare us. I am telling you that Catherine is the future. When things start getting worse, as inevitably they always do.... She will be the one, the only one, who will be able to make a large part in stopping it.” It struck her many special powers and unusual traits she had acquired. The more she thought it over, more she wanted to know why.

2,388 12
75 The Fight

“You’re being selfish, Amelia. You’re doing what you want, and you’re not seeing the effects it’s having on your son.” She whirled around to hiss dangerously, “You stay out of my business, Shacklebolt. My son is not a concern of yours, he is not an Auror of yours.” “He won’t be anything for anybody if you don’t give up this stupid pursuit of yours!” ~~“What cause are you serving?!” Harry shouted. She just stared daggers at him, arms crossed over her chest. “I’m trying to help, Harry, that’s what I’m doing!” she yelled.

3,441 11
76 The Night It All Changes

Sort of an in-between chapter. Billy shrugged. “Therapy.” Genny snorted. “One has to wonder what kind of therapy one is speaking of.” “One also has to wonder how hard she would have to kick to get one’s foot up someone’s @--!” Billy threw a rind of bacon at her. Genny lurched away from the bacon and shrieked, “Ew! Bacon!” “So call PETA,” Billy growled. “I am PETA!”

2,008 9
77 The Nightmares

Updated now because genny said that, even though there is a "mejorly evul" cliffie, I should. Don't kill me! “Forgive him...” Suddenly, her abdomen burst into unbearable pain, and as she screamed, she sank into blackness. Harry crawled forward, sobbing, reaching for her, but just as he touched her to turn her over, to hold her and heal her, she went limp, pale lips letting out that one long, last breath.

2,549 26
78 A Second Soul

“Your wife, Amelia, harbors all of these traits. It’s not normal. It’s not natural. She’s been tampered with.” Harry had turned to follow him, “You- you can’t tamper with a person’s genetics... What are you saying?” “I am saying that someone or something changed her, Harry Potter, before she was ever brought into this world. Something dwells within her, some spell or charm, that cannot be deflected, and can only be un-done by it’s maker.”

2,322 11
79 Reasons Beyond Understanding

“All of the case studies of level five Seers have told us that more often than not, pregnancy often makes the eye lean dangerously close to the fine line that divides it from the sixth level.” She sighed. “And of course we have nothing on level sixes, there’s only been a few ever.” “The last one on record?” “'52. Ministry reported losing track of them after that.”

2,376 18
80 The Practicals

She struck Billy, who was off guard and had only started to react when the white jet of light hit her, sending her reeling back two steps. Her copper eyes became glazed and her chin dropped, suddenly, breathing labored as if she were running, her wand hand twitching as if she were trying to move it but unable. Suddenly, Amelia was stumbling out of her chair, forced back by a vicious wave of magic that literally knocked her breathless. Billy was shaking, slightly, her copper eyes looked as though she’d been severely spooked. “Next time, cast a better one.”

2,622 8
81 A Summer Affair

Even though the battle was waged around him, and even though he knew he was to be thrown from Hogwarts, he could only think of completing the spell. Her hands and arms made the movements for the ancient orb of protection, and as the white ball of magic grew, engulfing the hall and castle, he closed his eyes and whispered the spell, wand pointing at her heart. “Horcus vixis.” And from that moment on, he knew that nothing had been the same.

2,735 14
82 A Battle Royale

As the news reporter cried out and ducked at another explosion that rocked the camera and eventually cut off the feed, Amelia sighed. “They know we exist,” she uttered finally, not hearing as the main news anchor went on about technical difficulties. “They’re not supposed to,” Hermione whispered, her brown eyes wide in fear as she held her three-month-old daughter closer. “But they do,” Angelina murmured.

2,574 18
83 A New Day

After watching it for a moment, she swiped it to the floor and ground a heel on it, going back to the kitchen. She couldn’t believe that Fudge was still trying to hide the truth, even after Buckingham Palace itself had exploded. That was being blamed on an extremist group never before heard of that the Ministry was creating at the moment. And somehow, every single Death Eater that hadn’t been killed at the battle last night was missing. Harry had told her that there were countless ones there, stunned and petrified and captured, but they were nowhere to be found, they’d escaped.

3,087 20
84 Birthday Blues

Just passing a bit of time as we get closer to the Big Day.

2,111 12
85 Oddity of Eyes

Just too much friggin cuteness mixed in with some well-placed humor, I feel.

2,953 21
86 A Few Alterations

Harry the baby crying v. Harry the father sleeping, and Billy being a bit, well, Army-ish..... Yeah. Don't ask. You'll enjoy it, no worries.

2,379 19
87 Smile! Caught on Candid Camera

Some good times, but it gets really dramatic at the end. I dropped a major hint in the very beginning about what the drama would be, see if you can find it!!!! Sorry about the no updating, I'm mad bus and I had a tooth pulled today.....

3,079 18
88 A Field Day

“What is it?” he growled, the anger so evident in his voice that the snake hissed angrily as well. “The plans have gone awry.” “How?” he hissed venomously. The figure on the ground swiftly stood, but a foot or so back from their original spot. “My lord.... She has.... been tainted.” A tense silence followed, Voldemort staring at them so hard that a vein in his neck was popping, and his eyes had never seemed so wide. “Tainted.... how....?” “...She still has her combinations, My Lord,” whispered the Death Eater. “She is still the portal you made.” “Then we will seize her...."

2,863 14
89 The Flight

“But-” “I disappeared? I was gone?” she growled, standing before him. She was dressed in a black dress, her Death Eater’s cloak, and tall, spiked boots. She reached a foot up, slamming it onto his chest, pinning him, making him bleed with the heel, forcing him to not breath. “Well guess the what! I’m back with a vengeance, Draco, because no one kills Bellatrix Black without her returning the favor!”

3,008 12
90 Laid Bare

They were going to show to the world that they didn’t have anything to hide, nothing. They could see their scars, their skin, their eyes, everything about them was laid bare in these photos- and this article- for the world to see.

2,386 17
91 Guy Fawke's Day

Party!!! Wooo!!! Party down mijos and mijas!!!!!! She turned, going inside. All of them couldn’t help but stare at the fact that her skirt was about half an inch from revealing- They collectively shook their heads, all thinking Nope, not mine, no looking.

2,417 6
92 Passion

Please. Please. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEEEEE DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO READ MATURE STORIES. God I might get a swift kick in my arse for this even though it IS rated M! *looks warily at the moderators*

2,112 14
93 A Secret and a Stromboli Dinner

Confusion, Emotion, and Meaningful Love.... “Then you know now, Daughter, that something in the drunken lustful sin you commited means something to you, if you would risk God's wrath and ****ation for it again. He will find it in His heart to forgive you, dear Daughter,” the priest said gently. “God forgives all that confess and will Him to be their Lord; and He damns that sin and care not. You seem to care very much of the Lord, my Daughter- He will forgive you.” She cried a bit more, before he heard her small whisper, “But I cannot forgive myself.”

2,306 7
94 Problemas de la Pixie

There comes a moment in everyone’s life where their mind simply cannot function, and this was probably the moment for Amelia. She dropped the box, taking in the scene, seeing every box labeled along the same lines, from company after company. Amelia stared around her in wonder, horror, digging through the piles and mountains of objects, all of them flashing the same words-

3,036 12
95 A Reassurance

Everyone looked up at him at the same moment, like some sort of early television drama, and he slowly closed the door. “...whatever exploded, I did not do it.” Far from lightening the mood, he saw Ron and Charlie exchange an awkward glance. Molly, sitting at the table and looking slightly angry and flushed, asked lightly, “George, dear... how is Billy?”

2,568 15
96 Discoveries

It was a small piece, probably three paragraphs or so, and told of the murder of a woman in Greece. It gave little more than her name, that she was Avada-Kedaveraed, and that she was a prominent figure in her small town, but also “a highly respected and wise representative of the ICP.” ~*~ “Billy!” he grabbed her arm, making her look up at him. “I asked you...” Staring up at him, she slowly shook her head, opening the door. “Don’t do what’s right by me, George. Do what’s right by yourself.”

2,943 22
97 The List

All of them were almost completely unrestricted in their powers. Due to their systems of government, three of them had been subdued from ultimate power at birth by injections, setting them to standard levels for their power mutations. The last, Kreri, had escaped an injection and was a fully blown level six Seer. As she blinked, Amelia saw Kreri’s screaming face as the Death Eaters swooped down upon her, killing her. It wasn’t a day dream, it was a transmission. From the Other Side.

2,411 18
98 Predestination

“Death is not visiting poorly,” Anca spoke softly, making Amelia turn to look at her. “Listen to us.” “You have been told of many things of your doing,” Arlette said. “You have been told of much greatness. But you have not been using it to stop him.” Kreri stepped forward and took Amelia’s hand. Suddenly, the world was sinking, filling with the falling dust, closer to the seaweed bottom. “We are to tell you how.”

2,563 24
99 Inside

Emotion was rising up within his chest, making tears sting his eyes. Finally they stopped walking, as she stood before the fluttering veil, causing her cloak to ripple about her, still holding Harry’s arm. Gently lowering it, the woman reached for his other hand, his wand hand, and raised it, so that his wand was pointed square at her chest.

2,278 10
100 The Dork

His eyes opened in shock, not quite thinking he’d heard right, to stare at her. Of all the thing that had happened to him, well, ever, this sort of topped them all. Sure, he was counted as reckless, if the whole Heather fiasco was anything to attest to it. But out of the Weasley twins, he was the cautious one, the one that thought things out first. The entire pregnancy thing had shattered his thoughtful view on what he did, and scared him a lot. Asking her to marry him had been as much of the notion that it was the Right Thing to Do as much as it had been because he really loved her.

2,446 28
101 A Vision to None

She observed the boy, seeing that he had a scar on the left side of his forehead, just under the hair line. It was roughly formed, a white spider web of lines, but years of seeing it every day in the mirror did not dumb her to what it represented. "Death," he whispered. "You are death. And you will die."    The boy hugged her around the neck, and she hugged back. He was shaking, and crying, as she was. His voice trembled, and her hand reached up to cover his scar, the scar she had caused.
"It hurts when you die."

2,151 15
102 As Eye See It

Spiraling without notice, she suddenly found herself a dangerous Level 6. She had read his thoughts, she had known what he was going to say. Not much longer, now. She had to figure out how to make him understand.

2,236 8
103 White Face

This Amelia was not someone he recognized. She just seemed to float through her day in an oddly Luna-esque manner, as if her mind was not truly in this world any longer. Harry was scared of the things he saw when he shut his eyes, he was afraid of what he might do if he wasn’t guarding himself. For the first time he understood what Amelia used to talk about when she spoke of visions she couldn’t control, the ones where everyone died, but you didn’t know who, where there was a tragic accident you couldn’t discern.

2,688 10
104 The Horcrux

"STOP IT!" Amelia screamed, brandishing her wand.
"Tsk, tsk," Tom Riddle shook his head. "You wouldn’t send a curse in the same direction as your child?"
He held the baby in front of him, like a shield. Amelia felt tears ripping at her throat. Harry stirred on the ground.
"You’re my horcrux, my creation," Voldemort continued. "I made you."

2,114 17
105 Kill Me

Um... omg don't kill me!!!!! *already in hiding*

Harry grabbed Amelia and stood, hugging her tightly. She was too weak to hug him back, she was already dying and couldn’t do anything more than cry. Harry felt the slowing beat of his wife’s chest under his heaving one, and he felt her tears on his skin. Kissing her forehead, Harry whispered,
"I love you. So much."

Shutting his eyes, Harry Potter pointed his wand.

2,272 28
106 The Tree

Harry Potter gripped his wand, turning to face his foe for the last battle. This was it, here, under a dead tree in the land of death, one of them had to die. It always comes in threes...

2,396 13
107 Bleed for Me

Ginny was crying helplessly, and it hurt him to know that while there was nothing she could do for him, there was also nothing he could do to change that. His other hand, shaking, jerking, as he bit in his screams to a low whimper, reached up and brushed the tears from Ginny’s cheeks. Nose pink, she reached and wiped the blood from his. This, forever, would be what it was like to love a Death Eater.

2,270 11
108 I See You

"The Veil is the most powerful known portal in the Magical world, Shacklebolt," he spat his name. "To breath the veil is certain death, given to the worst criminals in our government. The Veil is not for rescue missions. We will send in Unspeakable Agents to recover the bodies as soon as it is safe. They are dead, Shacklebolt."
"We leave no Auror behind, dead or alive," he said softly. "We are rescuing Amelia and Harry Potter, because they are still alive."

2,137 19
109 Disenchanted

She remembered being told how when you killed someone, your soul split itself in half, so that you weren’t whole anymore, and that was how horcruxes were made, with halves of souls. All of Amelia’s had been used for Catherine, and now she felt her entire body ripping itself apart to remove Catherine. It was so painful, it left her breathless, she could barely even breathe. Vaguely, in the back of her mind, she remembered what this was called.

"Disenchanted," she gasped.

4,407 28
110 The Shockwave

He had known, the entire time she was telling him the fate of others, that she had not mentioned his wife for a reason. Now the feeling of urgency returned, the feeling that he was desperate to find her and know that she was alive, that she was the same as she always was.

3,450 10
111 I Dream of A Beach...

"Every night, for so long, I dream of a beach. With white sand, and quiet waves. With no footsteps in on the ground except mine. Every night Sirius hugs me and kisses my head, and we sit in the sand, and he picks some up and lets it drop through his fingers. And as it falls he looks at me and says, ‘We’re waiting.'"

3,847 6
112 Epilogue: The Lightningbolt Scar

 "I never asked for my lightningbolt scar. I never asked for Tom Riddle to set me apart from the rest of the magical world. I never asked for him to kill my parents, or to constantly try to kill me. I never asked for the attention I got as a young Hogwarts students, the others staring and pointing and talking about the attention-needy Boy Who Lived. I never asked to have to be the one writing this book. I never asked for my lightningbolt scar, but Tom gave it to me.

......And that was his undoing..."

805 45


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