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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
No Warnings
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-06-15 6:33am
Last Chapter
2007-10-16 4:25am
Last Updated
2007-10-20 9:25am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Corrine Lee and the Marauders

Sometimes, being locked in a compartment with the new girl while hiding from the mob of screaming fans, can lead to an unbreakable friendship.

2,642 29
2 Lily Flowers and Marauder Secrets

All secrets from crushes to midnight escapades are easily spilled to a trustworthy friend who will listen. The boys begin to trust Corrine as if she were one of their own and as Hogwarts greets the new student, it's as if it's already home.

3,189 22
3 First Impression Apologies

Corrine gets her first up close and personal encounter with the relationship between Lily and the Marauders, but can she convince her new dorm mate that James and the others are nothing like she believes them to be? And who is she to question what Lily has seen of them? She is only the new girl isn't she? But sometimes, I suppose, you can see a painting every day for six years and not see the detail and complexity until a foreign eye points it out. Also, what's Sirius playing at?

4,876 15
4 New Student Jitters

As classes begin the awkwardness of being new is a bit unnerving. But as one of the Marauders' friends you're more or less guaranteed a golden ticket into comfortable school days. But with instant popularity and pull with the 'coolest' boys in school comes enemies. There are a few resentful souls who are convinced that Corrine is a horrible person at heart. Now my readers know better of course right?

3,304 20
5 Where Your Loyalties Lie

Sticks and stones may break my bones did not just talk about my mother! no one badmouths your mother. wouldn't you want to hex them into oblivion too if they said something bad about the woman who birthed you? Well, Corrine is no exception, thankfully though, she finds herself surrounded by friends who not only stop her from doing something incredibly not worth the effort, but pledge their loyalty to her as well. What are friends for anyway?

3,909 12
6 New Feelings

In school emotions are more or less the biggest and most confusing dilemma in a teenagers life. And sometimes, though your head may be screaming for the rationality of it all, your heart is so much louder.

4,056 11
7 The Great Schism

*sigh* it's so typical [at least in my life] for a boy to be comepletely wonderful one minute...and the next just NOT GET THE POINT! Well, even the Marauders have their off days, but who knew that such a wonderful morning could turn such a long dark night?

4,470 15
8 Digging His Grave

Sometimes things just elevate to a degree that is unimaginable and the only place to go from there is down. Down in a spiraling vortex of destruction. Now, there are three sure fire ways to guarantee a break down. Emotional unrest, Anger, and alcohol. Sadly sometimes the hero is blind.

4,995 11
9 You Are Not My Friend.

The inner workings of the female brain have proven to be completely intangible to men. And statements like, "what do you think i want? and you better not be wrong." pretty much add to the whole mix of male confusion. *sigh* sadly at the age of sixteen you are as stupid as possible and if you add a the fact that you've got a crush, it's easy to see that Sirius is pretty much screwed. =] please REVIEW!!

4,217 19
10 With War There Is Unity

In times of Conflict even the worst enemies can find common ground. With war, ironically, there is unity. And in the case of James Potter and Lily Evans, a friendship has been formed.

2,654 16
11 Saving lives and Quidditch Matches

For the Maruaders this next Quidditch match is becoming increasingly important but can Sirius turn it around for himself? And what of James' birthday? Has this ongoing feud put a hindrance on the Famous Potter Birthday Bash.

3,142 22
12 Sirius' Losing Streak and Lily's Wasted Talent

A fight can change your perspective, and sometimes it just becomes apparent that in the process of a yourself change. And you have to start wrapping your mind around the idea that...maybe this is how it's supposed to be...

5,967 14
13 I've Got Plans

With the imminent dance fast approaching, it seems that there are a few more surprises, consisting of Remus and Nikkila growing closer, and one hell of a prank. =]

2,869 18
14 Pranks and Two One Night Truces

'Just for tonight.' defenses are down. and ladies and gentlemen this is the time where inhibitions just get in the way. there are times to let go and tonight just might be one of them. --words of wisdom from rose--

5,500 13
15 Just Friends vs More than Friends.

The Dance is here ladies and gentlemen, and Nikkila's got a few surprises for her friends [Like the fact that she can sing] And Remus is throughly impressed. While Sirius sulks at the fact that Corrine has got a date and they seem to be getting cozier by the minute.

2,896 12
16 Nikkila's Got The Fever

So the dance has finally arrived and things start to heat very different ways. While Remus and Nikkila have fire burning in their hearts for each other, Sirius is sending nothing but dangerous flames at Wesley, while he and Corrine are trying their best to have a good time. James and Lily have charted an unspoken contract to flirt, but could that possibly be jeapordized by another Lily suiter?

5,742 18
17 The Ice is Melting

The night is going on, Sirius finds himself on Corrine's defense. Could this possibly be enough to thaw the frozen friendship? And what of James and Lily. This Jeffrey Hamilton has certainly made an impression, and it's obvious this is not the last time we'll see him. Could there possibly be another suiter?

4,421 14
18 Ending On A Good Note

There are really no words to describe this well awaited chapter. Only questions to be answered. Will Corrine and Sirius finally come to agreement of their friendship status? Is Lily fawning over Hamilton the way he apparently wants her to? Is James more than what he seems to Lily? And is tonight, a defining moment more so than any other before? You'll find out all the answers here my friends, so I hope you do enjoy the read. =]

5,258 21
19 Christmas Happenings and the V.V.

With the gang separated for the holidays one would think that it would be a bit of a fever breaker, but no no no my friends, the heat is just rising. With James offering Lily a "forward" present and Sirius and Corrine cuddling. So who just barged in to Frank's gameroom?

6,268 16
20 Birthday Surprises

There is trouble a-brewing. Mixed feelings all ends of the couple scale, and also the appearance of someone from Corrine's past who she never thought she'd see again. And on a small level never wanted to see again.

5,662 13
21 Discussing Cecilia Over Coffee

With the appearance of the Prodigal Lee daughter it leaves Corrine in a bad place. What could possibly Cecilia have done to make her sister that mad at her? Even the Schism between Sirius and Corrine wasn't bad enough to last three Cecilia must of done something worse...

5,429 20
22 Interruptions and Fireside truths

"Sometimes the truth needs no explanation...especially if it comes from the heart" Lily and James have some bonding to do. It's amazing what the winter hols can do to a person eh?

4,585 24
23 The Benefits of Eavesdropping

Corrine and Cecilia have their first heart to heart, while Sirius makes sure they aren't killing each other.

3,548 24


581 3
25 What Her Father Thinks of You Isn't Everything....Somtimes...

So, a lot of emotion, a lot of introductions. Sometimes life can just be a real jerk making you go through all of the struggles of the family of the girl you like not being very fond of you and then competition showing up. Competition that her parents are actually VERY fond of.

4,239 17
26 A Past Life, An Ultimatum, and A Sacrifice

Sometimes you must sacrifice a small part of yourself so that you don't lose a whole someone else. There are times in life, where we must all choose a lesser of two evils, and though life may not seem fair, it is still bearable, even if we don't think that it is at the time.

2,652 27
27 Cookies and Contradictions

This chapter just needs to be read so I won't go into too much detail. But you should know, that you are about to get very frustrerated with Sirius for being a bit of a hardheaded git. And also, Lily and James meet the parents. =]

4,383 19
28 Getting Pissed and What's For The Best

Sometimes getting pissing drunk out of your mind isn't the best idea. And then getting into an argument with a massive hang over isn't the best idea either. Corrine's upset over Sirius has her not thinking straight and while the rest of her friends try to help her out of the unbelievable situation she has put herself in, Sirius is being neurotic and a scaredy-cat while Cecilia just seems to be talking nonsense.

6,165 15
29 Corrine Asked, But Jeffrey Clearly Didn't.

Corrine is on a rampage. She's going to get Sirius to realize that she wants him or...well there is no other option. She was going to do it and by golly he better like it.

As for the others seems ever charming Jeffrey has his own sleaze-bag moments and has created waves in Lily/James happydom. Looks like there is trouble up ahead in paradise, and Lily and James might be set back a few paces.

4,534 18
30 Back to Square One

Miscommunications and Drunken New Year's Eve parties are as good a mix as Vodka and pills. Ladies and Gentlemen, please drink responsibly, and always get your facts straight first.

3,693 37
31 The Intitiation of Sirius

Lily and James come face to face and it's not pretty. Meanwhile, Sirius has to deal with the repercussions of dating a daughter of one of the largest Wizarding families of the community. Apparently, all of her cousins, not just her dad and her brother are overprotective when it comes to Corrine.

3,539 30


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