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Hagrid, Percy, Oliver, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance
Mild Language
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-05-02 9:58pm
Last Chapter
2007-02-01 9:57pm
Last Updated
2007-02-01 9:57pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Loneliness and Sympathy

Percy and Laura have not gotten along with Oliver Wood for five years. When other people finally interfere, the three characters hear both sides of the fight that occurred during their second year. These revelations start a series of events that cause the three characters to reveal the true reasons behind their feelings for each other. These reasons include the death of Daniel Weasley, Percy's older brother and Gryffindor's former Quidditch captain. Oliver Wood/Original Character

3,665 8
2 The Truth is but a Vision

Oliver and Laura are forced to cooperate. They finally learn both sides of the fight that caused them to dislike each other for so long. But will the truth be enough to change their opinions of each other?

4,830 8
3 Rows and Reconciliations

Percy gets to hear the other side of the Second Year Fight. Unfortunately, it only causes the situation to get worse. When it looks like the friendship between Percy and Laura may be coming to a close, who will intervene? Oh, and Ginny Weasley learns a little about why her brother, Percy, is the way he is.

5,254 6
4 Fears of Fate

It's almost Christmas time, which means it's time for another trip to Hogsmeade. Laura ends up going with the Seventh Years again. Oliver and Laura (after speaking to Hagrid) decide that hate is a strong word. (This is a transition chapter. The chapter's purpose is mainly characterization.)

6,090 4
5 New Year's

Laura goes to a wizarding New Year's party at the Woods' residence via Oliver's eccentric aunt's fireplace.

6,429 3
6 Slytherin

Part two of Laura's New Years' at the Woods'. Includes Wizards and Warlocks (Capture the Flag with magic) and more dancing!

5,960 3
7 Quidditch Captains

Laura sees a side of Quidditch that she never realized existed. Oliver learns about what happened to Daniel Weasley.

6,672 7
8 Quidditch Cup

Oliver Wood wins the Quidditch Cup (finally!), and Laura Debman admits her feelings for Oliver to a friend.

2,931 3
9 Gryffindors

Oliver and Percy appear as if they could actually learn to get along... but how long does Laura really expect that to last?

3,353 5
10 Beginning Again

Laura tells Percy that she's now dating Oliver. Percy, in his anger, reveals one of his own secrets to Laura. (No... he isn't secretly in love with Laura.)

2,308 3
11 Awkwardness and Anger

Oliver and Laura's first day as a couple. This chapter gives the other Seventh Years, especially Adam and Mark, the "screen time" they deserve.

6,011 6
12 Potions and Epiphanies

After weeks of silence and bickering, a Potions class finally makes Laura realize *one* reason she's so angry with Percy.

9,574 4
13 Puddlemere Divided

Everyone is focused on N.E.W.T.s and life after Hogwarts.

6,197 7
14 Begin with a Farewell

Laura *truly* talks to Percy for the first time in years, and another conversation with someone unexpected shows Laura something about what it means to be a Gryffindor. After a few days of awkward conversations and situations, Laura says goodbye to Hogwarts.

9,465 7
15 Developing

Laura's first six months away from Hogwarts fly by despite the difficulties of starting a new job, discovering a career and making new friends.

9,572 5
16 Binding

Laura attends Adam and Tara's wedding, where she meets up with the Seventh Years after not seeing them for a year.

6,155 7
17 Fair Warning

Laura catches up with Oliver and learns about other wizarding traditions at Tara and Adam's wedding reception.

8,778 18
18 Four Years Later

Four years have passed, and Laura has largely stopped communicating with her Hogwarts friends. A chance meeting gives her the opportunity to catch up with them.

6,351 8
19 Owed Apologies

Laura goes to the Woods' for New Year's five years after her first visit.

8,720 7
20 Cliché

This chapter concludes the New Year's Party.

5,839 22
21 Epilogue: Weasleys

Laura wants a favor from Percy.

5,040 4
22 Epilogue: Woods

This is PART 2 of the epilogue. 

7,660 11


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