Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Lucius, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny, OtherCanon
Crossover, Humor, Action/Adventure
Strong Violence
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First Published
2005-05-11 08:01:15
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2011-11-05 10:07:25
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2011-11-05 10:07:25
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1 – The recap.

I got "Captain N'ed" into A World i thought was Only made up. I find myself trying to get home. And just as i thought i was Finish, something else goes Wrong, and i Get thrown into the World Of Harry Potter, But I'm Not the Only thing. So now i'm stuck trying to repair all that has Happen, then get home. Let me know what you think. please Read and Review, love to know what people think.

1467 1
2 Chapter 2 – Waking up in Hogwarts

After falling from the sky I end up in the hospital. I explain myself to Dumbledore and he decide to help me try to get back home.

2595 2
3 Chapter 3 – Staying with the Weasleys

spending time at the weasley house and getting them to work with me a little on getting to get a tv, and a do a few othe Muggle things, but Mr. weasley seems more then happy to help

1726 1
4 Chapter 4- First signs of something amiss

Things in the Harry Potter worldline are becoming different from what i would of thought. after spending the summer with the weasleys, a week before going back to hogwarts with harry and the rest the First sign of something else crossing over other then myself.....and it's the King of all Monsters

2195 1
5 Chapter 5 – Returning to Hogwarts.

The group gets ready to head back to school and i'm going to, I hope being at the school Dumbledore will help me get home,

1692 1
6 Chapter 6- The new Defense against the Dark Arts Professor

I get sent to see Dumbledore office to talk about what i will be doing my year here.

1440 1
7 Chapter 7- The Camp on the Lake

I start my teaching of the Physical Defense class, and a Mysterious camp just appears out of thin air on the far side of the lake near the forbidden forest

2637 1
8 Chapter 8- A Hockey Mask & A Machete

Friday the 13th, and we are standing in the center of Camp Crystal Lake.....need i say more

2197 1
9 Chapter 9 – “Klatu Verata Nic…Nic…Nic…”

another Unexpected guest showed up in that School

2823 0
10 Chapter 10 - Harry potter and the Necronomicon ex Mortis

trying to find the location of that castle Kandar to make sure that the Necronomicon is not in this world, but if so keep it out of the wrong hands

2008 0
11 Chapter 11- The Quest for the Book.

The Necronomicon is thought to be in the castle of camelot, and we are heading to get it back.

5359 0
12 Chapter 12 – The Trade and the Knight in the darkness

given no choice we had to hand over the Nercomicon. as we chase after, we find ourselfs pinned down until a friend from the beginning of this journey shows up to lend a hand.

2260 0
13 Chapter 13 – Hidden powers

in the after math of all that has happened to get our hands on the Necronomicon. i spent time doing some one on one training with ginny, and end up finding one more thing to add to this growing weird list.

2653 0


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