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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Tonks, Percy, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny, OC
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General, Romance, AU
No Warnings
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-05-21 3:44pm
Last Chapter
2006-08-25 3:10am
Last Updated
2006-08-25 3:10am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 it's all about choosing your death sentence, draco

Rylie Marie Bryant is second only to the Dark Lord. Her name rings fear and her presence demands respect and she doesn't settle for anything less. Harry Potter is the worlds only chance against her. But there's something about her that Harry finds hard to overlook. And though she knows its wrong, Rylie finds herself falling for the one she's destined to destroy. Some things shouldn't be said aloud. Some lines shouldn't be crossed. The enemy and the hero aren't supposed to love eachother.

3,331 5
2 you should take up ballet

Excerpt: “You wouldn’t, you know.” Draco told her immediately, though he knew she was being sarcastic. For some reason, he felt the need to leer her away from any idea of her and Harry Potter being together. “You’d absolutely hate him, like I do.”

2,359 3
3 trouble doesn't need a name

“She doesn’t- you really think she’s a death eater?” Harry looked back at the girl and tried to see what his friends were obviously seeing. He squinted, but he still only saw a pretty girl with a mischievous smile and soft brown hair.

4,963 2
4 name-tags would be useful

“So?” Ron countered, almost out-raged by Hermione’s lack of understanding. “So being a Bryant is like being a walking death sentence. The Bryant’s are like being you-know-who himself. They have power, they know it, and you don’t mess with them. You don’t." Ron explained darkly. Hermione’s eyes widened at this and Harry looked back at Rylie who was waiting for Professor McGonagall to place the hat on her head. She certainly didn’t look like Voldemort to him.

3,670 4
5 glad you spent time with your boyfriend

“Shut down, Malfoy. It’s got to hurt.” Ron tried to provoke Draco, who only shot a death glare at him before marching off in the opposite direction. Harry grinned at Ron and Hermione then couldn’t help but look over his shoulder in hopes to see Rylie. For some reason Harry couldn’t explain, that outburst only made him love Rylie more.

3,386 2
6 really it's just for people like saint potter

Harry wasn't paying attention to what Blaise was saying though; he was busy thinking about the difference in power between Rylie and Draco. He never noticed before that, even though the Malfoy’s were a powerful family, no one found any problem in talking back or arguing with Draco. Rylie though- anything she said, went. He wondered if anyone had ever told her ‘no’ at any point in her life.

3,216 2
7 considering it no longer needs to be a secret

"You want me to be captain?” He asked, his voice sounding so far away. McGonagall nodded her head. “Actually Potter, I would have made you captain earlier but I thought it only fair to Angelina, considering she is older.” McGonagall’s eyes flashed. “You’re quite the natural leader.”

3,437 3
8 she’ll want to accessorize the uniforms

Ron had told Harry this morning that he was honored to be named assistant captain. Harry asked him when he had ever said that he was assistant captain, to which Ron laughed. He thought Harry was joking.

3,305 3
9 not until you admit it

“Potter are you going to be testing me all night? Because soon you will cross the line and soon you will not be happy you did." Rylie warned him threateningly. Harry shrugged his shoulders, remaining indifferent to her threat.

3,512 3
10 denial, that's the second sign

chapter 13 of ACROSS THE LINE

3,892 5
11 we don't have music

Chapter 14: Harry thought it was adorable that there was a light pink spreading across her cheeks. He also thought it was strange that all of his kisses were extremely wet. At least this time the girl wasn’t crying.

3,491 3
12 no, actually it was lucius malfoy

It was almost ten o’clock before Harry had the chance to break away from the Halloween party that was going on in the Gryffindor common room to find Rylie. They hadn’t planned on meeting tonight, but by all the looks he had been getting from her, he was sure she wanted one.

3,222 5
13 i don't love hermione

Excerpt: “Harry…” Ron , who was listening in, answered for Seamus. “Don’t you know about the Bryant family?” Harry shook his head impatiently. His heart pounded fast and hard as he waited for someone to explain.

3,861 7
14 absolutely raving mad

Excerpt: “How many times have you used an unforgivable, Rylie?” Harry demanded instantly. Rylie took a sharp intake of breath. “How many times have you carried out the wonderful Bryant family name and been cruel and unjust to someone else?”

3,481 7
15 and i suppose it's kind of funny

Excerpt: “A girl, Harry, a girl.” Hermione explained rather calmly. Ron looked up and stared at Hermione. “Is that the trouble?” “Not anymore.” Harry mumbled, stabbing his dinner with extreme force.

4,239 5
16 just a pawn in your game

excerpt: “What are you doing here with Malfoy?” Harry asked her through gritted teeth, as though she were cheating on him. Suddenly understanding why Harry was very upset, she smirked and swung her hair over her shoulder. “In case you haven’t heard, Draco and I-“ “Don’t say it!” Harry demanded, throwing out his hands to stop her. “I got sick the last time I heard it and I don’t want to go through it again.” Her mouth twitched at the corners, as though she was going to smile, but she didn’t.

4,615 4
17 rylie marie, i'm losing patience with you

excerpt: “Cause don’t think I won’t do it.” She said in a dangerous voice. “Oh no, I’ve been waiting to take my anger out on someone.” There was a small glance at Harry which only he noticed. Seamus was staring down the end of Rylie's wand, unable to move. He might not have even been breathing.

4,668 12
18 is that what you expect me to say?

“Tell me then. Tell me that you don’t care about me at all and I’ll walk out of your life forever.” They stood in absolute silence. Harry wasn’t even sure Rylie was breathing.

4,482 12
19 he has most wisely switched his alliances

Excerpt:“Well I…” Rylie searched the words to tell him no, that she couldn’t kill the boy she loved, but nothing came to her. “Won’t I pretty much get expelled for murdering him?”

4,567 6
20 this just seemed like the easiest thing

Excerpt: “Myrtle. Though I’d hardly call what she does ‘a haunting.’” Nicolle shut the door behind her and stepped inside. “Its more like a mourning party after the funeral she never had.” Nicolle grinned, but Harry didn't smile. He was still stunned by her presence.

5,386 5
21 that glitter on her finger was a diamond

“I can’t take her away from him!” Harry whispered madly. His emerald green eyes darted around the library. “I want Rylie to stay together with Draco. I want them to be together.” His eyes rested on hers and Nicolle just stared at him in an uncomfortable silence. Finally, Nicolle spoke. “Why?” She truly didn’t understand his reasoning. This- she didn’t see this coming either. She was thrown off. And he was being unreasonable. “Why would you ever want that for her?”

4,274 7
22 would you like to get away from everybody?

“I-“ But he was cut off by someone placing their hand on his shoulder and forcibly whipping him around. He was ripped from Rylie and Harry found himself surrounded by a crowd and face to face with Draco Malfoy. “Oh.” He whispered in shock.

4,560 11
23 Soft, Careful, and Protective

“There’s a lot of thing that aren’t supposed to happen, Rylie! You’re not supposed to be intimidated by your father. I’m not supposed to have the entire weight of the world on my shoulders. There’s not supposed to be a war going on right now. You’re not supposed to love Draco. I’m not-“ “Who said I loved Draco?” Rylie interrupted, much to her own surprise.

3,229 10
24 what are you hiding from me?

“Truth or dare.” Harry said after a moments pause. Rylie’s eyes got wide, and then she laughed. “Welcome back to fourth year.” “Only, just the truth part.” Harry said quickly, twisting his finger around a lock of her hair.

3,675 12


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