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Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin, Snape, James, Lily, Sirius, Lucius, Narcissa, Pettigrew
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Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-06-02 4:29am
Last Chapter
2009-12-09 7:49am
Last Updated
2009-12-09 7:49am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Why Lily Hates James

 Well, this is my Lily.James fanfic, and it ties in with my other 3 series... Ever wondered how Lily and James ended up together? Ever wondered why Peter turned on them? Ever wondered why Sirius, the ultimate bacheor, never got married and settled down? Find out what I think happened, and more...

3,131 47
2 Tears, Cheers, and 6 Past Years

“You wouldn’t fancy me if you were gay?” asked James, sort of offended. “No, Jamsie, if I were gay I am quite sure I’d fancy you,” Sirius said, rolling his eyes. “In fact, I think I do right now and I’m not even gay. Damn, mate, how do I resist you?!” James made an alarmed face, and Sirius glared at him. “I WAS JOKING!” “Oh. Iknewthat.... Seriously, you would fancy me if you were gay, right?”

2,354 33
3 It Seems So Nasty!

Lily made a face. Of course she knew her best friend and Charles had, er.. done the dirty, but still, it never ceased to disgust her that she’d let herself do that before marriage. “I think sex is gross.” “WHAAAT?!”

2,602 25
4 Snitch Glitch

Next thing he knew, her eyes flashed angrily, and a hand slapped him hard across the face. He let out a howl that gained the attention of almost everyone in the common room, and he dropped the hat. Lily grabbed it, shoving it roughly and backwards back onto the crown of her red head, glaring at him. “Great shot, Evans!” called Sirius, laughing.

2,621 23
5 Nurse Lily

James sighed and nodded, walking off to his bed a few down, as Lily had taken a free one in a corner. However, he paused a few feet away. “Does that mean I’m not to speak of you kissing me?” Lily glared. “I did not kiss you, Potter. You tricked me and lunged yourself at me so plant what you seem to think suffices as a human kiss on my cheek.” “Oh, so you do admit it happened?” he asked brightly.

2,621 17
6 Double-0 Becky

Lily shot Sirius Black a look as he screamed something about an apocalypse, then noticed that James Potter actually seemed to be reading. “Amazing,” she muttered. “Isn’t he?” asked Becky. Lily gave her a face. “I meant that he was reading.” Becky smiled. “I know.”

2,104 13
7 Library Time

James and Lily in a Library.... tiihii for an encounter GREATLY involving some genitalia..... *wicked smile*

2,020 16
8 Bubble Girl Evans

“You saw my boggart?” she whispered. “I saw....” Sirius said harshly. “Go on, Lily. Go on and keep walking out on everybody.” He reached and roughly wiped off the blood pooling on her brow. “Don’t let me stop you from lying to yourself.”

2,981 21
9 Lily's Boggart

Arguments, fights, assults, and secrets.... Yeah all in this chapter.

2,504 13
10 Friends

FRIENDS!!! aren't they GRAND!!! Especially when it's Lily and james..... mwaahahaha Some friends and flirting, what more do you need?!

3,212 17
11 Bloody Hearts For Valentines'

It's amazing how fragile life is. How it can be taken away with a snap. The arrival of a rose is an omen for Lily, but things spiral out of control before she can even realize what's happening. What will happen from here? Voldemort has taken away everything she has, and she is utterly alone. James tries to help, but will it be enough? Some things are too permanent to reverse. Some things are too tragic to forget. And some things.... are too horrible to comprehend...

3,811 20
12 Denial, Distraction, and Death

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Look at my pretty new banne I made!!! ^_^ He’d seen Becky try to comfort Lily. He’d seen the desperation in Rebecca Smith’s eyes to make he friend stop hurting. But Lily was rigid and cold, didn’t even respond when Becky tried to draw her into idle conversation. And it was then that James had realized. Somehow, he was all Lily had left.

2,389 23
13 The Letter

As they both rounded the corner and James went to go through a shortcut, Lily took his hand and pulled him down the hall after her. He didn’t say anything, but smiled to himself. “You said you wouldn’t leave me,” Lily said to him. “I’m holding you to your solemnest word as a Marauder.”

2,563 11
14 Petunia

Going home for the funeral, some confrontation between Petunia and James, and not to mention the fact that this is 19 hours of no magic.... It's gonna be a long, long time....

2,289 8
15 Breakdown

James learns about Muggle appliances, Petunia is a royal b-word, and Lily finally has the breakdown she's been managing to keep in for a week.

2,656 12
16 Exploding Muggle Machines

James has a run-in with muggle appliances, Lily has a p*ss fit a Petunia for some things, and the ending will make you go "awwww" I garuntee it!!

2,113 12
17 Torturous Revenge

I dedicate this entire chapter to my best mate EVER, Genny. yes, the infamous Genny from FFA!!! I love he to bits and she recently had a tonsilectomy this past Thursday. Not only that but she can barely eat and feels like she's going to die in pain. This chapter is right up her alley in comedy, and she loved it, so I dedicate it to her. LUV U, GEN! Lily and James use old fashioned boy-girl revenge on each other. Who started it? Who ended it? What happens in-between? Let's just say it gets interesting....

2,411 13
18 If Magic Could Change The World

18 If Magic Could Change The World All about good times, until we realize what kind of monster show we're running. Thanks to SamanthaKeo for the great cupcake line!!!

1,857 16
19 Changes

James gets a little cocky and gets himself slapped. What else is new?

2,342 10
20 Marauder's Code of Secret Death

Peter learns what a Microwave is, James tries to stab Sirius with a fork. Sirius thinks James raped Lily. James forces Sirius to take the Maraduer's Code of Secret Death. Becky becomes Lily's personal shrink. And somehow Lily manages to make James feel like an idiot. AMAZING!!!

2,234 13
21 Light of the Moon

Sirius’ ears suddenly perked. James immediately strained his ears. Sirius’ hair, all of it, stood on end, and he looked straight at the door. James smelled it an instant after he did, and dread filled his entire body. He recognized that smell, shampoo. Lily Evan’s shampoo. **Animals can smell fear, she thought to herself. Remus isn’t Remus, anymore, he’s a werewolf. Don’t be afraid, for god’s sake, don’t be afraid! It’s nothing, he can’t smell me, I’m not here... **Remus’ entire body became stick still, rigid and stiff. He let out a roar. "BLOOOOOD!"

2,907 13
22 The Marauders

There was silence for a while, before James glanced over. “How’d you like it?” he asked. She glared. “Oh, yes James, I have always secretly desired to wave my bosoms round in the frigid midnight air from the top of a castle.” He smiled. “See, being a Marauder isn’t so bad!”

2,886 16
23 Living Secrets

Sort of general chapter. Lils being sort of confused and amused. James strikingly deep in his thought, mainly about Lily. Sirius being a dolt. What else is new?? Oh, yea, James and Lily now like each other..... Read on!!

3,628 13
24 Hogsmeade

Lily gives Peter love adivce. James is a butt headed pervert that keeps saying he's going to shag Lily. Remus is Remus. Sirius uses a butterbeer to propose.... Yep, it's a normal Marauder's day in Hogsmeade

2,433 14
25 Arguments and Quidditch

“Have fun while it lasts,” Lucius snickered. James narrowed his eyes. “What do you mean by that, Malfoy?” The blond man, however, just shrugged airily and walked out before him. “Just that sometimes the magic is being done where you aren’t looking....”

2,276 10
26 The Cup

LOTS of bad things going on in this chapter. Just... DON'T KILL ME!!!! *runs* Lily is the damsel-in-distress, James comes to her resuce in the most unlikely way, Sirius stands up for what's right very extremely, Remus for once is confused, and everything is getting more and more unfair.

3,140 23
27 Version 2.0

He’d noticed, too, how much time he and Lily spent together, but it was not as if it bothered him. Really he could not tell if he was around her, or she around him, it just worked out somehow that there they were, Potter and Evans, off talking together. James sighed, “She needs friends, not a boyfriend.” Sirius shook his head, eyes deeper than ever. “No, James, she fed you that lie. She doesn’t need friends, she needs you.”

2,629 18
28 Fox's Jazz

Some name-calling, some jazz dancing, and just a a liiiittle bit of snogging...

2,154 12
29 Leaving With A Bang!

Let us just say that with 5 Marauders, now... Well, the end of the school year has never been more interesting.

2,028 9
30 Hols

Just having a good time on summer vacation!!!

2,293 7
31 The Shower Incident...

Lils and James have quite a bad falling-out, really quite litterally, but then things get.... interesting... to the nth extreme. Let's just say that you'd better NOT read this chapter on a full bladder, or else you will pee yourself laughing!!!

2,737 19
32 Lost Time

Basically them getting along... FINALLY.... and starting to sort through things.

2,208 16
33 Little Orphan Annie

Lily argues with Sirius, Sirius argues with James, James is mad at Sirius, and Becky is just caught in the middle. The book shop, the secret oath, and the begining of the ride to Hogwarts for the last time.... Why can't all school years start off this well?

2,552 16
34 The Secret Oath

Lily and James argue (hilarious), the Marauders conferene (MORE hilarious) and a long-awaited result!!!

2,733 15
35 French and Eunuches

“You lie!” Becky rasped. “James! Take the Imperious off her!” “Imperious?” Lily asked, affronted. “Imperious this!”

1,884 17
36 French Gryffindorians

James rolled his eyes... electing to place his hand in just the right spot to make her jump and look round at him with wide eyes. “James!” “Lily!” he gasped, grinning.

2,161 15
37 Let's Go For A Ride!

Just having a bit of fun before we start getting down to business..... LOTS of snogging.

2,122 20
38 The Storm

“I’m not afraid of him, James, I’ve got nothing left that he can take away from me.” James felt something hit him, as though a hard blow to the chest had winded him of all speech at her words. A deep feeling of sadness filled him, and he let his hands drop away from Lily. However, she reached and took them, again, and turned to look up at him again. “At least, nothing that I know will ever leave me.”

2,160 13
39 Train Ride

Going to France, realizing they have to work together to be creative, and having a blast in their new living accomodations- Why can't I be a seventh year Hogwarts Student??

2,452 12
40 Dancing Into France

LOTS of fun, and the routine, the clothes.... Just FUN!!!

2,810 16
41 The Amulets and the Gentleman

Sirius is flirting with his new nemisis, all the students get a very generous gift, and James freezes his mouth shut-- what more could you ask for? Oh yeah, a snogging scene. Well.....

2,573 11
42 The Blue Flame

Still, that night after she kissed James, finished her homework, and laid out her ballet gear for stretches the next morning, she looked in the mirror and had to wonder if this was all there was to her life.

2,262 8
43 Leely

James reached to clutch Lily’s hand, and she whispered, “Good luck, James!” He smiled a bit nervously, and Sirius looked as though he were going to be a bit sick. Maxime blinked at it, then lowered the paper. Taking in a deep breath, she smiled and said softly, “And ze last champion, ze champion for ‘Ogwarts...Ess...."

3,239 19
44 The Clue

“Well,” Charles said distractedly, still buried behind his book, “Perhaps it’s got a charm or something on it.” She held in her slender fingers a trinket that was unlike any she’d ever seen. The clue to the First Task. “Whoever heard of a charmed thingamabobbie?” asked James. “Your use of the English language is marvelous,” Becky shot at him dryly. He shrugged, “What can I say, I have a word with ways.”

2,118 17
45 Bonfire Night

That night at dinner, she couldn’t help but notice that James and Sirius were talking together in low voices and frequently glanced at the teachers, smiling. After a while she leaned in, “What the blazes are you two planning?” “Noooothing,” Sirius smiled. “Sure,” she raised and eyebrow, “And I’m Malfoy’s wife.” Sirius made a face. “Ew! James! She’s like, your illegitimate girlfriend! Why didn’t you ever tell me?!”

2,452 18
46 A Possible Breakthrough

"High priestess... blah blah blahda... Usually found in covenants, Druidic churches, or other similar convents. Typically reformed castles... bla bla... Mythical muggle tales of ancient druidic background ties in stories such as Arthur which can be...." -yawn- "verified by accounts of Merlin and his connections with Morgan Le Fay of Avalon and the Lady. What utter rubbish."

2,483 11
47 The Task

"And now foor ze final coontestant, but zertainly not ze least, Mademoiselle Leely Evans off ‘ogwarts School for Weesardry... Now, Mademoiselle Evans, are yoo reddy?" asked ze announcer.
The crowd became a bit quieter, and she looked up at the dias, seeing them all looking down at her. Shakingly, she nodded, unable to think of anything else to do.

2,088 7
48 The Knights

Her head broke the surface again, and she heard vague shouting of witches being able to swim. Seeing an approaching man on horseback, Lily gasped in air and sank under again, trying to sink to the bottom. Slashing at the dress was barely doing anything. Slowly, it began to come free of her. Brain screaming for oxygen, she slashed again and again, ignoring blood, and finally saw the dress weak enough to rip...

2,441 8
49 The Mad Dress Hunt

That was when it happened-  It being that she glanced out the frosted window, across the street, and into the also frosted window of a small store that seemed to be an independent company. In the window there was a display of winter cloaks, nothing at all special about them, really, but below them was a pair of dainty dress shoes. Being the girl still on the Hunt for not only a dress but dress shoes, Lily thought as practical Lily always does and-
"Hey, Becks, let’s go look at those cloaks."

2,325 6
50 A Beautiful Champion

James, however, couldn’t move, transfixed by the sight of Lily as she quickly hung her cloak up and came over to him. Her heels clicked as she walked.
"Hi," she smiled. "You... you alright?"


Lily smiled, blushing slightly. She was radiant!

2,673 9
51 1978

Both of them froze, confused, staring at each other in complete loss. Lily looked over at her window, and saw not her back yard through it, charmed, but the Bauxbatons palace and lawns. Something was wrong.

2,872 14
52 The Quintaped

Lily saw that his stomach was bulging and moving, as if something were alive and moving around inside his body.
"I have to get it out," Lily said to his friend.
"You do nut know how to do un operashion!" shouted the boy. "You are but a ztudent!"
"I am the best he has!" Lily said, conjuring a set of operation tools, trying not to feel nervous.
"You cannut-"
"He will die!"

2,813 8
53 The Loo

James wanted to stroke her fingers, to try to see if they even held life anymore. They were swollen and looked almost black, completely covered in bite marks. Her ring finger on that hand was crushed, the bone had been snapped from the pressure of one of the bites. He had been told not to touch her from the elbow down, for fear any outside stimulation might further spread the poison or cause a wound to re-open. James itched to just be able to hold her.

2,229 15
54 St. Valentine's

A bird chirped overhead, and Lily watched it fly. Then her eyes fell, blurrily, to trace the names of her parents in the headstones, set against the whiteness of snow.

"I really miss you," she whispered thickly. "I wish you could see James. He’s so amazing... I love him so much."

2,215 18
55 The Letter

His hands started shaking, and without realizing it he clutched the letter so tightly that the paper crumpled in his hands. James heard himself gasping for air as if he were hearing someone else, and he sounded detached as he heard himself speak.
"Well.. I guess I understand now... Don’t I, Lily?"

1,917 4
56 Sudsing

Ummm please note the new rating of the story, due to this chapter..... ((hides))

2,566 25
57 Empty House

I am SO SORRY about being away so long!!!!

3,278 0
58 Do You Know?

James bit the corner of his lip, not knowing how to word himself. “So… do you like, know?”


He nodded. Sirius sat on his chair, intently studying the vial of dragon’s blood in his hand. “I’m not sure.”

James sighed and turned to the measuring cups, “Always good for an answer, you.”

His friend just nodded and bowed slightly as he poured out the blood. “Any time, mate.”

2,211 0
59 Graduation

“He means, Padfoot, that these are the last days of an era,” Remus said, tossing another rock. “We’re leaving soon to go on with our lives and finally grow up. We won’t be students any more unless we want to be. We’ll be adults and make lives.”
“Yes, that is what I meant,” James said softly.
Sirius rolled over onto his elbows and picked at the grass, then squinted up at his best friend. “We’ll be back. We have to..."
Remus and James remained silent, until Sirius looked back down at the grass.

3,184 2
60 Presents

Blinking at the low light, Lily was looking at the exterior of a house. Some vines were growing up the side of it, which was a very old stone country manor.
“What am I looking at?” Lily asked.
James eyes widened, as if seeing his folly. “Oh, I’m sorry, Lils, this isn’t your graduation present.”
Lily laughed, “I didn’t think so, no one gets a house for graduating Hogwarts!”
He grinned and kissed her, "No, that’s not your graduation present…. That’s..."

2,510 3
61 Home

Don't kill me for being away so long!!

2,665 4
62 You Are Cordially Invited...

She indicated with her finger that he should spin, and he cha-chaed around in a circle, wiggling his hips wildly and making her laugh. “Padfoot, you’ll never change.”  Sirius grinned, sitting on the arm of a chair. “You, however, have gone from a scrawny little redhead girl I used to pick on… well I still pick on you… to being pretty much the bride-li-est cherry bomber I know!” Lily rolled her eyes and continued to scrutinize her hair, “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

2,847 1
63 Time

The muggle doctor nodded. “The government recently discovered that there were medical problems with children whose mothers took DES while pregnant with them… most of the problems are reproductive, typically resulting in infertility. You’re healthy, but we can see that your uterus is malformed, and your cervix is weakened due to the exposure to the DES.” Lily watched her doctor for a long time, before she asked quietly, “What are my chances?” The doctor’s face looked sorry, and a corner of her mouth twitched before she responded...

2,122 1
64 Knucks

Suddenly Lily felt furious at these Death Eaters, at these people who lived to kill. She felt the rage growing within her, the anger that they had to fight, that they had to worry and be scared all the time. Lily felt the hate multiplying inside her, causing her fingertips to tingle and her heart to beat faster.

3,190 2
65 A Rose and A Ring

James looked back out the window, and instead of the depressing snow falling, he envisioned lovely snow, with him outside running around in it, laughing as his son made a snow angel and holding his little girl’s hand as she toddled beside him, wondering what the white stuff was. Then Lily would call from the house not to get too cold, and Becky would berate her as her and Charles’ child played with them outside. That, James figured, would be perfect

2,672 2
66 Lily's Garden

She had flowers and vegetables and herbs and no weeds to choke them at all. Now all she needed was a baby, so that James would stop looking so sad. She looked at her plants, seeing the fresh water and blood mixing in a muddy puddle, and had to wonder if there was anything in this world that wouldn’t feel the blood of this fight.

2,275 3
67 Summer Truths

Lily thought a moment. “It has to end sometime. All wars end.”

“Non,” Corette shook her head. “They pauze. Or zey take on deeffreent names, deefreent faces. I can zink of many wars zat haff lasted more zan any Frenchman’s lifetime. And zome zat lasted less zan a week. But by and by, zere will always be zome war, and we as weezards, we will always be in zem.”

2,355 2
68 Falling

Looking back left, she saw a strange blue shape that had not been there before, slumped on the ground like a pile of trash bags. Narrowing her eyes at it, she saw it move, and pointed her wand at it, slowly backing towards the fire escape. The figure grew, becoming taller, leaner, with arms and a head, and as Lily felt her back gently graze the metal stairs, the figure spoke.

“Hello, Lily Potter,” said a man’s voice softly. It made her hair stand on end. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

2,409 2
69 Remember, Remember

Undoubtedly, this bonfire night will be one to remember forever...

“You are stronger than I thought, Potter!” he called, sending another spell. “Come join me. You have the will that it takes.”

“The will to see you dead!” James shouted

2,250 3
70 Sick

Lily was off with Becky, who was ill, probably making her soup or something. He didn’t quite like that she was devoting so much time to her sick friend, because he had noticed that she was starting to get sick, too.

2,338 4
71 Winter Truths

Right on top of that joy, surrounding it like a case, was absolute terror, the pure fear that something outside these safe walls of home would come in and hurt this innocent little joy she had always longed for. These were the thoughts she could see on her husband’s face, her husband who had longed for this just like she had, who had finally accepted that it would not happen, and now was being given his desire, with a huge price.

2,498 4
72 Christmas

“Well, it’s wonderful everyone came over for dinner,” she said, watching her family. “I personally cannot think of a better Christmas present than all of us being together. And since I have all the people I love here in one room, James and I have an announcement.”

2,413 6
73 Albus

The silence, now, seemed deeper as they all tried to comprehend this news. Lily knew she and James had only faced Voldemort twice, but that the Longbottoms, now Aurors, had faced him three times. They, she knew, were ten weeks pregnant, and due at the end of July, whereas she was eight and a half, scheduled for August. Alice looked sick, and Frank’s face was unreadable. Lily squeezed James’ hand, seeing he looked shell shocked. 
Albus said softly, “You must disappear.”

2,074 5
74 Cupid

"Guess what today is," he murmured in her ear.

She moved her head, burying her ear stubbornly in the pillow. Sirius smiled and pried her arm from her eyes; she squinted her grey eyes shut, straight hair splayed over the pillows. He kept putting little kisses all over her face, until, giggling, Corette opened one eye at him.

"Oui, mon cherie?"

"Happy anniversary," he beamed.

1,750 3
75 It's A...

"Alright, soon enough we should see…" he murmured, looking at James expectantly.

James was momentarily confused, before suddenly the air between his face and the healer’s seemed to darken, then began taking shape. As the image continued to form, they saw floating above Lily’s stomach the charmed replica of the baby within her stomach. It was tiny, probably about four inches long and legs bent to look even smaller. Lily and James stared at the charm, fascinated, as the Healer evaluated it with an educated eye.

2,151 3
76 Third

"It has been so long since I’ve seen you," Voldemort mused. "Why, since Guy Fawkes, I believe."


James’ spell was deflected before it even left his wand, "And the young Mrs., how is she? Last I heard she was feeling a bit ill-"

Unfortunately, said wife came into prominent view, viciously dueling a masked Death Eater nearly twice her size. A nasty smile overcame Voldemort’s lips as he continued to flick his wand, sending curse after curse at James.

3,853 2
77 Harry

Sirius jumped to his feet and cupped a hand to his mouth. "GOOOO LIILLYYYY!!!!" he yelled, causing the passing medi-witch to crack up in laughter. "YOU CAN DOOOO IIIITTTT!!!" Remus, laughing, stood up and joined in, giving some quidditch-style hooting and both of them cheering madly as if "Lily" were the name of their favorite quidditch team and said team were playing for the world cup. Corette, face buried in her hands, was shaking her head, torn between embarrassment and amusement. They heard a few smattered laughs from the delivery room.

3,002 3
78 Becky

"Albus," she whispered. "They say Hogwarts…. Is the safest place in the world."

His bright blue eyes looked up into hers, one hand still holding a page to turn. "So they say."

Her lips were dry, and she whetted them, "I have a favor to ask of you."

2,405 4
79 Amelia

"The youngest brother was the humblest and also the wisest of the brothers, and he did not trust Death. So he asked for something which would enable him to go forth from that place without being followed by Death. And Death, most unwillingly, handed over his own Cloak of Invisibility.... But though Death searched for the third brother for many years," Becky read, "he was never able to find him."

3,611 17


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