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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Sirius/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance, Angst
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-06-07 5:00pm
Last Chapter
2008-06-09 11:59am
Last Updated
2008-09-07 7:31am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1 - Totally Different Realities

"He's Headboy. She doesn’t want to know him. But living at Hogwarts will always bring them together, especially when she finds out his most terrifying secret ..." A Lily and James fic, with a twist!

2,646 27
2 Chapter 2 - A Train of Thought

Dear Professor McGonagall,

It seems that I have missed the train. I was held up by a muggle near the entrance and there was no way that I could have got through without notifying others of the wizarding world. I am really sorry, but I was hoping someone would be able to get me, or tell me what to do.

Yours sincerely
Lily Evans.

2,105 19
3 Chapter 3 - McGonagall's Meeting

“Potter! POTTER! Wait up! Potter!” He didn’t stop, even though she was sure he had heard her. “Potter! James!” 

2,492 20
4 Chapter 4 - The First Change of Heart

“What’s that on your neck?” she asked suddenly, causing him to jump slightly from the old armchair. He stared at her, almost scared as he raced to cover the cuts on his neck up, wincing at the action. “Nothing… just some cuts… nothing to worry about.”

1,453 13
5 Chapter 5 - His Secret

“Sirius! You’d better wake up now, or you don’t know what I’ll do! This is important… its about … James.” And with that Sirius shot out of bed, and looked worriedly at Remus.

1,126 34
6 Chapter 6 - Friends

“Ah – Lily…?” James asked quietly.


“Will you…”

Lily knew what he was going to ask. Normally her answer would be “NO!” and to run away, but today she felt differently. Would she say yes to James Potter?

1,383 6
7 Chapter 7 - Sleep Deprivation

“James. James? Wake up!”

James stirred. Someone was in his dorm. A girl.

He slowly opened his eyes, to meet those of Lily evens and nearly fell off his bed.

“Lily! What are you doing up here?”

Lily looked at him puzzled.

2,028 7
8 Chaper 8 - The Flower and the Stag.

“My Mum – she’s all alone with my Dad, in that big scary house and there is nothing I can do to stop him from hurting her. I can no longer be her shield, take the punishment when she does something wrong.”

Lily stared at the once handsome face, only now seeing sorrow, regret and pain.

2,431 11
9 Chapter 9 - Flight

“I didn’t know if it was good enough.” James muttered, embarrassed.

Lily looked at him curiously – when did James Potter ever get embarrassed.

“You’re too modest Potter! I am going to notify St Hilbert’s Auror academy about this
immediately . They’re always looking for bright young talent –"

2,590 12
10 Chapter 10 - Not in a Million Years

She looked down at his waist in horror.

James looked at her funnily, and frowned. “What?”

“James… you’re – you’re bleeding!”

2,996 14
11 Chapter 11 - Something Wrong

Yet again, had it been any other time, Lily would have politely acknowledged McGonagall, apologising for the sudden interruption, but instead she looked straight at her headmaster.

“There is something wrong with James.”

2,540 18
12 Chapter 12 - 'Werewolves Don't Bite Animals'

“How was he not bitten?”

Sirius was a little taken aback by Dumbledore’s quick wit, but instead of voicing his surprise he simply answered, “Werewolves don’t bite animals.”

It was now Lily’s turn to be surprised. She took a sharp intake of breath and turned to look back at James’ unconscious form.
No – it couldn’t have been…

1,933 15
13 Chapter 13 - Infection

“Are you a pureblood?” Bellatrix asked, forcing Lily back to reality.


“Are your parents wizards?” She asked, a little impatient.

Lily smiled at this. “Oh – no, I’m the first witch in the family.” She told them happily.

Bellatrix’s happy demeanour suddenly faded, and she scowled darkly at her.

2,135 14
14 Chapter 14 - A Sirius Relationship

He looked her into her green eyes, as she looked back into his familiar, cold grey ones. She could feel his breathe on her lips, and knew how wrong this close proximity felt.

However, before either could react to the present, situation, Lily slipped in the snow, and they lips locked. He froze, and looked at her confusedly. Lily let her mouth open slightly, and could feel his tongue run across her moist lip.

2,397 21
15 Chapter 15 - Of Dresses and Dates

“I see, and are we still going to the ball together?” James asked her.

The conversation that was taking place around them went suddenly silent, and Lily winced, remembering that she hadn’t yet told either of her friends. She was also pretty sure that James hadn’t told Sirius either.

“You two are going to the ball together?” Sirius asked in disbelief. He looked closely at Lily, trying to read her expression.

“You owe me a galleon,” Lily heard Olive whisper to Alice.

2,796 16
16 Chapter 16 - Before the Ball

“Do you like James?” he asked, almost in a whisper.

Lily was little caught off guard, not because of the question, but because of who had asked it.

“It’s obvious, I know.” She muttered to him.


Lily nodded and sighed. “Yeah I do.” She admitted, almost confidently for the first time.

2,696 17
17 Chapter 17 - Still Friends?

James slowly and gently kissed ever singly tear that had fallen down her cheek. And even though she could feel the cold, salty water rubbing up against her cheeks, her nose and her chin, she could also feel his warm lips and the remaining tingling feeling they left.

2,640 28
18 Chapter 18 - Air

She took his hand, and let him place her behind him. Grabbing her arms, he placed them around his body tightly, and then took hold of the broom.

“I know this sounds rather cliché - but hold on tight!” James kicked off the ground and Lily clung onto him as tight as she possibly could.

2,839 20
19 Chapter 19 - Thestrals

‘You can only see thestrals when you have watched someone die. Lily, who have you seen die?’

Lily could still remember Olive’s words from that letter and although she knew the exact answer to that question, it took a lot of courage to write back to Olive.

‘It was my father’.

2,779 22
20 Chapter 20 - The Potter Manor

Lily felt so hot against his body, her veins were throbbing and her head was light and dizzy. She could not explain the feeling, but she knew she wanted him, right then and there.

2,378 22
21 Chapter 21 - Again

“Open the door, you ungrateful boy!”

Lily heard James’ breath fasten and looked up at him. He was frozen in his seat, and she could see the terror in his eyes.

“Lily-” He said rather quietly and breathlessly, “Go into my bedroom, and hide yourself,”

2,407 24
22 Chapter 22 - His Charm

His body was wracked with shuddering sobs as he clutched his body tighter. Lily could see the tears falling through his fingers, and wanted to do nothing more than hold him in her arms.

3,073 22
23 Chapter 23 - Boys Will Be Men

Instead of whacking Lily, Sirius turned to whack James on the side of the face.

Lily thought that she was the only one that noticed James wince in pain, but she was wrong. Sirius stopped his hand still half in the air. He looked at James in concern, and moved closer to his friend.

“When did he hurt you?” He whispered harshly, pulling James’ face closer to his own so he could inspect the bruise. “I knew - I knew the other day at breakfast. Why didn’t you tell anyone,”

3,266 21
24 Chapter 24 - Control

Yet, as soon as he entered the room she tensed up and looked away. Never wanting to make that same eye contact. Defying his need to see those emerald eyes in person - not from a distance. Close and personal. Close enough for him to touch her.

809 35
25 Chapter 25 - The 25th of December

All James wanted to do was punch him, but he restrained himself against it, and instead, walked forward and sat down with Lily at the table. He would need to keep an eye on that man. He glanced back at Jack and glared at him, watching his retreating figure with disgust, before turning back to his girlfriend.

2,963 26
26 Chapter 26 - Of Punch and Pasties

Lily turned to see where he was going and saw James’ father standing, a little red faced, at the other side of the hall. Was James going to confront him? She then noticed that Sirius, who was a few metres in front of James, was also making his way in Henry Potter’s general direction.

3,355 31
27 Chapter 27 -What Happened

He pushed himself onto her, his body heavy against hers. Lily deepened the kiss, her hands moving to his back.

“I love you,” She muttered between kisses.

He just nodded.

2,915 39
28 Chapter 28 - Solitude

However, James was not at the feast that night. Nor was he in classes on Monday. Or Tuesday. Or even Wednesday, and by Thursday evening Lily had reluctantly began to grow worried.

3,544 45


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