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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, Lucius, Voldemort, Draco, Pansy
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Horror/Dark, Romance, Angst
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme,
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-06-17 1:04am
Last Chapter
2006-02-10 2:57am
Last Updated
2006-02-10 2:57am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue: Deception, Betrayals, and Lies: Welcome to my Life

Banner: Finicky Optimist! Thx! I am an assassin. If people knew that, they would hate me, so I remain silent. My past is complicated, one I'd rather forget. As a small child, I was kidnapped by Death Eaters and trained to be a killing machine. My mission has been to pry useful information from Harry Potter. Now, my mission: kill him. My only problem...I've fallen in love with him. Will I be able to carry out my mission? I don't know. All I ask is that you read my story. The story of a girl named Hermione Jane Granger.

1,485 46
2 My Hands are Stained with Blood

Hermione's life gets another terrible jolt..."All of a sudden, the front door burst open and my dad appeared at the door. Normally I run toward him at top speed and jump into his arms but that day was different. His eyes were red and bloodshot, he was mumbled incomprehensibly, and a cracked and dripping beer bottle was swinging from his hands. His hair was dirty and uncombed and his breath smelt of alchohol...." What will happen next? Read to find out!

2,861 26
3 Why Me?

"Hermione. How nice it was to hear my name again, remind me of who I was, to keep me from truly becoming the terrible, heartless monster that I was forced to impersonate. Every once and a while, through my pain, I would manage to talk. Not often, but every now and then, I would ask him to speak my name. Hermione. It’s amazing how important something as trivial as your name can become when you have nothing else to hold on to."...Hermione remains prisoner to Malfoy and begins to grasp that she may never make it out. She also realizes why she is being be trained as an assassin.

2,875 17
4 You Will Never Break Me Down

"If you ask anyone what they think the most powerful emotion is, almost everyone would have to answer love. However, if you ask me now what the most powerful emotion is, I would have to answer hate. For when hate toward my father coursed through my veins on that fateful night, I managed to do the unthinkable and stab him, kill him. And now, as I looked upon the man named Lucius Malfoy, a very similar hate devoured me and I was, once again, able to do the unthinkable..."

2,803 20
5 The Character Analysis Test

"Yes, I would murder someone without hesitation if given the chance. I would torture them and watch as they screamed and writhed in agony until their swearing ceased and they lay dead and broken on the ground. And you, Lucius Malfoy, had better start running, because that monster...that b*stard who calls himself a man, the man I so desperately want to you..." Hermione reflects on the terrible turn her life has taken and comes to terms with her worst fears...

2,526 18
6 It Can't Be...

For, no matter how often I try to blot it out of my head, I cannot stop Malfoy’s haunting words from echoing through my head whenever I am asleep at night, and, despite where I am, whether I be safe where no one can harm me or camping out in the middle of a forest known as a home to werewolves, I cannot help but break out into a sweat and begin to cry for help, tears of fear and detestation running down my cheeks. For this is what he said: “You’re going to see the Dark Lord.”

1,143 14
7 Nothing Is As It Seems

Just when you begin to think that everything makes sense, that you understand it all, you fall on your face and realize that nothing is as it seems...

1,912 15
8 Lost

"If an unnamed man murdered my father, I would kill him no matter the price, because revenge is something to be desired, a thing of value... I did not need a reason to carry out an order. If I was ordered to do something, I would do it, because it was my duty... I would not hesitate to kill one I loved if I was ordered to, because love was for the weak..."

3,392 9
9 First Kill

Malfoy began to talk, his voice flat and emotionless, strictly business. “Who this man is and what he does is not important,” he said. “All that matters is that he is a threat. You know what that means.” Reluctantly, I raised my eyes to meet his cold, icy ones. “You have been telling me for months that you will take orders without question. Now I want you to prove it and murder this insignificant man.” Tears began to well in my eyes. Doing something in theory was one thing, but doing it in practice was something totally different...

1,684 20
10 Second Thoughts

But you do not keep me down, little one. You do far from that. The more you resist, the prouder I grow of you. The more you flail and punch, the harder I will work to subdue you. For it is always the feisty ones, the ones with character, that make the best agents. The best assassins. Flair and desire, will and caution, all is needed to become successful in this line of work...But you will break. By the end, you will break, begging for mercy. They all do...

2,080 22
11 Heart of Darkness

I cannot help but let the hatred that I feel for Malfoy engulf me. I’m caught in the flames, the heat of hate and I cannot, no matter how hard I try, get myself out. I cannot escape; I cannot find the light. I find myself wanting to cause pain, wanting to torture, wanting to kill whenever I am forced to look upon Malfoy’s face. But I cannot tell Draco about this. I cannot tell anyone. I cannot even admit it to myself. Because, if I do, I will be admitting that there is a dark side to me. And if I admit that I have a darker side of me, what will stop it from fully taking me over?

3,265 19


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